To All Our Saviors

To All Our Saviors


Imagine a mix of Chevelle, Rise Against, Anberlin & Blindside and you have To All Our Saviors (TAOS).


To All Our Saviors is here for one reason: To make great rock music that they love and that, in turn, others love as well. Their songs are simple and easy to follow while also catchy and extremely entertaining. They'll blow your minds live and blow out your stereo at home.

TAOS is a band without egos. They consider themselves fans of rock music and perpetuaters of it. Major influences include Chevelle, Rise Against, Anberlin and Blindside.

Kevin Durkin (vocals) brings a very melodic and accessible voice to the music and has been compared to Brandon Boyd (Incubus). He, along with Kevin DeCapite (bass) are both imports to Southern California. Durkin calls New Jersey his home state and DeCapite was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio (yes, he can admit this openly). Jaysin Sheahan (guitars) and Rusty Dugan (drums) are both native Southern Californians from Orange County.

Having all played in a variety of other bands prior to To All Our Saviors, this current lineup was finalized in May 2007 and the band immediately completed a 6 song EP ("Don't You Know") and full-budget music video (directed by Stuart Ortiz).


Don't You Know

Written By: To All Our Saviors

Don't you know
I want to break you down
Breathe it out and take it away


"Don't You Know" (EP, 2007)

Set List

A short, tight set is preferred (between 7-10 songs) that leaves the audience wanting more. As of now, all songs are originals (no covers) and include:

1. Don't You Know
2. Make Sure
3. Fake It
4. Walk Away
5. Falling & Crawling
6. Burn
7. The Other Way

...and others depending on set length.