San Francisco, California, USA
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TOAST, one of the most raw, entertaining & controversial music acts in the hip-hop scene is a mix between Salt N Peppa & Two Live Crew with a hint of Too Short. These girls bring you rap from the female perspective with absolutely no holding back when it comes to lyrical content and performance.


TOAST, a dynamic female rap-duo from San Francisco, is the hottest thing since sliced bread...literally. Comprised of Rachael VonCookie from Portland, OR and Erika B. of Los Angeles, these ladies have an untouchable, no-holds-bar attitude when it comes to both stage presence and lyrical content. One of the most entertaining new groups on the SF scene, they win audiences over by coupling their controversial and raunchy subject matter with head-banging Adam Curry would be jealous of.

Their unique style and delivery caught the attention of legendary Bay Area Hip Hop artist and producer, Kirby Dominant. The group is currently in the studio with Kirby working on their first full-length album, set to be released spring 2012. Aside from working with Kirby Dominant, the crew has also joined forces with DJ Pony P, one of the bays illest female dj's who murders the tables with everything from hip hop to future blaps. Together, these three ladies are a force to be reckoned with.

The group has recently shared stages with Moka Only, Equipto, Z-Man (One Block Radius), Boac (The Earthlings), DJ Quest and Eddie K (Scratch Hamsters), Kirby Dominant, Alexander Spit (Instant Messangers), Spank Pops and continue to put on for audiences all over the Bay Area.

"Toast, thats my shit! Hot chicks with dirty mouths and a whole lot of raw energy! I need that."
- Scarub (Living Legends)

"Cut throat bitches, that will REALLY cut you!"
- Sunspot Jonz (Living Legends)



TOAST (2010)
1. About you
2. Haight
3. Can't Handle it
4. Heavy Flow

BURNT (2011)
1. Burnt
2. Fog City Ft. Kirby Dominant
3. Carousel Called Toast Ft. Michael Marshall
4. Booty Lickers Ft. Z-Man
5. Forever Ft. Pat Parra


1. My First Time
2. Why Can't I Fuck The Right Guy Ft. Viveca Hawkins
3. Lover Dejour
4. I Can't Wait Ft. Viveca Hawkins
5. Notion
6. There Comes A Time
7. Dream State Ft. Kirby Dominant
8. Old School Ft. Kirby Dominant
9. The Reality Show Ft. Viveca Hawkins
10. Other Freaks Ft. Falilly
11. Don't Lie Ft. Viveca Hawkins

1. PW Esquire Ft. Erika B. (Toast) & E-Class "Foolish Little Girl"
2. Anacron Ft. Toast & Himself "Silver Trembling Hands"
3. PW Esquire Ft. Erika B. (Toast) "99 problems and a bitch is one"
4. Sunspot Jonz Ft. Erika B. (Toast) "Hell Date"

Set List

1. I Can't Wait
2. Other Freaks
3. Why Can't I fuck the right guy
5. Dream State
6.The reality show
7. My first time
8. Old School
9. Don't lie
10. There comes a time