Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Blessed not only with a pair of powerful pipes but also a wicked sense of sonic humour popular local roots chanteuse Toby has been touring the world non-stop magically weaving together roots rock and reggae. Passionate and joyous on stage recent appearances like America's Summerfest and Canada's Evolve Festival prove why Toby is warmly welcomed to festival bills support slots and headlining shows world-wide.


Energetic. Raw. Feisty.

These three words tell you everything you need to know about Australian roots artist Toby on stage.

Toby is a stand out performer - and this is why she is making her mark touring the world - with seven Canadian tours up her sleeve, she also tours throughout Europe, America and Australia playing major festivals, and performing her own headline shows.

For an audience, these live shows are a deeply emotional and joyous experience. For Toby, she wears her emotions, thoughts and adventures on her sleeve as clearly as the delighted smile she sports while playing. It's that chemistry and connection – in between plenty of dancing and jumping from both sides – that makes each performance so strikingly unique and deliciously unpredictable.

Passionate and known for her unwavering commitment to her craft Toby is willing to take the risk and be vulnerable with her thoughts and emotions committed to song.

Perth born TOBY’s new album "SLEEPTALK" is the album you should be listening to! Why?

This album was recorded in San Francisco, California, where TOBY worked with co-producer Carey Williams. They met when TOBY played alongside Etta James (managed by Carey) at a festival in Milwaukee in 2009.

This is TOBY’s fourth full length album and is the culmination of years of touring endlessly throughout Australia, four tours to Europe, eight tours to Canada and memorable performances in the USA.

This album showcases TOBY’s insightful, honest and poignant song writing. It is an invitation to explore her mind and her soul. This critique of the human condition is both personal and broad.

It has captured TOBY’s best songs to date - with a full mature sound, and an incredible line up of musicians!

It tells stories across emotions and continents, yet never loses track of it's Australian roots, giving it a sense of place and time.
But best of all, it is simply full of great songs that people want to hear.

TOBY’s songwriting skills are honed enough to make her radio-friendly, and her voice is naturally soulful, earthy and dynamic enough to appeal to all kinds of music fans. The songs themselves have some seriously infectious hooks and draws in European flavours, some gutsy blues, slow, chilled out reggae and some soulful acoustic ballads.

Half of SLEEPTALK was recorded at Decibelle Recording in San Fran with JJ Wiesler, and the other half in Berkely at San Pablo Recorder with Jon Evans. One track was recorded at Couch Studio with Shaun O'Callaghan, North Fremantle, WA (John Butler Trio)

Carey put together an amazing team of musicians to record the album . Jon Evans played bass on several tracks. Jon has toured and performed with Tori Amos for twelve years. He has also worked with Linda Perry and Paula Cole. Other musicians include Dawn Richardson on drums (4 Non Blondes, Tracy Chapman), Julie Wolf (Ani Difranco, The Indigo Girls, Maceo Parker), David Matthews (Etta James), Claytoven Richardson on backing vocals (Kenny G., Michael Bolton, Elton John, Peabo Bryson, New Kids on the Block, Ricki Martin, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole), Sakai (live performances with Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, and Chaka Khan), Marcie Brown (She has performed with Lucianno Pavoratti, Andreas Bocelli, Dizzy Gillespie, Itzak Perlman and Ray Charles. She has been a member of the Cirque du Soleil.)

TOBY has pulled together experiences from travelling the world, performing her music. She has supported the likes of Sheryl Crow, John Mellencamp, Paul Kelly, The John Butler Trio, Brandy, The Indigo Girls, Gomez, Donavon Frankenreiter, Luka Bloom and Pete Murray. TOBY has performed at major festivals worldwide including Summerfest (Milwaukee, USA), PrideFest (Milwaukee, USA), Big Time Out Fest (Canada) and WA Blues and Roots Fest (Australia)

By not deviating from her fiercely independent origins, TOBY keeps this album real and untamed as she criss-crosses the globe connecting with audiences, injecting them with the passion she feels for music and turning each performance into a memorable party.


Summerfest – Milwaukee , USA
Pride Fest - Milwaukee, USA
Big Time Fest – Vancouver Island , Canada
Kaslo Jazz Fest - Kaslo, BC
Cowichan Folk Fest - BC, Canada
Womens Red Rock - Red Rocks, Utah
Tribal Funk Fest – Salmon Arms, Canada
Evolve Fest - Nova Scotia, Canada
Blue Skies Fest - Ontario, Canada
Girls Got The Blues Festival - UK
WA Blues and Roots – WA, Australia
Day On The Green - WA, Australia
Bridgetown Blues Festival - WA, Australia
Fairbridge Folk Festival - WA, Australia
Nannup Music Festival - WA, Australia
Vintage Blues Festival - WA, Australia
Broome Blues and Roots - WA, Australia
Ravenswood Blues and Roots Festival - WA, Australia
Warm Up For Winter Festival – Victoria , Australia




Goodbye Baby

Written By: Toby Beard

I heard her singing softly, her song it sounded sad

I went and asked how was her day.

And then she lifted her tear stained face

she told me the story of her love.

She told me how she met her man, she thought he was the one

She thought the love they shared was real

And then her face changed as another tear fell from her cheek

She told me how he left her just last week

She said he'd call me baby, then he'd hit me once or twice

He called me baby, as he drank throughout the night

He called me baby, as he left me alone

He said goodbye baby, now you're on your own.

She says no-one listens to my stories, no one seems to care

They're too busy, busy with themselves

She says no-one wants to give a damn, no-one wants to lend a hand

They're too busy, busy by themselves

She said he'd call me baby, then he'd hit me once or twice

He called me baby, as he drank throughout the night

He called me baby, as he left me alone

He said goodbye baby, now you're on your own.

She said he dragged her to the mangroves, she fought with all her might

he left her to die there, but she wouldn't give up life

And now she sits here all alone, without a single friend

She says now she's looking forward to the end.

She said he'd call me baby, then he'd hit me once or twice

He called me baby, as he drank throughout the night

He called me baby, as he left me alone

He said goodbye baby, now you're on your own.


Written By: Toby Beard

A pretty blue flower fell on me,

I thought it was a butterfly

And I'm laying and swaying in the breeze,

I feel like I could fly

Out here, down by the riverside

Its only been days, but it feels like years,

since I've been hanging here

I feel like I am one with earth,

and the sun's dried up my tears

And I'm thinking of you so far away,

you're so far away it seems

But I can still smile and I can trust

that I'll meet you in my dreams

Let's meet here, down by the riverside

Well the river is flowing and my thoughts are going

to places I don't know

My mind can take me anywhere,

when I'm sitting here alone

And I'm feeling alright, I'm feeling at peace

for the first time in a while

I find my self laughing out loud,

I find I have a permanent smile

When I'm here, down by the riverside

When I'm sitting here, I close my eyes,

I imagine me so small

I could catch a ride on a tiny leaf,

I could go out and explore

Coz here I feel like I can do,

I can do anything,

And the trees are my percussion

and the wind it helps me sing

Let's sing here, down by the riverside

Well I don't know what I'm doing,

I don't know what I'm saying,

but it all makes sense to me

I can do anything, I can say anything,

I can be anything, anything I wanna be

Gossip and Lies

Written By: Toby Beard

Mouths are talking, keeps me walking as far as I can go
Contorted, deformed little lies do they even realise

As soon as you turn your back, the knives are drawn
The murmour, the buzz, the whirring of words,
slandering your name all over this town

Well, you feed on other people's pain, persecution is your game
Who was it that made you god, made you the ruler of the lot?

Was I ever a part of that? A part of the disgrace and all the shame?
Was I ever just like you? I know that I will never be the same.

Coz, your gossip and lies have taught me the truth
It's finally revealed the substance of you
And now I've learnt not to get burnt
by another word you say

Gossip and lies, gossip and lies, all I hear is gossip and lies............

I'm gonna get right outta!

Mad Man

Written By: Toby Beard

You thought you would be clever

You thought you'd get me now

You thought your words would frighten me

And I'd give in somehow

You thought you were all that

That you couldn't be replaced

You claim to have made me

You're the band without a face

He's a mad, mad, mad, mad man

They call him the mad man

Yes you could be charming

And I liked you back then

Then I saw you and your many personalities

You and all your men

One of them was brilliant

He could really make me smile

He was fun and kinda crazy

And not at all fragile

He's a mad, mad, mad, mad man

They call him the mad man

Then the insecurities would

Show in every way

The mad man came a knockin,

And this is you today

So angry, so bitter

So ashamed and filled with guilt

You couldn't ever knock down

The wall that you had built

It didn't have to end this way

You didn't have to leave

You thought you were god's gift

And know you are left to grieve

So no, your words don't scare me

You didn't win this game

I'll keep on striding forward

And you'll be left with the shame

He's a mad, mad, mad, mad man

They call him the mad man

I know I owe you nothing,

Not a cent, not a piece of my time

Coz you ain't worth the trouble

What is mine will remain mine

So when the made man comes a knockin

Make sure to lock your doors

He'll take you for everything that you're worth

Everything and more

He's a mad, mad, mad, mad man

They call him the mad man

Welcome Home

Written By: Toby Beard

Traffic lights blind me
As I fade into the night
Like a lost soul I've been driving
Driving for so, so long

It seems that the corners
are so difficult to turn
I been trying desperately
to find my way ... home

So I pull out the map book of my mind
And lately my mind's so hard to find
I been searching for answers
But I don't know what the question is

So I look up
I notice that the light's turned green
It's time that I must go
On my way ... home

Smell the coffee brewing
I hear familiar sounds
Beautiful faces
They sit with their arms held open for me

And they say, "Sit down my darling,
We'll make a warm cup of tea
We'll talk away the hours,
Welcome home."

Put a smile on my face
Make me laugh out loud
Let me cry a river of tears
My heart is home

heart is home, heart is home......welcome home.


Written By: Toby Beard

It smells like sex in here, it's smelt like this for days
Opening the windows doesn't seem to help, there's no escape
Well I can't sleep when I'm next to you, I lay there watching you breathe
Well I cant' keep my hands off you, you make me feel, so beautiful.

Put your hands on me, and take me in,
We'll lose ourselves to the night
Let me have my way with you
Stop the clock, hear you cry.

When I'm with you, I've got to remind myself to breathe
When I'm with you, I've got to remind myself to breathe

Come surround me with in skin, I'll climb into you
And we'll mould ourselves into one
I'll let you penetrate my mind
This is real, so let me in.

When I'm with you, I've got to remind myself to breathe
When I'm with you, I've got to remind myself to breathe

Breathe, breathe, I can't breathe......

The scandal is so easy, your skin it tastes so sweet
Lick the sugar off my lips baby and breathe me in
Move with me, flow with me, let me slip into your soul
Watching you, watching me

I want to taunt you, taste you, to touch you, to tease you
I beg you, I plead you, I need you

Well I can't breathe.....


"Sleeptalk" - full length studio album recorded in San Fran, USA

"Live at the Fly" - DVD/live album.

"Love Underground" - studio album. Roots/reggae/rock

"Tu Es Belle" - french single. French/cafe/lounge style

"RENAISSANCE" - 12 track studio album. 14 Musicians. Reggae/blues/roots/rock/latin stylings. Brass and string sections. May 2006

"On Second Thoughts" - 13 track studio album. Acoustic, ballads and folk. Piano, guitar, didgeridoo, mandolin. July 2005

"GiddyUp" - 3 track studio EP. Country and blues. Great fun! Sax, fiddle, harmonica. Full band. November 2004

"Indi- Live On The West Coast" - 18 tracks, live album. 8 piece band. April 2004

Receiving airplay on Triple J, RTR and local radio stations.

Set List

"Toby" are know for their diverse sets. Whether it be a show infront of 15000 people, set in nature, or an intimate sit down event with 500 people, or even a blues and roots festival infront of thouands, "Toby" will play her set list depending on the audience and the event.

Toby is mostly known for their energy plus, dance filled show, where you couldn't posibly fit another person on the dance floor. Toby herself is set off by the audience and believes that the energy created between band members and audience members is a driving force, always resulting in a fun, memorable show for all.


Falling (ROOTS)
Run (ROCK)
Favourite Day (FOLK)
Karma (REGGAE)
Catch You (JAZZ)
Dancing With You (REGGAE)
Hammock (REGGAE)
Photos In The Sand (BALLAD)
Dream Of Me (JAZZ/BLUES)
Gossip and Lies (JAZZ)
Safe (FOLK)
Goodbye Baby (FOLK/COUNTRY)
Promises (LATIN/ROCK)