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The best kept secret in music


"Toast Shows"

November 11 2006 - Hotel Orrington St Francis Fund-raiser Dinner, Silent Auction and Toast kept the dance floor full

October 28 2006, Saturday - Grandpa's at the Depot - We had a great time, played in costumes! The place was rockin and dancing for the most part. The manager was complimentary, so we will chalk it up as a win.

September 9 2006, Saturday - Grandpa's at the Depot - We got good reviews from the new manager, who will 'definitely have Toast back again!'

30 gigs, two years! August, 2006 Toast¡¦s Two year anniversary!

August 19 2006, Saturday at CJ Arthurs. If you stayed to the end for the acapello performances you probably were singing! it was a ball!

August 12 2006, Saturday - Potato Creek Johnnie's, The dance floor got a workout this night!

July 8 2006, Saturday - Private Party - House sale, Toast kept the 200+ person crowd going, and they asked for many encores, we could hardly tear down

June 24 2006, Saturday - Wilmette Theater opening, Toast entertained the crowd for the event.

June 17 2006, Saturday - Potato Creek Johnnie's, Toast rocked the night away until 2:00 am!

June 10 2006, Saturday - C.J. Arthur's Wilmette Toast -kept the toes tapping on this special anniversary night at C.J.'s

April 8 2006, Saturday - C.J. Arthur's Wilmette CD Release Party! Toast - EKSTREEMLEEBURNT CD GIVEAWAYS, little dinosaurs, a big T-Rex! AND MORE!!!

March 3 2006, Friday - Landmark Inn (Northbrook)-
Mike, the night manager said "Like your song choices - It was a good night!" Special Thanks to Mark Litin from The Fabulous Beyondos for being our fill-in drummer

February 10 2006, Friday - Art Auction
Benefit for DesPlaines School District
A lot of fun. Toast played before and after the Art Auction, and kept it going long into the night.

December 17 2006, Saturday - Potato Creek Johnny's

Dec 3rd 2005, Saturday - Hotel Orrington
Fundraiser Art Auction, a hugely attended dress-up event with dinner serves, with Toast as the final course, the dance floor was full!

November 19, 2005, Saturday - Potato Creek Johnny's
Another fun-filled evening with musicians John McHugh, Jerry Barry playing tunes with Toast, with many others who spontaneously joined in with vocals and enjoyed sharing the stage with the band.

October 22, 2005, Saturday - C.J. Arthur's Wilmette - New original songs debuted: 'No Way Out' by Drew, 'Trapped in Her Trip' by Chris, "got Me' by Paul!
The 6 of you ought to be toasted for keeping us happier than a winning Chicago, team. L. G. - Wilmette, IL

September 10, 2005, Saturday - Potato Creek Johnny's - A Raucusly toasty night!

August 26, 2005, Friday - C.J. Arthur's Wilmette - Our friends at C.J.'s again set the stage for a great night, with Wil and Drew both performing numerous songs with us. We even had Fred-X jumping up to play congas, and Mike and Sue of The Fabulous Beyondos lending impromptu backing vocals. ...Always loads of fun at C.J.'s!

August 19, 2005, Friday - Tommy Nevin's Live - A fun night! Drew was able to join us for many tunes, including Crazy Train. The crowd danced the night away.

July 9 2005, Saturday - Tommy Nevin's Live - Thanks to Wil Johnson who sang and added percussion to several tunes with us. We like this place!

June 10 2005, Friday - Grandpa's at the Depot - Switched locations from CJ's due to tragedy there

April 29, 2005, Friday - Grazie' Ristorante & Banquet Dinner Dance/Art Auction -The house was a-rockin; the dance floor was filled all night [need we say more?]

March 19, 2005, Saturday - C.J. Arthur's Wilmette
Back to that same 'ol place, C. J.'s A fun crowd, a rock'n night!

March 12th, 2005 Saturday - 1800 Club, 1800 Sherman Ave. Evanston, IL - A very comfortable place to play! The Tai food, big cushy sofas, and eclectic atmosphere was appreciated by all. Lots of compliments on the band's playing at this gig. Thank you all who came!
You could throw in a little Jeff Air for your singer she did good on white rabbit. Dead is good, Reggeeee is good, Long guitar leads are even better. It was fun and cheap and a good time was had by all! - DW

February 26, 2005 Saturday - C.J. Arthur's Wilmette
Another fun night at CJ's! Many friends were there. Howie claimed writership on nearly all the classics we play, but most of the audience forgave him for that! A lot of laughs, especially Mike D's antics during White Rabbit, cracked us all up.

Thursday February 17th, 2005 - 10pm - US BEER COMPANY - 1801 North Clybourn, Chicago, IL 60614 „G featuring Toast & Young Arsonists
Toast was proud to play at one of the premier venues for live entertainment in the Chicago area!
We all had a great time! It was an inspired and spirited night of playing. The Young Arsonists were fine gentlemen. Special thanks to the members of The Fabulous Beyondos for being there and showing your support! We owe you one, Mike, Sue, an - Toast Music


The ‘EKSTREEMLEEBURNT’ album shows three distinctly different sides of the versitile classic Rock band, Toast.
Skippin Day is an up-tempo feel-good rockn' boogie with steely smokin' guitars.
Too Long is a pop anthem rock'in ballad with an R&B feel, catchy hooks, and a guitar solo based on the original saxophone instrumental when the song was first recorded by Howie's band in Canada.
No Way Out is a haunting metal-grunge foray into forbidden ensnaring secrets.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Eric Clapton, Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, Greenday, Steve Miller, Garbage, Tom Petty, Allman Brothers, to name a few

Jim O’Connell - Vocals & Guitar

Jim got his first guitar when he was 7 (an acoustic with action so high it cut his fingers). In high school and college, Jim played folk music on his guitar (CSNY, James Taylor), and performed in musical comedies. After college, Jim crossed paths with Alex Vesselinovitch, who saw him in a musical and asked Jim to do the vocals for a band that evolved into Mea Culpa, a Chicago cover band. With Mea Culpa, Jim performed at venues from the Glenview House to Grant Park during the 1990s. Jim recently finished a CD of original songs, distributed by his own Mystical label (and on, and played in clubs including the resurrected (Biddy) Mulligan’s under names such as Collectively Unconscious and the Jim O’Connell All-Star Band.

Paul Trottier - Lead Guitar

Began playing guitar at age 11 (Beatles, right?). On to bands & rock'n tunes in High School with bands Damien, Ambivalence, and others on stage for school dances and parties in the Burlington, VT area. Continued on to form Bacchanalia, and later, The Frank Band, playing at frat parties and ski lodges. In those wild days of ‘79 Paul moved to Chicago and joined The Slammer Band, then Sidekix and The Fabulous Beyondos playing Chicago nightclubs. Influences include Eric Clapton, BB King, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Santana, Jimmy Hendrix, Alvin Lee, Joe Walsh, and others. To this day playing guitar is a passion that’s still exciting. Playing with Toast is where the Rock-n-roll hat is currently hung, and loving it!

Howie Winestock - Drums & Vocals

Howie has been a mainstay on the music circuit for 25 years, starting with bands back in 1979 in Canada. For 15 of those years, Howie played with Hansen Records recording Artists, Adam and Kris, and Coral Records top twenty hit singles recording artist, Richard Samuels at clubs in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Maui, San Diego, and Manhattan Beach, California. Following a move to Chicago in 1993, Howie continued his musical pursuits playing with the Greg Walters Band where club stops included Biddy Mulligan’s, US Beer, North Beach, Mickey Finns, Chasers, The Glenview House, Whiskey River, Burton Place, CJ Arthur’s, and XRT’s Friends of the Park, Buckingham Fountain Concert. Howie now focuses his efforts on the band, Toast.

Brian Murphy - Bass Guitar

Dateline 1964: Ed Sullivan and the Beatles inspire me to play guitar at age 9...not alone here. It was a delightful National solid body resonator.....God how I wish I still had that one. 5 years of classical, jazz and pop lessons and Brian joins first high school band but too many guitar players but no bass players......enter the 3 string junk ball bass. .....Hey I like this thing.......sounds really devastating. Plays just like a guitar but Sooooooooo Looooooooooow. 10 years of party and wedding bands and the school of hard knocks is over: Now I play for fun and profit. Brian is also a member of The Fabulous Beyondos, and Father D. & The Disciples of Soul. Brian has recently been spotted on stages as remote as Oregon with his wide nework of musician friends.

Chris Zeman - Vocals

Chris played a ukulele four-string banjo as a child and made some dollars singing harmony on a couple of songs with her little sister singing and playing a ukulele. A claim to fame for Chris is that her second cousins are the Lennon Sisters! Chris entertains her kindergartners with piano playing on a regular basis and has recently begun guitar lessons. Chris's vocal harmonies and Grace Slick emulations now a special part of Toast's sonic texture.