New York City, New York, USA
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Born in Queens. Raised in Staten. Made in Brooklyn.


1985 I was born in far east Queens. The same year as crack, according to wikipedia, and my experience. The youngest son of 3, I was 16 in 2001. Fighting the past my entire life...

my name is thomas.. I don't deserve the capitalization.. I am just a representative of my city New York. I am appreciative of any consideration and I thank you for listening...

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Written By: thomas johnson Jr

it's a new day and I've yet to sleep
I can feel the change
but not enough that i can see it
the saying goes
so close yet still so far
from being kids at play how it all changed
some for better
some I really can't say
the only thing I know for sure is
when I put these headphones on
and I press play I change
it takes over my brain
whole wide frame
from background to the stars
front and center what enters my ears
the words of the whole universe
in frequency
with my seasons of emotion
the mercury rising & the oceans tide
all the while i'm watching the Moon
and the shooting stars flying by
a supernova minds movement
change phase

the ink from the last page bleeds into the next
ancestry of both slaves and kings
from forgotten civilizations
heirlooms and rings
lost riches now forced to be supported by government
change isn't always so great
first you feel the blessing
and then you feel the curse
and you might just say
well that's the way it is, work
and get on facing your challenges
but don't let success change
what the worst days meant
or ever stand in silence
when you know that you should represent
change is in the face every man with broken hands
trying to pick up where his father left off
in remembering and respect
things have changed
yet some are inevitable
life and death, you never know when it changes
at a moments notice and you're left
standing on a corner alone
but one day you will find your way home
no matter how it changes

and if it finally does change for the worse
and you find yourself lost
don't be so afraid when it hurts
so much that you find yourself unworthy
of a chance i'll be there
the hand to pull you up from the struggle
wake you up from the nightmare
ice cold water shocks change
ice caps melt what about the polar bears?
let them sink? or give up the petrol
and get on some solar panels
Sun, change but remember where you came from
Mother Earth and you love her first
all things are One
there's a purpose to Change

How Long Will it Take

Written By: thomas johnson Jr

I don't swear on my songs
because the words alone I feel have a power all their own
and frankly I don't got no room for bull on my pages
I might just change to vegetarian
like the great Russell Simmons
and take over Def Jam
like the great Hova lay out my blueprint plans
Like the great bambino I'll call the shots
it's all an opera from Roman alleys
to New York blocks
customs, more than a couple of world series
more than a huddle when we put our heads together you get United Nations
where we say every second's history and move on
new songs and new albums
to put out the struggles outcome
look around and see 100 just like you
but without love
what's the sound of a generation forgetting who we were?
silence is the song of defeat
a curse to which i have the remedy
a verse

how long will it take
how long will it take
how long will it take until they say
that i'm the truth

how long until they say that I can move
until they say that I'm more than what's inside the booth
not only am I getting around it, side by side, from the ground up
thinking how I built this box, I got some new tools
and techniques
don't sweat it kids I'm all for Peace
and the return of the old school
through the benefits of MP3
it took awhile to cycle
now it's about time for all these false idols
to step aside for something
more than the glorified karaoke
something for the masses
that the popularity can't reach
something like the rain coming
just as it got so hot you can't breathe
a reassurance a 2nd chance
s dim flicker of light in the midst of darness
a warm embrace in a mothers understanding arms
there'll be no harm this night
i've been waiting
saying to myself

how long will it take?

what happened to passion in performance?
the streets are paved in gold
but not for the poor man
who chooses not to play his hand at politics
sure i'd like to be rich
but I don't wanna die trying
I wanna get on a spaceship and fly to the dark side of the moon
and blast tunes at the universe
Peace - we are the human beings of earth
Judges, Lawyers, Defendants, & Jurors
We are the people
Cousins, daughters, best friends, & mothers
Intelligent life exists , and my man, it's right here
we're still trying to figure a few things out
I feel like we're almost there

how long will it take
until they see they are the truth?


'Great Kills' ... 2006 Self-released Album

'Walk' ... 6.11.10
Self-released Album

Set List

'Great Kills' Set -

'From the Heart'
'June (Dreaming)'
'Sun Rise'
'Time to Move'
'Under the Sheets'
'Out in the Rain'
'Unfinished Keys'
'Soothing (A Beautiful Day)'
'Where are You?(Goodbye)'

39 Minutes.


'Walk' Set

Got To Be
What's Wrong With Us?
Here We Are
This is Why

~40 minutes