Toby Taylor

Toby Taylor

 Hamilton, Alabama, USA

Toby Taylor is a singer/songwriter who draws from a huge pool of influences including folk, bluegrass, and rock. His songs would best be described as a musical mirror to the soul. Armed with a harmonica and an acoustic he brings back the intimacy created from artist like Bob Dylan and James Taylor


Toby Taylor is a singer/songwriter from the small town of Hamilton Alabama where he learned the fundamentals of music through church and sunday evening bluegrass sessions with family. Taylor is also one of the founding members of the hard rock group Refuse The Fall who has shared the stage with bands such as Framing Hanley, Red, Smile Empty Soul, Saving Abel, Egypt Central, and many more. Producer Brett Hestla had this to say about Taylor's vocal work in Refuse The Fall, "Check out a band who blurs the genre lines by drawing from a deep pool of influences that shine through in a fresh new blend that you are sure to appreciate. Featuring not just one, but two of the south's best voices working together to deliver one of the most unique sounds in recent history. Refuse any substitution." In 2010 he recorded his solo which really reflects what Taylor learned from his deep south roots. " I've always loved the intimacy when an artist takes the stage with no gimmicks just you, the guitar, the crowd, and your poetry. There's a rush to it that is unattainable any where else. That's why I wanted to create an album that could translate very well acoustically so I could share this experience with a different audience." One things for sure you don't want to pass up a chance to catch Taylor's performance because it's the kind of show that clings to your heart and soul, showering you with enlightenment, and most importantly leaving you with hope.


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