Today We Sleep
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Today We Sleep

Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Naples Band Crashes The Party!"

It was an intense time last night at Lucky's off of 951 in Naples. Bands Crimson Red Chaos, Scientist VS Werewolf and not to mention my favorite...Today We Sleep took the stage. Talk about performance, these young rockers performed like they have been doing it since the 70's....and not a member is over the age of 23! Not to mention attractive but their sound and overall stage presence just blew everyone away. "I have heard of that band name before but have never actually seen them play, I saw them tonight and WOW I am a loyal fan till the end. You can catch me at their next show!" -Screams an addoring new fan. I couldn't have said it better myself. If you haven't seen these guys before then check them out. I can promise they are worth the time. - The Naples Daily News


Currently we have a little over 12 songs, We just got out of the studio with our new single "Her Eyes" and are currently in the process of trying to record others to finish the final official demo



Most bands are blind to their own sound now-a-days. Most play on stage and think they are the newest greatest thing to be discovered when they shouldn't even have left the garage in the first place, Today We Sleep has been playing together and perfecting their sound until they knew for a fact that people would fall in love with their look and sound from their first time on stage. With influences such as The Used, Avenged Sevenfold, ACDC, Guns n Roses, Bullet for my Valentine they blend everything to create a unique yet distinguishable sound. TWS was started by guitarist Dixon Cleaves in early 2006 where he started sifting through band mates like candy, 50 singers later a voice finally stood out and it was that of vocalist Mitch Clark. Dixon and mitch would play together for over 6 months transitioning between new bassists and drummers over and over and over again until Dixon called an old time friend he knew would be there no matter what. Bassist Evan Seals stuck and with that there was only one more piece missing and that was when Dixon got on the phone and found the most talented and unique drummer in the Southwest FL area, Tyler Greenfield.