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"Todd Adleff"

"The song "A Thousand Times" is a radio ready tune with very polished vocals and guitars with a great mix."
- Artist Launch
- Artist Launch

"Todd Adleff Rocks"

"Todd Adleff rocks with a crisp and rootsy sound that has an honest shot of cracking radio in a big way!" - Song Writers Monthly

"Todd Adleff"

"Todd Adleff, the music Shakespeare should have used in his greatest play!" - Faria Music Italy


"We especially enjoyed A Thousand Times and Goodbye. Excellent
songwriting, vocals, and musicianship. Cool guitar riff and nice build to 2-part harmony, hook-filled chorus with tight break in A Thousand Times. Catchy bridge in song as well." - RadioIndy


Todd Adleff - Road Songs - Full length CD

Reality & Have You Ever, Released on the GRUV, Inc. Compilation 2003

Todd Adleff, 3 Song EP 2004
Tracks Incude:

(1). A Thousand Times
(2). Goodbye
(3). Some People

"Plan B"
The new full length CD available Feb.2007



Nearly forty years ago, John Lennon sang a song called Working Class Hero. In it he lamented the ills of a repressive society, and praised the determined individuals who endured. Todd Adleff, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a man who has fought through many of the battles often associated with music: band break-ups, low funds, and an industry that is obsessed with the quick fix, the pre-packaged, and the willingness to follow trends. Some might say that Todd has already won by continuing to do what he loves. He would, however, argue that the best is yet to come. Recent signs are certainly pointing in that direction. This much about his story is clear: Todd Adleff has been tried, and his music remains true.

Rather than trying to appeal to certain niche groups, Todd has built a following by writing and performing music that has the potential to reach people of all ages. This is evident by the wide-ranging crowds who have recently attended his shows. Often mentioned in the same breath as vocalists Rob Thomas and Glen Philips, Todd grew up listening to Motown artists. His father was a singer, so he developed an appreciation for vocalists who worked at their craft. Inspired by the singers who made soul a living and breathing entity, rather than just a genre, Todd has made it a goal of his to successfully "emote through his voice", as well as through his lyrics. His songs are wonderful contradictions, teaming somber and thought-provoking lyrics with feel-good music that is catchy and memorable upon first listen.

Now based in Pittsburgh and armed with his acoustic guitar, Todd has recently played venues in Philadelphia, New York City, and elsewhere throughout the Northeast. He has also performed at the James Brown Festival in Augusta, Georgia, as well as at several venues on the West Coast including The House Of Blues in Las Vegas. He is determined to do something on stage that connects with his audience. He considers his live show to be "an attempt to allow people to feel" what he is feeling. His ambition and belief in his ability is evident: he states it as his goal to make "a living doing this thing called music", so that he can devote the proper amount of attention to his musical career. Recent events are certainly making that increasingly likely. He has been booked to play the House of Blues in Las Vegas in the coming months. In addition, Todd will be signing with Spyral Records for Digital Distribution via iTunes, Yahoo Music, Rhapsody, AOL Music, and Napster. They will be releasing his new CD, tentatively and aptly titled "Plan B". Finally, Noteborn Music has selected his song, A Thousand Times, for a licensing agreement to be placed in movies, advertisement campaigns, television shows, and more. Despite many years on the road and in the studio, the Todd Adleff story seems to be just beginning.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Todd Adleff has the characteristics of a successful singer/songwriter. It goes beyond having a way with words and a gift for melody, both of which he has. It also transcends an entertaining live show, which is another intriguing aspect of the Todd Adleff experience. He has continually displayed an uncanny ability to endure. His goal of selling enough music to make a living sounds simple, but the thousands of musicians whose guitars are now covered with dust will attest to the fact that it is not quite so easy. It takes ambition, drive, and an unrelenting work ethic. In other words, it just might take a working class hero to remind people of all that is right in rock n' roll. Todd Adleff is more than willing to play the part. You can also see Todd at