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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Review of Detroit CD Release Party"

“Independent pop rock artist Todd Alsup confidently delivers passionate and heartfelt lyrics. Not surprisingly, the talented singer comes from Detroit area, and he hasn’t forgotten his roots to the city. Alsup was recently in Pontiac for a private album release party in the Crofoot’s Pike Room, where he charmed us all with a performance of songs from ‘Facts & Figures.” The charming continued off stage, as Alsup made sure to spend a significant amount of time covering the room, while making sure to create and maintain a comfortable, fun atmosphere for each of his guests. He is now continuing to share his music with New York, but I encourage a watch for his return. Until then, grab yourself a copy of ‘Facts & Figures.’” (3/11/08) - (by Editor Kristy Erdodi)

"Review of Facts & Figures"

"Todd Alsup is an admirable pop lyricist, and he showcases his talent wonderfully on the Facts & Figures EP. 'The Good Fight' is piano rock at its finest and Todd has a great, strong voice. On 'Down This Way,' he demonstrates a good mainstream pop feel, and you can hear his musical inventiveness coming through. The soulful 'Status Quo' has a smooth Marvin Gaye influence, and Todd pulls it off beautifully. 'Theory' is a lovely rock ballad with Elton John-like piano, and 'One of a Kind' is blues rock with a taste of Billy Joel. Facts & Figures is a must-have for anyone who loves piano pop rock!" (4/15/08) - LooseyLucy's Headquarters --

"Billboard Magazine (November 2008)"

"Alsup's buoyant attitude and bright, high-energy music could hit a home run with new, young fans. With a style on par with Gavin DeGraw and OneRepublic, Alsup's music could find a place on the radio with any number of pop-oriented stations." - Katie Hasty

Todd was featured as a Billboard Underground Artist and a video interview and performance of "The Good Fight" is currently featured on - Billboard/Nielsen

"Performing Songwriter (June 2008)"

"This combination of giddy piano pop, old-school soul and free-spirited songs finds Alsup treading an earnest if unlikely divide between Ben Folds and John Legend. However, he's too talented to be gauged by comparisons, as 'Facts & Figures' makes abundantly clear." - Quick Takes - EPs from DIY Artists That Caught Our Ears

"Provincetown Magazine Cover Story - Fall/Winter 2009"

I remember the first album I ever bought - it was Billy Joel's Glass Houses. I'd heard Billy Joel on the radio, and like a lot of people, was drawn into his [songs] by the stories they told, the characters in them, and their memorable melodies. I wasn't conscious of it then, at about 9 or 10 years old, but Joel was just one of a number of pop singer/songwriters of the late 70's and 80's who approached music in this way. Great melodies, lyrics you could hear and relate to, and solid musicianship without much packaging on the outside.

Todd Alsup may have come up nearly a decade after me, but comparisons with Joel are not out of line. His affinity for songwriters and performers of the past is obvious, particularly in terms of melody and his approach to the material. But more than anything, Alsup's gorgeous voice (with notable shades of Stevie Wonder) grabs hold of you and keeps you with him, from the first note.

"I popped out of the womb instantly making noise all over the house," Alsup says in a telephone call from his New York City home. "From as early as I could remember, I kind of grew up obsessed with any form of music."

Alsup, who will be performing November 27th and 28th at the Crown & Anchor, grew up in Detroit into a family of athletes and teachers. "I don't come from a terribly musical family, but they all had an appreciation for music." More importantly, he says, they were extremely supportive of him and gave him every opportunity to hone his craft, despite the typical worries about his future security, as someone going into a creative field.

Growing up in the heart of Motown had a strong impact on the young singer. In fact, it was the record collection his parents had from their teenage years that provided most of the inspiration. The Beatles, Carole King, Stevie Wonder, and Billy Joel were at the top of the list.

But all of his life experiences contributed in some way to his work, as they do for all of us. Alsup says he always writes his lyrics first because "I need to know what I'm writing about first." But other than that, he says, the process varies.

"I think the most important thing is that I keep a little notebook where I jot down little phrases or ideas...Probably about 50 percent of my songs come from a very personal place. But songwriting for me is like play-time, making up stories (rather than telling true ones)...Melody and rhythmic ideas come to me when I'm in motion, so when I want to create a melody, I just go for a walk in the city."

These days, Alsup is working on his own album - his very first, although he did release an EP entitled Facts & Figures last year. "We're really excited," he says. "I'm lucky to be working with a company called MajorWho Media, which is basically a production house in the city, but they do artist development as well."

Alsup says he first began his relationship with MajorWho when he was just looking for a place to record his EP - something he knew he wanted to do about three years ago. What began as just "a production relationship" turned into something more once the EP was finished. MajorWho asked Alsup if they could manage him and the match was made. But the music industry in the 21st century is a whole different animal than it was in the days of Motown. The classic pop and R&B singers Alsup evokes reached the masses at a time when the name of the game was mass appeal, rather than the more contemporary niche-marketing model.

"On the Internet, especially in New York, there are a lot of hip, savvy music blogs. If you're writing hip stuff and these guys take a liking to you, they will write about you. But I'm doing very old school, throwback mainstream pop," he concedes.

The dilemma is an interesting one, but one which others have overcome with great success. Alsup cites Ingrid Michaelson as one example to follow. "We're just now starting to talk about what the best way to distribute it may be...[Michaelson] is a great artist, and she had a big break by having her tracks on Grey's Anatomy. Now she's released three albums on her own, she's touring constantly. So that's one avenue to take. It's really about reaching out and making sure you can connect with your audience."

While bands that have been around longer may have noticed a drop off in attendance at live shows, Alsup is really pleased with the growth of his audiences. He was invited to play in Provincetown for Bear Week when he met Rick Murray, owner of the Crown & Anchor, last spring in New York. The shows went really well and Alsup is looking forward to returning. In fact, he confesses this year was his first time in Provincetown, and after the Bear Week show, he and his partner of seven years, Matt, actually came back for a vacation here as well.

Alsup is also a big supporter of marriage equality, something he has a personal stake in, living in a state still considering whether or not to allow gay marriages. His song, "You Are," a romantic ballad he wrote about Matt, is a song he hopes can be used to somehow help the movement. In any case, the song is bound to be a popular request for couples, with its romantic chorus: "You are the center of my soul/ The half that makes me whole/ The healer of my heart/ Might not say this nearly enough/ But all I've ever loved/ Is everything you are," sung by the soulful voice of Todd Alsup.
- THE PIANO MAN, by Rebecca Alvin

"Jezebel Music - Local Spotlight NYC (March 2009)"

"It's always a pleasure to discover new pop music that excites – because, so often, at best it succeeds at being merely pleasant and chummy. Fortunately, singer-songwriter/pianist Todd Alsup proves that some pop can still transcend the suspect platitudes most listeners have come to expect. Alsup accomplishes this by balancing his serious musicianship – his piano chops have merited a sponsorship by Yamaha – with a hint of gentle playfulness. Consequently, his talent never feels forced upon the listener. Rather, his songs shimmer with warmth, allowing them to be pensive and personal without ever teetering on standoffish and insular. He admixes into this recipe his significant vocal range. He hits the notes right, with an integrity equal to that displayed by his piano playing. In addition to venues outside of the city, Alsup frequently performs around town at places such as Rockwood Music Hall. As his career keeps galloping forward, be sure to check out its vital velocity." - Alicia Dreilinger -

"Stereo Subversion New Artist Spotlight (January 2008)"

"Status Quo" is the best pop/r&b hybrid I've heard in more than a year! Merging Stevie Wonder with John Legend and the pop smarts of Jon McLaughlin, this New Yorker has one of the biggest hits of 2008 hidden on his MySpace page just waiting to be given a shot at greatness. His song "Theory" is a worthy follow-up -- both songs have extremely competent playing and ear-bending hooks that will control you for days. He's got a firm grip on his influences and has created several tracks that are worthy of bigger things. If the rest of his album is this good, you'll be hearing more about him in SSV soon. (1/21/08) - Stereo Subversion -

"Now Hear This -- Todd Alsup's Facts & Figures"

Currently listening to and loving the new album by singer/songwriter Todd Alsup. He's getting raves on the New York music scene and air time on Sirius with his debut CD, Facts and Figures. Accurately described as "old school soul with piano-man sensibilities," Alsup has happily found a home on our most played ipod list. Not to be missed and soon to be everywhere. (1/24/08) - Life In Style --

"Sirius Satellite Radio - "Feel the Spin""

"Boy oh boy oh boy is he talented!" (1/26/08) - Larry Flick, Sirius OutQ

" - Review of "Facts & Figures""

"A brilliant singer and artist” with “huge talents.” “I was completely blown away by The Good Fight,” which is “a song that Gavin DeGraw would have been proud of and that he would have had a huge hit with.” Down This Way is “a mighty fine moment” that “adds a flirt of pop a la Danny Wilde [of the Rembrandts].” Theory is “a beautiful piano-based semi-ballad," and One of a Kind is “a beautiful groovy little piano-based pearl.” (1/28/08) - Reviewer, Par Winberg


2016 - "Currency" (LP)

2012 - "The Only Thing (Cutmore Remixes)"

2011 - "Todd Alsup" (LP)

2008 - "Facts and Figures" (EP)

2005 - "How I'm Made" (EP)




* 3rd Studio Album “Currency” due for release November 2, 2016

 * Performs nightly in NYC and tours internationally annually

* Yamaha Endorsement Artist

* Winner of 2012 OutMusic Award for Pop Song of the Year for “The Only Thing”

* Tracks featured on MTV, PBS, Billboard Online


NYC-based singer/songwriter Todd Alsup was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit.  His two studio albums “Facts & Figures” and “Todd Alsup” have netted various accolades including a 2012 Out Music Award for Pop Song of the Year, a Yamaha endorsement, placements on MTV and PBS, and features in Billboard Magazine and Performing Songwriter.  He performs nightly in New York City, has toured both nationally and internationally and will release his third studio album “Currency” on November 2, 2016. 


Allow me to introduce myself.  Singer, songwriter, pianist.  That’s me.  The music I make is influenced by the Top 40 pop, Motown, disco and R&B I grew up listening to as a kid in the suburbs of Detroit.  A wide range of artists have influenced my blend of soul/R&B, singer/songwriter, piano rock including Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Coldplay, John Legend and Alicia Keys.  

I used to think I wanted to be those artists when I grew up.  But now that I'm grown up I find that I’m much more interested in being myself.

From as early as I can remember, I felt an innate compulsion to express myself through music.  My parents - both of them proud public school teachers and decidedly non-musicians - bought a used piano for our living room at 4920 Fiddle and by fifth grade I had taught myself to write songs on it.  The piano was always my sanctuary – a place I could go to connect with something bigger than myself and escape whatever troubled me.  It still is today.

At the age of 18, I moved to New York City, a place that I always knew would be my home, to study music at New York University.  I thought maybe I’d be a music teacher.  But shortly after graduation, I decided I wanted to make my living writing, recording and performing my original music. 

My first EP "Facts & Figures" caught the attention of some cool industry folks – some nice press (Billboard Magazine thought I was worth writing about) and a Yamaha endorsement made me think I might just be onto something.  I started touring colleges and universities up and down the East Coast and getting some spins on college radio as I made my follow up LP "Todd Alsup."  Making that album was a true labor of love.  The end result (featuring the singles “Let’s Have  A Party,” “The Only Thing,” and “How I’m Made”) was a product that I felt truly represented what I was capable of as artist.  Tracks from “Todd Alsup” were featured on media outlets like MTV and PBS.  I won a 2012 OutMusic Award for pop song of the year for my single “The Only Thing” – which also received heavy club rotation thanks to a remix by the incredible UK producer Cutmore.  I continued to tour colleges and universities, booked a slew of corporate gigs, performed my tunes with a symphony orchestra to an audience of thousands in L.A. courtesy of Yamaha.  

Opportunities continued to land in my lap.  One such opportunity – the invitation to perform in Europe – turned into an open invitation to come back year after year.  In Switzerland, I found an enthusiastic new audience, a second family, and some exciting new professional relationships.  A few years into my Swiss adventures, the phenomenal Swiss producer and drummer Orlando Ribar suggested that we collaborate on a project together.  This project became my third studio album "Currency."

In the 4 years since the release of my last album, I have taken time to do some growing up, to live life and to rediscover what inspires me.  The new album takes a more honest and raw look at love, sex, powerlessness and rebirth.  At every step along this journey I have been showered with the unconditional support of very loyal fans - many of whom have become lifelong friends.  My team of cheerleaders (known as the “Todd Squad”) continues to expand.  They have generously funded three substantial Kickstarter campaigns to help me bring my creative visions to life.  The connections I’ve been able to make with them through my music have been one of the greatest gifts of my work.



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