Tempe, Arizona, USA

To put it simply, TOAD pulls together some of metal’s best subgenres, and welds various pieces of them together into an unstoppable monster truck.
The band blends elements of thrash, sludge, and black metal into this distorted ball of anger.


TOAD is a 6 piece band from sweltering Phoenix, Arizona that has crafted a sound of their own that cannot easily be classified. Their most recent album Rotten Tide was tracked live to analog tape. All vintage gear from the 60's and 70's was used to get a true rock and roll tone. The serious snarl of the vocals are accompanied with horrifyingly distorted organ scattered throughout, which provides a new unique sound that TOAD has coined as their own. TOAD has played with well known national acts such as Coliseum, Deafheaven, the Funeral Pyre, Burning Love, Early Graves, Hour of the Wolf, Across Tundras, and Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, to name a few.


Split LP with Drone Throne (Celestial Binds)- released on white vinyl

Hear the Croak; 10 song LP- limited CD release

Rotten Tide; 5 song EP- available now on CD and online for download