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Todd Zack Jr.

Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Los Angeles, CA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo R&B Neo Soul





Rising hitmaker Todd Zack Jr. serves up his first visual in the form of “Euphoria“, taken from his anticipated upcoming EP “Evoking Emotions“. Showing the singer’s lifestyle, the visual located above sees Todd travel from city to city with his woman, indulging in their vices and lost in enjoyment. The Ohio-born talent demonstrates his major appeal here, with impressive vocals, lyrics and visuals all meshing harmoniously. Soulfully executed, the video was handled by skilled director and creative Christiann Gilchrist, who pulls off some fitting film that matches the track’s smooth vibes. TZJ had this to say on the release:

“From the song to the visual, Euphoria definitely mirrors who I am in my own personal life. From how I move, to the food moves and indulging in my own vices, it’s all synonymous.”

Now marked as a huge up and coming R&B prospect, “Euphoria” gives us the best of what we’ve seen in the genre since it’s contemporary remodel. Keep an eye on Todd Zack Jr. and be sure to pre-order “Evoking Emotions“ now on iTunes here, out officially November 17th. Check out his latest now or find more music by clicking the link provided below. - Lost Culture

"NEW RELEASES: Miguel (‘War & Leisure’), Roy Wood$ (‘Say Less’), & Todd Zack Jr. (‘Evoking Emotions’)"

After leaving the military, Las Vegas-based singer/songwriter Todd Zack Jr. gets back to his first love by releasing the 6-track EP, ‘Evoking Emotions.’ The set is led by several sultry ballads, including the fan favorite “Waiting,” which showcases the R&B artist’s vocal process and intoxicating delivery. Other tracks include “Come Here,” which gives us a taste of his uptempo side, and “Bad Habits,” a song with a more lyrical approach.

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"Todd Zack Jr. Returns With Soothing New EP, ‘Evoking Emotions’"

Elyria, Ohio. When it comes to naming notable cities in the state of Ohio – or anywhere for that matter – how often would you include the 14th largest city in The Buckeye State? My guess is probably never—but that might be changing soon. After appearing on the RESPECT. Magazine pages numerous times for slaying hook after hook on guest features, Ohio to Las Vegas transplant Todd Zack Jr. officially jumps in the game with his new EP, Evoking Emotions, a sultry 6-track project that showcases Todd’s vast improvement as a songwriter and melodic presence.

Kicking off the project with the climatic intro, “Waiting,” Zack wastes no time letting you know his intentions with this project—and that’s too literally draw out every emotion that you have. From happiness, to sadness, all the way to hunger on the stand-out lead single, “Euphoria,” in which Zack enlists his woman to join him on a road trip filled with haze, junk food and lust. With the previously mentioned tracks being a bit more melodic, Zack demonstrates the strides he made as a pure vocalist with the track, “Inhibitions,” which see’s Todd examining a broken woman that he dreams of parlaying into a strong presence in his life.

It’s the second track, though, that’s the one I believe stands apart from the rest. On, “Come Here,” Todd complete reaches into his bag and refuses to let up. Set to the tone of what sounds like a stripped down afro-beat with a Gotham City influence, “Come Here,” is Todd at his absolute best. Relaying a tale of an everyday woman who’s contemplating the pros and cons of a girl’s night out, Zack perfectly captures the essence of man trying to get his woman to do the exact opposite—all while still keeping his focus on the benefit of the woman, true player shit. “I think you should put your phone down, airplane mode get in your zone now. Playlist, straight hits, that’s it,” croons the Ohio native on the opening verse of the track, and if you can’t think of three women in your head that this song describes…. You’re not living your best life, trust me.

Overall, Evoking Emotions is Todd Zack Jr. moving a step forward and putting the industry on notice. With a short, but very sweet 6-tracks, ‘Evoking Emotions’ should serve as a teaser for what Zack has in store for 2018. Check out the stream of the project below, as well as the video for, “Euphoria” above. - Respect Magazine


Meet Todd Zack Jr., A 25-year old R&B/Neo-Soul Singer/Songwriter, who also is a member of the U.S. Air Force. Not only does Todd write and sing his own music, but he also records it himself too, right in his own bedroom. Now some of you might be thinking, “well how good can his music really be then?” Trust me, once you hear some of his music like “Flourish.” for an example you will be singing the hook all day, kind of like I was when I first stumbled upon his YouTube channel. Todd was born and raised in Elyria, Ohio, a small city 25 miles west of Cleveland, OH. He comes from a middle-class family, in which his upbringing was definitely gritty. In 1998, his father was a police officer, wrongfully convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. This led to his mother working 3 jobs at one point, and his grandparents having to step up to take care of him and his younger brother. Where he comes from music isn’t taken seriously. As a matter of fact, it’s usually looked at as farfetched. But that’s what makes Todd so dope -- he’s living proof that all it takes is passion and belief in yourself to accomplish what people don’t believe you are capable of.

SKYN: A large amount of people can relate to your lyrics, especially with songs like “Flourish.”, what’s the influence behind your words?

TZJ: I didn’t come up in this terrible lifestyle you know what I mean? It was definitely tough with my Dad gone for 10 and a half years, and my Mom working so much. I lived with my Grandparents, and they stepped in as the role of Mom and Dad for my brother and I, so I guess that has a lot to do with it. Going through so much at that time, it made me have a lot to write about. I’ve always been good when it comes to expressing myself, so within the music I’m very raw. I don’t feel the need to write shit I feel people want to hear, it’s more so I’m writing what I feel like people need to hear. With this joint in particular, I was just inspired off the daily struggles / negative energy from people telling me what I can’t do, can’t achieve, etc. - SKYN Magazine


The Elyria, Ohio native is setting his best foot forward with his debut project, betterwithtime. The 12-track free album takes us through a personal journey of Todd’s life that allows listeners in on his past, present and future. With a mix of both up-tempo songs and slow jams, the emerging artist showcases his versatility in both his vocal and writing abilities.

With just one listen through the album, you can hear the influence of some of his favorite artists like Al Green, Stevie Wonder, and Smokey Robinson, which helps give his delivery more of a throwback feeling. But at the same time, the combination of his lyrics and the way he crafts his songs are very modern and similar to the R&B sounds of today that we love thanks to the likes of a Trey Songz, Chris Brown, or Bryson Tiller.

Some of Toddy Flay’s stand-out tracks are “vibe,” “thekid,” and his Usher sampled “FYR (Freak You Right).” Each of these tracks show a different side of the singer/songwriter and are infectious in their own right. His gift of creating memorable choruses will have you singing his lyrics long after you finish listening. At only 25 years old, Todd Zack Jr. is just getting started and with such a great debut, we can’t wait to see whatever he’s got coming next!

Check out his debut album below. - This Is RnB

"Todd Zack Jr. - Playersh*t"

There is just something about an old school, early 90s R&B sample that sets the right mood. Just ask DJBooth newcomer Todd Zack Jr., who is on his Playersh*t thanks to the sampling work of Cali producer CMPLX. Incorporating a sample from R. Kelly‘s classic bedroom burner, Tempo Slow, the Las Vegas native reveals all that excites him about the female sex. Joining Zack Jr. is Chicago artist/songwriter/producer Ye Ali, the author behind Booth-featured January release Art x Drugs, who in a middle guest verse pays homage to Jay and JD with a shout out to Money Ain’t a Thang. Playsh*t will be found on the Sin City upstart’s forthcoming project, Organic, due out May 30. -

"Video: Todd Zack Jr. – “playershit.”"

Todd Zack Jr. released a true player visual for his track “playershit.” In the video, Todd chills in a parking lot with a group of friends giving off the perfect chill vibes that seems welcoming to his fans. Watch the video above and go buy his project Organic the EP, on iTunes. Watch the video above. - Chizzy


Organic (2014)
Betterwithtime. (2016)
Strictly Organic EP (2016)
Evoking Emotions EP (2017)



Todd Zack Jr. is a 27-year old R&B/Neo-Soul Singer/Songwriter originally from Elyria, OH, a suburb city 25 miles Northeast of Cleveland, OH. Todd is on a mission to make an impact on a genre that traditionally thrives off evoking emotions. Todd feels that it is his purpose to become the soundtrack to millennial lives as they weave in and out of relationships to find the soulmate that we all desire so much.

Todd’s career so far has been a difficult one. He’s had to deal with constraints that none of his contemporaries had to endure. He’s had to operate under the huge responsibility of being an active duty member in the Air Force while creating music. Under those constraints, Todd was still able to develop and amass a nice core following that fully supports him and has helped him generate a buzz on Soundcloud. This wasn’t enough for Todd, his desire to chase greatness within the genre led to his decision to separate from the military in February and pursue the dream full-time, he champions this decision as “Betting on himself”. Now, Todd Zack Jr. re-introduces himself as a true crooner in a time where vulnerability often tends to be frowned upon. All these experiences led to Todd creating his first major studio release Evoking Emotions EP. This is his raw offering to the world, taking you on a sonic trip while incorporating innovative elements within the R&B/Neo-soul genres. The 6-track EP is led by ballads such as “Waiting”, which contains a nostalgic touch in its overall sultry production, accompanied by his rather sensual vocal ability. “Come Here” showcases his uptempo side, highlighting the often detailed situations within the present one may experience while simultaneously expressing his admiration for a particular woman. “Bad Habits” flaunts lyrical approaches that make you feel as if you’re living out his hard truth yourself, serving as the finale to his oeuvre.

 Todd knows that this is the beginning of a long journey. With this new found freedom to create, stay organic, and perform in front of fans across the country, he wouldn’t want it any other way. Follow him on his mission to evoke emotions around the world.

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