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3 members, GOD, Terrell,Taurean, we dont consider ourselves rappers, they have little to no power in their words. we preach the word-of-GOD in an unconventional way.and its not that bubblegum-gospel either, GOD writes and creates it;we just put down what we hear


Basically, "It's All About God". God sent us to "Preach", to tell folks that we have a "Greater Purpose" than just living for ourselves and to tell christians to "Man Up!" and be the people who God has called us to be. To those caught in the middle of bondage, we bring good news that "Change Goin Come" and "Change Has Come" with God.
So, we aint yo average joe happy team, we're just your local "Fishers of Men", some young men with the "Fear" of God in our hearts but "Aint Ashamed" of the gospel and our God.
You'll also notice that we're not afraid to use our anointing of "goofy" to prove once and for all that not only does God have a sense of humor, but he's funnier than any Comicview you can find.


Who Am I (We Not Your Average Christian)

Written By: Holy Ghost- TnT

Verse 3 Cutawe:

We aint your average joe, happy team

In the church with baggy jeans

Switch it up with Dickie suits

When we wear them khaki seams

Same christians, new models, robes to some white tees

We hike peace, switch them sandals to Nikes

We aint talkin 'bout compromise, we just makin it relavent

We can take it to the streets 'cause we know that we heaven sent

If the youth can't relate, then it's hard to receive

So the way I wear my clothes is part of my ministry

Man at first we was low-key, until they hear us speak

And they can judge us by appearance 'til they hear us preach

Different 'bout these boys but it aint in the clothes

They know that we disciples by the love that we show

My religion doesn't hang on a hanger, not in my shiny shoes

Not in the words that I quote, but in the Word I use

We can make a stop, stop on the block, block

Sheeps in wolves' clothes, we still movin through the flock

Verse 4: T-Bola:

Well we bustin, cuttin, duckin, dodgin all off in this piece

We in war, we camoflouged and murkin principalities

Infiltrating in disguise, rollerskatin 25's

Catch attention then I mention the goodness of Jesus Christ

With some throwback J's in a throwback Braves

Tilt a throwback fitted with the throwback "A"

I used to shake dreads but now I sport waves

One of the crunkest that's livin and believe that I'm saved

Told yall boys this thing was comin preachin God up on this track

Spoke that thing into existence cause his dreams are really fact

Alot of folks they downed the vision, bet they wanna take it back

Life and death is in the tongue and you just shot yourself jack

But don't hate the fact, black, God's returnin to the streets

Steppin out the pulpit we flippin an old leaf

See we havin real church contrary to common belief

Cause like a real apostle, man, we deliver the preach


Written By: Holy Ghost - TnT


Welcome Yall, now this track is called Preach

Which means to proclaim, which means to publically and officially announce or declare

Now we go around representin publically and announcin everything else

But how many of us'll do it for the gospel

Cutawe, let's go!

Verse 1 Cutawe:

I once was fully commited, but now I'm fully submitted

Now I'm ready to shake it, now let's just take it and get it

And you can fill my cup till overflow

I need to stop, stop, drop, roll

I'm set on fire for the Lord, to the core

Thy will be done, thy kingdom come on earth as it's in heaven

Your presence is fully relavent, and fully evident

When I'm with you I'm in my element

Been good in the past, now I'm better than I've ever been

A permanet resident in his courts, resident in his gates

I'm ready to hear his voice, I'm ready to see his face

See when you praise he steps in on the piso

Yo se, he inhabits the praises of his people

Holy bread fed right, er' night, get yo' head right

See the red sight, now I'm straight cause he bled

Kingdom business gets run like this

Holy Ghost save souls, it gets done real quick

Chorus (2x):

The time has come for God's people, time to step your game up

Time to represent and start to lift the God you claim up

Revolution change stuff, time to switch the game up

Crunch time, the game is over

Man, enough is enough

Verse 2 T-Bola:

See T-Bola comin' through represent the Jesus mafia

Ridin' hard for God and aint nobody stoppin the..

Holy Ghost filled Christians and you know we stand for droppin the..

Truth and we possessed by the Ghost like we in Gothika

Main objective, head squad is to make these curses disappear

Holy Ghost is in us and that's God so whom shall I fear

Bustin scriptures like a maniac, I know the devil's near

Makin sure the devil knows that aint no hellians welcome hear

Demon bustin, dead for real and I aint slangin rocks

Got that oozie full of scriptures knockin demons out they socks

Swangin hard, fists of fury til the day the devil stop

Waitin for the day that satan gonna get his head chopped

Please believe we comin straight from the "A"

Might got on this jersey but don't stand for no Braves

See I rep for the kingdom that's the home of the saved

Comin at ya closed captioned so the message's conveyed

The earth's alright when you with Christ the price has been paid

So that we can be legitamate runaway slaves

From the life of sin, and know the foundations been laid

We aint gotta run through woods 'cause the price has been paid

Who Aint Ashamed

Written By: Holy Ghost - TnT

Chorus (2x):

Who aint ashamed....I aint ashamed

Who aint ashamed....I aint ashamed

Who aint ashamed....I aint ashamed

Who aint ashamed of the gospel

Verse 1 T-Bola:

Aaayyyyyy...Man forget all the fame

Jesus comin back man this rap was ordained

We ambassadors for Christ, it's time for some change

Come to take the industry by storm from the lame

Only capable of producin the same

We aint rappin this gospel, and we walk in this authority cause we some apostles

Challenge his glory and its goin be some problems

See we comin in the name of the Lord

Got demons shook cause we swingin our swords

What'd you think that Jesus came hear to bring

The Goliaths of today can't be brought down with a sling

See we need something unstoppable, where block is impossible

Can't be strategized against, it's naturally illogical

The book say, we got the Sword of the Spirit

Means the only time that we can fight is when we up in it

So the principalities and issues all can be tamed

It's just a matter of whether or not you live for his game

Verse 2 Cutawe:

I aint ashamed for nothing, I'll praise the Lord in a minute

Standin up in the school, I'll preach the word to the Senate

Boldness of Peter, read a scripture when I need a release

I shout unto the Lord, now I'm disturbin the peace

No me importa who is watchin us or eyein us

We must manifest the Lion of Judah inside of us

I just might break a dance, right now

God is good, right now

Take a chance, right now

I'm ready for ridicule, matter fact, I expect it

Rejoicin in the face of persecution and hex tricks

These minor afflictions be comin to me

They don't compare to the Spirit movin that's comin through me

They got this talk of my buddy, go everywhere wit a glot

But all I need is my Jesus, He's everything that I got

Pray in public, I don't care what the Republic say

My praise and worship are examples of my P.D.A.

I take the Word into a bad situation, let my light shine and I expose all the fakeness

It aint a question how I feel about him

I'm a show it where I'm at, I keep it real about him....OK?

Chorus (4x)

Verse 3 Callback (T-Bola):

I aint ashamed of my calling, I aint ashamed to be called

I aint ashamed to stop falling, cause Jesus Christ paid it all

I aint ashamed of anointing cause it just my set you free

I aint ashamed to show Christ, instead of tryin to show me

I aint ashamed to be me because of what people say

I aint ashamed to rep Jesus instead of rep where I stay

I aint ashamed cause I know that this might be my last day

I'm not ashamed of the gospel I represent it always


I aint denyin my Jesus Christ

Or lyin like Peter thrice

If you happen to recognize me as a disciple

They call me righteous, that's why I'm like this

As bold as a lion without even tryin

We aint wantin no public opinion it's only the kingdom

It's God anytime, anywhere, we don't care who's around

Matter fact, I might do it right now


Hallelujaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....Amen, Amen, Amen

Chorus (4x)


we dont have a record deal, yet we've basically finished our first album, and are working on the second as well. the first EP is entitled : "Another form of Dunamis"

1. Dunamis the intro
2. Preach
3. Fear
4. Greater Purpose
5. Not ur Average Christians
6. D.U.C.K (interlude)
7. Who aint ashamed
8. All about GOD
9. Man Up!
10. Don't cry intro
11. Don't cry
12. Change Gone Come
13. Fishers of Men
14. Who aint ashamed (remix) (I aint ashamed)
15. Halleluyah to yah
16. Bonus track (I like to eat)

Set List

we usually do 2-3 songs, and 2 verses from each song. most of what we've done so far has been limited in time so we dont have that much time. we've been offered opportunities to do shows as the spotlight minister, but we've only now been released to do so (by GOD), seriously, we would get calls but have no transportation, or be busy unexplainably busy. but that was last season. This is our set for until further notice.
1. Preach
2. Fear
3. Man Up
4. Not ur average Christians
5. Who aint ashamed