Tobias Gebb and Trio West
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Tobias Gebb and Trio West

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"Trio West"

The group's clarion tone & ceaseless harmonic exploration seems to set a standard for viable & gainful virtuosity. Dynamic, yet not too aggressive, Gebb guides his players with a rhythmic vitality that is second to none.
In addition, the listener is awash with a certain romanticism, melodicism, and inventivenss that holds the entire group in good stead. - ejazz news

"Tobias Gebb"

"drummer Tobias Gebb is a man afire, and keeps everything afloat". - All About Jazz

"Trio West CD"

Trio West’s CD really got under my skin in a good way".

Joe Montegue - Rivington Riffs

"Tobias Gebb and Trio West - An Upper Westside Story"

TOBIAS GEBB & TRIO WEST/Upper West Side Story: These cats introduced themselves last fall with a debut Christmas album that got things rolling nicely. Here they are back with their first official release and they show themselves to be some dandy jazzbos in a real setting. Originals, jazz classics and Beatles come together in a date that works by these jazzy young men in their pork pie hats. Their sense of humor rolls through the music making this a buoyant, bouncy date that’s easy to come back to frequently. Hot stuff.
917 (Yummy House)

Volume 31/Number 153
April 1, 2008
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
©2008 Midwest Record
- Midwest Record

"Tobias Gebb and Trio West New Release"

I'm honored to review jazz composer-drummer-arranger Tobias Gebb once again. Tobias deals only in virtuosity and dynamics, and utlimately viable & gainful music to soothe our ruffled sensibilities. Tobias & group effectively synthesize their bop lines & musical impressionistic musical figures with stylistic versatility. The group's precise, aggresive, rhythmic patterns & tonal attack will certainly generate a potential........Certainly an outstanding rapport with their ever increasing audience. Tobias Gebb: master of an incisive, clear & seemingly arranged sound.

George W Carroll
The Musicians' Ombudsman
- ejazz news

""Best album of this New Year"!"

Fresh from their holiday jazz debut last November, drummer Tobias Gebb and his eclectic trio are back releasing their first mainstream jazz recording mixing a few originals with a handful of classic standards in one of the best albums of this New Year.
With band mate’s bassist Neal Miner and pianist Eldad Zvulun, the group has sufficient firepower for an excellent job. Not content, however, Gebb augments the cast the with tenor saxophone of Joel Frahm on select tracks and for the first time, includes two vocals here with Champian Fulton doing the honors.
This is without question a terrific album containing a wide range of styles as the liner notes state in describing the music, “draws from swing, bebop, hard bop and cool, as well as music from Brazil, Cuba, Spain and even classic rock.” Opening up with a beautiful arrangement of the Nat Simon tribute to Ahmad Jamal,”Poinciana, What Time Is It” the threesome deliver a cool rendition.
“Brasil Bela” (beautiful Brazil) comes across in a warm bossa nova color featuring pianist Zvulun laying down nice chops on a rich melodic piece of music. After the unexpected introduction by sounds from farm animals, “The Barnyard” turns into a swinging number featuring saxophonist Frahm on his first appearance peeling off several sizzling solos in between timely bass lines from Miner. Gebb and crew change direction on Billy Strayhorn’s “Star-Crossed Lovers” with a soft ballad showcasing Gebb on the brushes as Zvulun plays the melody.
Vocalist Champian Fulton is joined by Frahm on a stylish rendition of “Autumn Serenade,” and another swinging version of Harry Woods’s “What A Little Moonlight Can Do” complete with appreciable scatting and solid tenor jousts from Frahm. The album rounds out with Irving Berlin’s “How Deep Is The Ocean,” a Gebb original with “The Monument (Soldiers and Sailors) and a Latin-shaded rendition of the Lennon/McCartney classic, “And I Love Her.”
- ejazz news


5 STARS! Don't miss this one!
You know how it feels when you're working at your desk while listening to music and suddenly your head is nodding, shoulders are swaying and hips are flexing? Well, maybe you don't...and that is indeed a shame. Before the rest of your muscles lock up, some music therapy is in order, and this disc provides it.
On their first mainstream recording, drummer Tobias Gebb, bassist Neal Miner and pianist Eldad Zvulun have created close to a perfect set. An Upper Westside Story mixes standards like "How Deep Is The Ocean" with original compositions, and includes guest artists Joel Frahm on tenor sax and Champian Fulton on vocals. Story leads off with "Poinciana" which, for the first few bars, mimics the 1958 Ahmad Jamal at the Pershing classic until Gebb puts it through a series of very smooth time changes. The first original of the set, Gebb's "Brasil Bela", is a dashing, tightly arranged boss nova. "Cute" shows off Gebb's impeccable timing and soft brushes. Billy Strayhorn's "Star-Crossed Lovers" is a beautiful romantic ballad and Zvulun's piano strokes every note lovingly, while Gebb backs up softly with perfect synchronization. Gebb's own "Two by Two", my favorite, is in a distincly "Manhattan-at-3am" noir vibe-sultry and very s-l-o-w with Miner taking the initial lead. Frahm's lush tenor sax takes riffs with ease on "autumn Serenade," made immortal by John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman (on the eponymous CD, 1963, now remastered), and Fulton's vocals wind through and around the melody beautifully. Pull up a martini and listen to this one.
- Premier

"Hot House's band in the spotlight"

"the new CD by drummer Tobias Gebb's Trio West is a joy, full of catchy tunes given imaginative treatments by players at the very top of thier games" - Hot House


Trio West Plays Holiday Songs - #13 nationally
Tobias Gebb and Trio West - An Upper Westside Story#20 nationally



Trio West is a New York City based piano trio. Producer-composer-arranger-drummer and leader, Tobias Gebb, was born and raised on the west side of Manhattan, thus giving rise to the name Trio West. The band plays regularly at venues around New York City. As accomplished degree-holding musicians, the members of Trio West have performed with a wide variety of internationally known artists both within the jazz genre and beyond. They include Cab Calloway, Jon Hendricks, Bobby Watson, Donald Fegan(Steely Dan), Lenny Kravitz, Joe Lovano, Larry Goldings, Art Baron(Duke Ellington), Arnie Lawrence, Peter Yellin, Buster Williams, Joel Frahm, Ron Blake, Mark Gross, and Wayne Escoffery among others. In addition, Tobias Gebb won a 1996 Grammy competition with the band Skizm, and learned valuable production techniques as he worked with legendary producers such as Phil Ramone, Terry Manning and Patrick Dillet. Recently Trio West has been making waves with their new release 'An Upper Westside Story". Some have called this CD "one of the best of the new year" -ejazz. voted Tobias's arrangement of 'How Deep Is The Ocean" SONG OF THE MONTH. National and international jazz radio has taken to this new recording with heavy rotations including a 5 star review in Primetime Magazine. This album was voted in the top 10 CD's of 2008 by the Jazz Journalists Association

Trio West takes its influence from some of the great jazz artists of the 20th century including Ahmad Jamal, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Buena Vista Social Club, and The Beatles. Particularly, Ahmad Jamal has had a strong influence on Trio West for his subtle usage of space, dynamics and inventive arrangements.