Tobacco Pat

Tobacco Pat


apocalyptic folk, with intelligent lyrics and dark stories told. These two brothers have an intense live show, complete with stomping of feet and shouting. Often compared to the likes of Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Bright Eyes


Tobacco Pat is a Indie Folk brother duo from Jacksonville, Florida. They have opened for such notable acts as Vampire Weekend and Ryan Bingham. Tobacco Pat consists of the Farmer brothers: Logan and Robert who write heartfelt dark lyrics and sing them in passionate acoustic folk. Common topics of songs include, but aren't limited to: Ghosts, Murder, Drug Abuse, The Apocalypse, Politics, Love, Insanity, etc.
Influences include: Bright Eyes, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Modest Mouse, William Faulkner, Hemingway, Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson, Velvet Underground, Fionn Regan


The War Ep (2007)
The Plague (2009)

Set List

Hey Caddy
Sweaty Palms, Rebel Guns
500 Miles
I Shall Be Redeemed
Ride On
Nobody's Home
1st To 54th
The Coffin
Wrecking Ball
Untitled War Song
Midas Touch
and many more

Set Lists usually last from 45 minutes to an Hour, but can be shortened or lengthened as needed.

Covers aren't common, but if they were to occur, they may include: Bright Eyes, Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, or any of our influences