Hampton, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

TnT is an eclectic mix of all thats GoOD in music. Take your favorite 4 rappers, your favorite 3 genres of music, a sense of humor, & mix it all up and broadcast them through a CHRISTian perspective & youÂ’ve got most of what makes TnT.


Explosive, Powerful, Effective! All words used to describe TnT...but perhaps not the kind you were thinking. Terrell Olagbegi & Taurean Simmons make the gospel rap group called TnT and after you experience this dynamic duo you'll understand why. Taurean, a Virginia-native, and Terrell, an ATL home-grown, met at a Christian Youth Fellowship meeting at Morehouse College planning how to share the "Good News" more effectively to the campus. Little did they know that what would come from it would affect the campus and beyond. The two found that they had a common interest in music and soon after became the group now known as TnT.

Based in brotherhood, the 2 Morehouse students (now graduates), encountered many of life's trials and Christ's calling together.
Music became much more than a common interest, but a bonding agent and an outlet. As the 2 graduated Morehouse fully
equipped with a degree in Music-Composition and a degree in Religion-Biblical Languages, the only thing these 2 were missing
was a legitimacy to preach the gospel. Under the ministry of Bishop Dr. Jeronn C. Williams and New Life International Family
Church, the 2 were further equipped with proper ministry training and a license to prove it.
Now fully equipped, GOD lit the fuse and it was only a matter of time before the explosion.

When asked, "What makes you different", TnT replies, "Integrity". There are plenty of "Real" artists out there, a few humorous artists, and many, many talented artists but the number of those with integrity is far too rare. A real GOD deserves real people, and we're as real as it gets. When listening to a TnT cut expect to laugh, nod your head, and hear something that will empower you to grow a little more in Christ. Look out for them at community based events, clubs, churches, and anywhere
people and music can be found, They aren't ashamed and they'll take the gospel anywhere it needs to go.


Nu Radio - 2011

Set List

I Aint Worried
Who aint Ashamed
Jesus Muzick
Last Time