Toast Machine

Toast Machine


A sorcerous mix combining the lead-bass groovage of Primus, the explosive rockage of Lightning Bolt and the melodic power of Jawbreaker. An instrumental duo of heroic proportions; Smiting Evil through sonic bombast and fury.


This instrumental duo is as influenced by Conan the Barbarian and Sin City as it is by Hum or Fugazi.

Toast Machine’s homage to the world of comics and fantasy can be easily seen in their half-joking claim to be The Twin Avatars of True Rockage sent by the Gods of Rockage to defeat Those Who Rock Falsely.

Their intense, compelling rhythms, convicting live performances, and thick, lush texture reveal their musical influences: an array of underground hardcore and alternative music from late 90’s Jets to Brazil & Avail to today’s The Mars Volta & Lightning Bolt.

Over their ten plus years of existence, Toast Machine has toured up and down the West Coast, sharing stages with the likes of Mr. Bungle and more recently, The Bad Plus.

Their loop-free, ecstatic live shows are the stuff of legend to those who have witnessed their majesty.


...we do not have any lyrics...

Written By: Toast Machine

...we are an instrumental band.
sorry. no lyrics.


"The EP" 2002
"Rock Wattage" 2006

Set List

Sample Venues:
The Roxy - Hollywood, CA
Bottom of the Hill - SF, CA
The Knitting Factory, LA, CA
Mary Ward Cantina - SF, CA
924 Gilman - Berkeley, CA
The Verge - San Rafael, CA
The Phoenix Theater - Petaluma, CA

Typical 50min - 1 hour Set.
1. The Intro Song (9min)
2. The Modulus Song (4min)
3. Funk The World (3.5min)
4. The Carpal Tunnel Song (4.5min)
5. The Funky Song (3.5min)
6. The Dark Song (4.5min)
7. The Classical Song (7min)
8. The 7/8 Song (2min)
9. The 80's Bridge Song (3-8min...)
10. 5's and 6's (7.5min)
11. The Therapy Song (4min)

Sets can be up to an hour and 30 minutes.
1 set per engagement.
Covers are done infrequently.

Typical Repetoire is Joy-Inducing, Rockage-Defining
Sonic Bliss via Original Thundering Tunage.