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The TocoBand is the epitomy of an era compressing vintage soca, the daughter of calypso. Considerable research has been the mother of this carefully chosen repertoire. The song contents represent a myriad of past and present artistes from Trinidad, Barbados and the Caribbean at large.


In greater detail, the songs we have chosen to represent engulf a period of expression that has nearly come and gone and remained at large in a world of musical talent. Soca has not had it's due to date, a few glimpses have shown through but the mother lode remains hidden. To have had the pleasure of meeting, performing and sharing camaraderie with socalypso artistes has been a highlight in my life. Taking their music to the unexposed masses has been my calling. I am only a voice in the night pointing to the real source which has not reached it's due. After a decade of research and performing this interesting and wonderful genre, my only regret is that I didn't discover it earlier in my life.

Set List

Doh Back Back, Both of Dem, Jane, Good Citizen, Ms. Mary, Sa Sa Yea, Benwood Dick, Pan Man by the Mighty Sparrow Margie, Pan In Harmony, The Spirit, Toco Band, Mystery Band, Heavy Roller,Iron Man, Flag Woman, 67, Old Lady Walk a Mile and more by Lord Kitchener, Ethel, Rebecca, On De Road, Wave for Lara, Get Something and Wave, Jab Jab, Bacchanal Time by Blue Boy, Stranger by Shadow, Juck fuh Juck, Breakdown, Soca Coup by Serenader, Madness, Dus in dey Face, Adrenalin City and more by David Rudder, The Will by Scrunter, Ah Feel to Party, Come with it by Black Stalin and more........