To be a High Powered Executive...

To be a High Powered Executive...


Instrumental music of an eclectic rock-oriented sound. Bringing together elements of post-rock, jazz, indie, and psychedelic music, we each contribute our own style to create one solid entity. Our songs range from 3 minute math-pop blasts to 10 minute epics. We think visual art is cool too


We come from different cities and states within the U.S., meeting and forming To Be a High Powered Executive as students at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2004. Beginning as an instrumental band with a very organic song-writing style, we have expanded our sound and continue to bring new elements and structures to our music. Each of us has very different music backgrounds and influences, which has helped this growth and given the music a fresh and unique sound.


- Pre-History and the Course of Empire (self released)
- We Don't Want It Safe, We Want It Secret (ropeadope digital)

We have recently been played on Case Western Reserve radio WRUW 91.1 and Nowlikephotographs
KUOM Radio K in Minneapolis/St. Paul 106.5fm/100.7fm

You can listen to other tracks at:

Set List

Our average set is about 45 min but can be longer or shorter as needed. Our songs we usually play:
- they gaped, they gasped, they stared
- building the fort
- and the trees became chairs
- the secret of silent dreams and shattered fucks
- to Morla
- the king has bled
- teaching your children to speak
- consummation
- tall shapes
- raindrop parade

Those are our most often performed songs in no particular order. We don't play any covers.