TNT - The Official AC/DC Tribute Band

TNT - The Official AC/DC Tribute Band

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The Official AC/DC Tribute Band! Rob Liotti has a dynamite voice and is perfect to protray frontman Bon Scott. There are many imitators, but TNT is truly the closest thing to the real deal!


TNT founder and frontman, Rob "Bon" Liotti, started his music career with rock act, Tezher, back in 1980 as the band's lead vocalist and bassist. he then moved onto hard rock outfit, Malice, in 1984 switching almost exclusively to bass and backing vocals. Then, in 1985, former guitarist, Doug Martin (ex-Rezzin) heard Liotti belting out tunes off of AC/DC's legendary "High Voltage" album. The rest is history...

Liotti, who has jammed with a diversification of artists from Krokus to the Dogz to Cooperwine to Hootie and the Blowfish to the Breakfast Club, is no stranger to rock and roll. But no one knew back in 1980 that he would later become legendary for his innate ability to so accurately mimic the late rock legend, Bon Scott.

In 1996, Liotti recorded an album with 80's carryover, Honeygun. Still hanging onto the vibe with other artists like Johnny Crash and Rhino Bucket, Honeygun's self-titled debut did not gain critical success likely due to timing (even though AC/DC's label Albert's Productions gave Liotti permission to re-record the track "High Voltage" on teh album). Liotti's label, Godfather Records, strongly urged the singer to try and team up with Stevie Young of the London-based Starfighters. Young is a noted gun guitarist and cousin of Malcolm and Angus Young. The union never came to fruition as Young was involved with his own project, Little Big Horn.

In 2003, after returning to his AC/DC roots and locking himself away to further perfect his skills, he decided to form TNT - The Ultimate AC/DC Tribute Band.


Honeygun (Self-Titled) 1996

Set List

Up To My Neck In You
Highway To Hell
You Shook Me All Night Long
Touch Too Much
Big Balls
Whole Lotta Rosie
If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
Back In Black
Girls Got Rhythm
High Voltage
Sin City
Hell Ain't A Bad PLace To Be
Shot Down In Flames
Live Wire
It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock And Roll)
Go Down
Let There Be Rock
Tush* AC/DC Style