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St. Louis, Missouri, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | MAJOR

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"ESM (Empire State Mixtapes) Review #2"

I can definitely hear your stuff on the radio, but I want to hear more! - Adam T. |A&R MEDIA ADMINISTRATOR

"ESM (Empire State Mixtapes) Review"

You have a unique sound that made me play your song a few times. - Mike G. |VP A&R MUSIC DIRECTOR


http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/TNik/156913057682967 check out the band profile & listen to music .... if you like the music, then please like the page .... thanks ... T.Nik is also on 750+ radio stations across the US ... NOW you can request T.Nik music @ your local radio stations ...



Tyler Nicholas Luker, also known as T.Nik, started his music career at the age of ten years old in Bay Minette, Alabama. His interest in music started when he listened to artists such as Eminem, Tupac, T.I., and Lil Wayne. Eminem inspired him because he related to his life struggles with family, drugs, and his want to escape that lifestyle through music. Tupac inspired him because of his political views. To him, Tupac was a hard core politician as well as a thug. It’s hard to be a thug growing up in the streets, being bullied and picked on for things you cannot help or change. Despite the racial differences, he thought of him as a brother figure to help him through his hard times. T.I. was his main role model in becoming an artist because of his hustle to get where he is at today. Lil Wayne is not really a role model to him, but rather, he respects him as an artist for starting his music career at a young age, and how he has pushed his way past that to become one of the best musicians in the game. His interest in the music and artists he relates to has given him the drive to move forward, and the inspiration to make his own music, and pursue this as a possible career. He started making his own music in his bedroom on a keyboard, and as he advanced further into the art of music, he found a program, FL Studio, which then propelled his music career. He taught himself to use the FL Studio program and he excelled in it. He began supporting his music by completing chores around the house and save up his allowance to buy musical instruments, computers, mixers, and microphones, all of which he taught to use himself.  When that wasn’t enough, at the age of thirteen, Tyler began selling drugs, to support his musical obsession. Selling the drugs provided him with enough money to fund his music, and to make an appearance for himself with clothes, shoes, hats, etc. to stand out above the rest. Once he began to take the music seriously, he went by the name Iceberg. His best friend J.P. was his main support with the music. They were both opposite people, Tyler was very short, while J.P was very tall, but both had the same drive and goals. Tyler was creative with the production of the beats, while J.P. aka Polabear was a lyrical asset. T.Nik’s first big song to strike the south was “Concrete Mattress”, which he created at the age of 15. He didn’t sell CD’s, but rather gave them away. At the time, music was just a hobby, a getaway from what was wrong in his life at the time. Because he wasn’t getting the support he needed from his family, he soon fell out of music. His friends and fans still supported him, and they always pushed him to make new songs. Music ran through his veins. He would not be gone from the music too long. At the age of sixteen, him and his family moved away from Bay Minette, and moved closer to his mother’s family in St. Clair, Missouri. The move had really taken its toll on him. He needed an outlet, so he went back to the only outlet he knew, music. He changed his artist name to T.Nik. His brother actually gave him the idea for the name, and told him he should run with the name his mother gave him. So T.Nik it stayed. Soon after moving to Missouri, he officially dropped his first mixtape, “From STL to Alabama”. In September of 2009, T.Nik dropped his mixtape in many online stores such as; iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Spotify, eMusic, etc. The music was actually distributed by Interscope Records through Tune Core. About a year later he started working on his next mixtape, “Dream Big.” Not long after, he dropped the mixtape online. T.Nik received a lot of emails and phone calls from promoters and booking agents around Missouri. After turning down many of the opportunities due to funds, he finally got the opportunity to open up for Haystak (an underground artist from Nashville, TN) in Springfield, Missouri at Club Fresh. Once he did the show, he received a lot of publicity like fans, networking connections, and promotion. He did a few other small shows afterwards in St. Louis, and at a bar in St. Clair. Not long after, he was asked to be an opening act for Lil Wyte of Hypnotized Minds at Club Fresh in Springfield, Missouri. He accepted. At this show, he gained more connects to Wyte Music records, Lil Wyte himself, and DJ’s. He was even offered a management deal with Questfax. Slowly he was gaining the respect of fans and other artists as well. He was the perfect example of a book being judged by its cover. His short stature and appearance surprised everyone. Shortly after the Lil Wyte show, he was offered a record contract with Bungalow Records, Smoke Box Music Group, and other underground independent labels. He turned down every one of these opportunities. He believed they went in a different direction than he wanted to go.

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