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Tobacco Road

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Rock Metal


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"Shalerpalooza Raises $1300 for Student Class Funds..."

Most of Paul Campbell’s classmates listen to hip-hop and pop. But not last weekend.
“They come out to see a friends’ band, and start listening to this music,” says Campbell, a senior at Shaler Area and the drummer for Tobacco Road.
With respect for their elders — Rush, Kiss and Metallica — and a rundown of their favorites, such as New Found Glory, Jet and Blink 182, six bands tested the ear drums of moshing, swaying, stage diving teens at Shalerpalooza III, which was held at Mr. Smalls in Millvale. They also raised $1,300 for high school class funds, which will be used for grade level incentives and senior year events.
Cameras flashed as Gabe Mangold, lead guitarist for Tobacco Road, planted one foot on a speaker at the edge of the stage. His scruffy mane masked his expression, as his fast, screaming riffs summoned the forefathers of hard rock with classics such as “Love Gun,” by Kiss and “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol.
Playing rhythm and singing lead was his father, Dale Mangold, who was pleased to see a new crop of high school bands playing classic rock.
“I think it’s cool,” he says. “That’s where it all starts. It branches out from Rhythm and Blues, just like Buddy Holly and Elvis did…you hear bits and pieces of rock and roll roots in today’s stuff.”
With 10 minutes until show time, drumsticks pitter-patter the seat of a chair backstage, as tennis shoes tap feverishly on the linoleum.
“There’s a lot of people out there,” says Chris Ramsden, lead singer/scre-amer for In Faith We Will Rise.
“It’s our school, so we’re going to give them a good show. Once we get going, adrenaline will be pumping and we’ll be good to go.”
The narrow hallway to the stage is a two way street of the nervous and relieved; the sweaty and the dry; the shy and the confident.
“I got the nerves,” says one in preparation. “Woo wee!” exhales another in relief.
Members of Tobacco Road and St. Augustine’s Fire loosen up with a sing along of “The Campfire Song,” from “SpongeBob SquarePants.”
Others relax with jokes at the expense of friends. They call guitars ugly, and each other ugly.
“There’s a friendly competition,” Campbell says. “I’ll mess with a couple of the drummers, standing on the side, sticking my tongue out at them. But everybody learns from everybody else.”
“Everyone’s up front,” adds Dale Mangold.
“There’s no bickering. Everyone is very professional.”
Mangold has performed in Pittsburgh and along the east coast for more than 20 years. Three years ago, he organized the first Shalerpalooza and says it’s grown each of the last three years.
His 9 to 5 days are spent as a custodian at Shaler Area High School. The Monday after the show, he sees musicians still coming off the adrenaline high and fans telling teachers about it.
For some, Shalerpalooza was a first, but most adapted well to the booming sound, professional lighting and 800 eyes staring back at them.
Michael Truong, a senior, was nervous for the first couple of songs.
“It feels better when you’re done,” he says. “All of the adrenaline.”
Rock music is passed like a baton at Shaler Area High School, from upperclassman to lower classman and from parents to their children.
“I never hear of Hamptonpalooza,” Ramsden says. “Shalerpalooza has a nice ring to it.”
Shaler teens’ finding their niche is a beautiful thing, said Darren Mascilli, a blues/rock drummer in Pittsburgh. He let his son, Devin, use his custom kit. It was an upgrade from the Toys ‘R’ Us set Devin banged on as a 4 year old.
With bands in heavy thought about their set list and the quality of sound at the venue, the audience was letting go.
Boyfriends held close to their girl friends, while loners were lost in the music. They all seemed to sway to slow songs with cell phones raised instead of lighters.
Then, there was the circle of clashing shoulders and elbows in the center of the floor, the perimeter in constant flux like an amoeba of hormones.
“It’s like you don’t have any balance and you’re flying around,” says Sean O’Connor, a sophomore. “It’s like zero gravity.”
Shalerpalooza IV is in the works for next year while most of the bands hope to perform sooner. Like, tomorrow.
The lineup in this year’s concert included: Bad Acid, Civil Riot, Infantry, In Faith We Will Rise, St. Augustine’s Fire and Tobacco Road.
- Pine Creek Journal (distributed by Pittsburgh Tribune Review)

"Shalerpalooza Raises $1300 for Student Class Funds..."

dddd - Pine Creek Journal

"Cool Tune"

Cool Tune
Great sound guys this song has wonderful potentual The mix is as good as it can be, Production A+. Guitars A+ Drums A+ Bass Gets an A+ Vocs A+ and the sax was the frosting Great job guys

Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Originality.

- wolfgang2000
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
January 23rd, 2009 -

"All About You - Awards"

Awards! Track of the Day on 26Dec2008 in Blues Rock
[Get Award Badge]
Best Guitars in Blues Rock, week of 2Feb2009
Best Drums in Blues Rock, week of 12Jan2009
Best Drums in Blues Rock, week of 19Jan2009
Best Production in Blues Rock, week of 19Jan2009
Best Lyrics in Blues Rock, week of 12Jan2009
Best Mood in Blues Rock, week of 19Jan2009
Most Original in Blues Rock, week of 19Jan2009
Rocking Track in Blues Rock, week of 12Jan2009

"Pink Blues"

Pink blues
It's always nice when people don't take themselves too seriously.
You've got a nice bluesy groove going and funny, straightforward lyrics:
"Pink really makes the sweater, the sweater taste better". Never heard a song about a girls sweater before, but here's a good attempt.
Loads of sex in the guitar riff, the vocals, the guitar solo and the many breaks.

Extra Credit: Guitars.

- tnicholson1984
Randers, Denmark
February 8th, 2009

"Hot Production"

hot production
Right off the bat the production really shines - nice and loud and you can hear everything clearly. Nice old school rock vibe...I like this. Sounds like a real drummer, too - thank god ! We need more bands bringing back the old school sound !

Extra Credit: Production, Lyrics.


"Tobacco Road"

I've enjoyed listening to 'Tobacco Road'. It has a nice feel and conviction about it. The delivery fits the lyrics and the mood of the song. Great harmonica melody line. Good feel and a nice groove.

The arrangement is strong and it is recorded well. It's just a very nice song.

Dave/ Crescent Music and Media - Crescent Music

"Custodian doubles as rock star..." he met bandmate Jim McDermott. Together, they and three others formed the band Tobacco Road. The band formed in the summer of 2007. Dale is the lead singer of this old school rock band. He also plays the guitar and occasionally saxophone, posing a triple threat, he also writes most of the lyrics.

the bands next show is November 23 at Saddle Ridge in Pittsburgh. - The Oracle

"B4 Alternative playlist"

Interview from 10/15/08 Power 88.3fm (Boston or just a tad south of Boston)


1. TOBACCO ROAD - impala slim
2. TOBACCO ROAD - land of vision
3. TOBACCO ROAD - lipstick lovers
4. TOBACCO ROAD - funky chunky
5. TOBACCO ROAD - tobacco road
6. TOBACCO ROAD - all about you
7. TOBACCO ROAD - dirty little rocker
8. TOBACCO ROAD - devil drives a bus
9. TOBACCO ROAD - good old days
10. TOBACCO ROAD - pink sweater
11. MOTORHEAD F/ ICE-T & WHITFIELD CRANE - born to raise hell
12. 311 - come original
13. DAVID GAHAN - deeper & deeper
14. JOE SATRIANI - motorcycle driver
15. MARK GALLO - all you want
16. STATIC-X - get to the gone
17. FIGHTING COCKS - higher than a mountain


- Power 88.3fm WAGO


Tobacco Road - (self titled)
Live Road KIll - bootleg

Local Pittsburgh airplay; WYEP 91.3fm
Power 88.3fm WAGO, Boston,
107.7fm Los Gatos,CA
Party 934 102.5fm, Miami, FL
Streaming on various internet radio sites.



Tobacco Road just voted "Best Rock Band" in PIttsburgh for 2010 per Iron City Rocks Awards.
Tobacco Road comes out of the Pittsburgh region. Established in 2007 Tobacco Road released debut CD titled 'Tobacco Road' in June 2008. Switching gears a bit, new members to add some 'bite' Tobacco Road gives you back that 'edge' and simply entains the hell out of their fans. Recently opening act for Spacehog and Gary Hoey.
Look for the new CD in spring 2011.

WINNER: Best Rock Band in Pittsburgh - 2010; Iron City Rocks Awards