Tobias Rintoul

Tobias Rintoul


My music for me, is all about Love, Life and Emotion and my expression of those things.


My name is Tobias Rintoul; I am now 18 years old and aiming at being a musician for many years to come.

I have been doing performing arts stuff since I was about 6 years old.

As I moved up to senior school, I joined the local Operatic Society.

The first show I played in was “Merry Widow”, which was shown for a week at the local theatre. In between rehearsals I had one to one voice training and music coaching with the then musical director.

The last show I did was “Fiddler on the Roof” I played a Russian Soldier because nobody else could do the Russian Dancing.

That’s the potted history out of the way and I currently live in France with my Dad. The farm where we live is in the middle of nowhere, not really my cup of tea, but it did have a rather interesting effect on me.

At the end of a day, I would strum my guitar. Before long, I realised words and music started to form pictures in my mind, which is really where my songs started. I play, sing and compose all the music and the lyrics for my songs. Music is now my passion in life and I fully intend to continue with it.

I love so many different styles of music it would take far too long to list them here.

To start with we just recorded with a small track recorder, not the best sound but it allowed me to put some songs on myspace. The songs got a good bit of interest and I was invited to audition in England at the Old Utopia Studios in Camden. I did the audition and was offered the chance to record an EP. Unfortunately, when we got the contract through it was a dinosaur, the type of thing that cost the Animals to lose the rights and monies for their songs.

Consequently, I recently completed an EP which was recorded at Outhouse Studios in Reading. I was able to have a hand in the mix and have to thank John and Ben who engineered for me, again Ben for his Synth input and Dad for the drum tracks. You can hear more at I have one song up at the moment called “When Dreams and memories Collide”; I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

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When Dreams And Memories Collide

Written By: Tobias Rintoul

Verse 1
When dreams and memories collide
and the universe seems to divide
there's nothing more important in the world
than the love between a boy and a girl

Love will keep our hearts running
Love will keep our minds running
Love will keep our world running
Love will, love will, love

Verse 2
Does her mind wander?
and what they had would she squander?
She would have to choose
for one of them she would lose

Verse 3
Is it that she's brave?
Or is it she's just afraid?
What is it that keeps her going?
What is it that stops her from leaving?
Leaving it all behind


Verse 4
When all hope's gone from inside
look into your loved one's eyes
They will show you what life's worth
They will fill your soul with mirth

Gazing Is Amazing

Written By: Tobias Rintoul

Gazing is Amazing
While you’re lazing in the sun
Birds like to twitter
and bees love to hum

Help is around in the clouds of the sky
‘cause all this is peachy when time rushes by

(Musical Break)

Gazing is Amazing
While you’re lazing in the sun
Flowers have the power
to cheer up your mum

Is it medication that makes us this way
or just efficacious in the heat of the day

(Musical Break)

Gazing is Amazing
While you’re lazing in the sun
Sit back and dream
of what you might become

Dry is to wet like light is to dark
but I'll sit here happy on the bench in the park

(Musical Break)

Gazing is Amazing
While you’re lazing in the sun

Brave Face

Written By: Tobias Rintoul

Verse 1
She's happy they've been together for oh so long
and she was hoping that maybe he was "the one"
but he treats rough and he doesn't care enough
she think it's possibly time to move on

She puts her Brave Face on
Despite all that's gone wrong
She puts her Brave Face on
and tries to forget all that he's done, done, oh

Verse 2
He'll do one nice thing and she'll go back
He knows that he's got her, he knows she's trapped
'cause the love she has for him still burns so strong
and she's felt that way for far too long

Verse 3
He's sucking the life out of her soul
She knows she'd be much better off alone
Now all she wants is just to leave
To reclaim her life and be set free

Verse 4
She's found an appartment of her own
and he'll beg for her back, he'll cry on the phone
but she's been there so many times before
she'll never go back to the one she adored


Written By: Tobias Rintoul

Verse 1
I know that I can do this though i'm not quite sure how
Everything was working, I thought I'd sorted it out
but there's more and more trying to get in the way
more obstacles to block me and more bills to pay

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Verse 2
It's not 'cause it's difficult that I did not dare, it's 'cause i didn't dare that it's difficult you hear
and they say great achievements involve great risks
they say dreams are for fools but they aren't I insist

Verse 3
These Obstacles and problems that build up in my mind
are generally that I'm thinking far too much at one time
Experience is simply a synonym of mistake
by being willing to fail will i achieve something great


Almost ready for release, EP, "When Dreams and Memories Collide".

Set List

All my own stuff, no covers, normal set length is around 35 minutes.

List of songs:

When dreams and Memories Collide
That Then was That
Conflicting Emotions
Brave Face
Gazing is Amazing
Cannot Compare Her
Lets Stop Moaning