to be continued

to be continued


To be continued is an all original, Las Vegas trio. A blender of jazz, blues, rock, folk and a layer of groove sprinkled on top.


To be continued was formed in 2000 from three different personalities.

A ride with us includes a drive down many streets, some you have been down before. Most often they are alleyways you didn't know existed.

Our influences include Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, David Bowie, Terry Bozio, the Police, Iron Maiden, Dave Mathews, Ben Harper, No Doubt and countless other bands.

Our music reaches almost every genre, from rock to blues to jazz to folk.

We have been playing local Las Vegas venues including The Junkyard Live, UNLV tailgate parties, the Cooler lounge, the Boston, Gameworks and private events.

In 2001 the band competed in the WorldFolk Battle of the Bands and placed 3rd out of 117 entries.

We have completed 1 6-song EP and are ready to begin work on a full length album. The band is ready and willing to play most venues and willing to travel.


to be continued . . .

Set List

Typically the band plays 1 or 2 original music sets of approximately 45 minutes. The band usually books with other original acts, but could play as many as three sets.

Here is a partial list of songs

Laughing Hyena
Kerry and Cory
Old Nellie
Side Track Girl
It's Alright
Mad Cab Child
70 GP
Evil One
Sell me
Love to Hate
Little Man
Orange Moon