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Tobacco Mosaic @ The Alphabet Lounge

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Tobacco Mosaic @ All Asia

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Tobacco Mosaic @ Harper's Ferry

Allston, Massachusetts, USA

Allston, Massachusetts, USA

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(Tobacco Mosaic Infects SNHU)

Frankie Price's baby eats away at living things like a virus; in fact his baby is a virus: Tobacco Mosaic.
"It takes over everything," Price said of the virus that is the band's name sake. It's also what he hopes will happen with his band.
Price was born in West Virginia with a love of rock n' roll. He is also a recovering scientist. He has a biology degree with a speciality in molecular genetics and worked as a research scientist for years.
He began his master's degree in chemistry but decided he didn't want to be a 50-year old unhappy man. Price loved music and come from a musical family.
"My dad showed me my first song," Price said. "I think it was "Wild Thing."
When he reached a crossroads in his adult life, he turned to that other love.
He came to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He graduates in a month with a degree in Music Production & Engineering.
Tobacco Mosaic has been Price's baby since he lived in North Carolina years ago.
At Berklee he set out to, and did, find musicians to relive his Tobacco dreams from down south.
His Tobacco dreams have nothing to do with pop or southern jam band stuff. It's good ol' rock n' roll.
"Since we all go to Berklee we have some complex chords and time changes," Price said in a thick southern accent. "But we don't go into that prog-rock stuff. Nah, this is rock and roll."
Like Price, most of the other members of the band are nearing their graduation day at Berklee. To keep the momentum going Price and the others have started work on an album that they hope to release in the near future. - Hippo Press


2007 - Horseapple
2006 - A Stitch in Time w/ DVD
2006- Go West! Young Man.
2005 - Dear Mom
2004 - A Sprinkling for the May Queen
2003 - From Mountains to Molehills
2001- Low Down as Hell
2000 - Leatherpig



Tobacco Mosaic began years ago in the hills of West Virginia. I, Frankie Price, a research scientist unhappy with my surroundings, packed up my vision, dreams, band name, guitars, and went to Berklee.

I rushed into a new life and band line-up that lasted for several years. Once in Boston I met an amazing drummer from Seattle named Chris Johnson. The two of us endured numerous "musicians" over the next few years and eventually found Brian Allison on bass.

Now that I have graduated and moved to NYC, I have had the fortunate luck of finding a rare talent in a vocalist by the name of Josh Gaboian. His understanding of both theory and songwriting has made him a perfect fit in the band.

Finally, wtih the addition of Greg "Danger" Settino on drums (we stole him from another band just because we had to have him) we are ready to get back into the groove of things.

Several songs have already been written for the new album which we plan on recording in the near future and we are looking forward to rocking for you again soon. (See to check on what's already available.) Rock On Mosaic Music Mob and keep listening!.

Tobacco Mosaic has been heavily influenced by monumental bands such as Black Sabbath, Pantera, Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater, Lamb of God, Tool, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Prince, Eric Clapton, and AC/DC.

The thick, guitar driven sound is pushed to extremes by a loud Les Paul and mighty Marshall Cabinets alongside a tight bass drum and a thunderous low-end bass. All underneath the mightly roar of a melodic lead vocal.