Dynamic group of college students coming together to perform a cappella covers of some of the best songs from almost every genre. They are sure to satisfy any type of audience imaginable, having performed for college students, sports fans, Fortune 500 Professionals, and even former Presidents.


Formed in the memory of the late music professor Todd Carter, the High Point University Toccatatones have been performing since 2001. Carter’s dream was to create an all-male a cappella group at High Point but his life was tragically cut short. Five High Point students began in 2001 to fulfill his dream. Starting with only one song due to the size of the group, they made their debut at a Spring Talent Show. From there on out, the group was a hit around campus and throughout the community. Growing in size with every semester, the group obviously branched out and started to perform a wider array of music. With more selection, they now were able to start performing more in the Triad Region. After gaining even more recognition, they eventually released their first album, A Gentleman’s Club, in late 2005. After the release of the album, they began to receive many corporate gig offers. They began performing for the likes of the International Home Furnishings Market and even the Board of Directors of Laz-Y-Boy Furniture. With a steady stream of gigs for both the school and also businesses and organizations throughout the community, the Toccatatones now perform quite regularly and give regular concerts to packed-houses of 400 or more. In March 2008, they were even lucky enough to be asked to perform for former President Bill Clinton upon his visit to High Point. With a second album in the works, the Toccatatones now are working to expand their exposure throughout North Carolina and the country.


- "A Gentleman's Club" - 2005
- Upcoming Album- Released Fall 2009

Videos of the performance of much of our repertoire can be viewed at:

Set List


- "Good Ole' A Cappella" - Our Theme Song
- "Zoot Suit Riot"
- "Have a Little Faith"
- "Pinball Wizard"
- "Learn to Fly"
- "Change In My Life"
- "Cecilia"
- "Collide"
- "Kiss The Girl"
- "Cathedrals"
- "Mexican Wine"
- "Rain"
- "Africa"
- "Irish Drinking Song"
- "Voice of Truth"
- "Inside Out"
- "Freshmen"
- "Apologize"
- "Shadow of the Day"
- "Angel in the Centerfold"

- Various little ad libs and comedic breaks can be done.

We typically like to work in 45 minute sets so that we can rest our voices.