Tobias Froberg

Tobias Froberg

 Stockholm, Stockholm, SWE

Retro vintage singer/songwriter meets modern pop/alt vibe, with a hint of 80's mainstream rock!


Tobias was a musician, but also journalist full time. He promised himself that if he met the Swedish Director, Ingemar Bergman and saw Neil Young in the same week, then he would quit. He did, he was asked to interview Mr. Bergman (the last he did) and saw Neil Young that same week. So that was that, so he became a musician full time.

His debut album, For Elizabeth wherever she is, received great reviews and he was then signed to Poptones by the legendary Alan Mcgee (Oasis etc). His second album, Somewhere In The City spread the word around the world, including the use in a major european ad of the first single. third album Turn Heads became a Pitchfork fave in the US and lots more uses of his music followed. New album, The Big Up is imminent, full of great songs and cool vibes, its a corker!


For Elizabeth Wherever you are (album)
Somewhere In the City (Album)
When the night turns cold (single)
Gods Highway (single)
Somewhere in the city (single)
Turn Heads (album)
Just behind a brickwall (single)
Slipping under the radar (single)
Blissful (single)
The Big Up (album)

Set List

A mixture of songs from the 4 albums. As long as it takes!