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Todd Anthony Joos @ Assembly of God Church 933 Mekeel Rd., Dixon, Illinois 61021

Dixon, Illinois, USA

Dixon, Illinois, USA

Todd Anthony Joos @ Assembly of God Church 933 Mekeel Rd., Dixon, Illinois 61021

Dixon, Illinois, USA

Dixon, Illinois, USA

Todd Anthony Joos @ Assembly of God Church 933 Mekeel Rd., Dixon, Illinois 61021

Dixon, Illinois, USA

Dixon, Illinois, USA

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NEW CD ALBUM: "Sundays at Church" on Cellar Records released Spring 2008.
Single: 1985 "Hand to Hold" on Stargem Records Nashville TN. Charted #14 on indie Cashbox
Single: 1985 "Outlaw" on Stargem Records Nashville TN. Charted #8 on indie Casbox
Single: 1986 "What's One More Time" on Stargem Records Nashville TN. Charted #2 Cashbox indie, and #65 Cashbox major. Plus a featured pick in Billboard.
Single: 1986 "Candy Coated Love" on Stargem Records Nashville TN. Charted #1 Cashbox indie, and #50 Cashbox major. Plus a feature pick in Billboard.
Single: 1987 "Success" on Stargem Records Nashville TN. Charted #1 Casbox indie, and #45 Cashbox major. Plus a featured pick in Billboard.
Single: 1988 "Your Love" on Cellar Records
Full length album with Rock band Natural Touch, "self titled" on Cellar Records, 1989. Signed a 5 year booking and management deal with GMA, the Good Music Agency out of MN.
1991 Full length solo album "My Child eyes" on Cellar Records.
1992 Full length solo album "Supply and Demand" on Cellar Records.
2001 Full length album with the band Project 814, "Declassified" on Cellar Records.
2004 Full length album with the band Disguise the Limit, "Redemption" on Declassified/Cellar Records.

RELEASES AS A PRODUCER: (partial list)

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2. 1993 Plague - Blind Witness
3. 1993 Death become us - the Lyle Lefwitch band
4. 1994 self titled EP - Decadenza - on AZRA Records
5. 1994 Confusion - Chaotic Realm
6. 1994 Disgruntled postal worker - Concussion
7. 1993 Manic Oppression by Manic Oppression
8. 1994 Unbuttered - Decadenza
9. 1994 Breathe - Blind Witness
10. 1994 Decaying Life - Drastic Measures
11. 1994 September Insomnia - Blind Witness
12. 1994 Tune in turn on drop out - Cement Circus
13. 1995 The demo sessions - Decadenza
14. 1995 No Trespassing - Cajun Anger
15. 1995 Junk Poet by Junk Poet
16. 1995 Too much information - O.T.H.
17. 1995 Impetus95 - Impetus
18. 1995 Soul Searching - Justice4
19. 1995 Spill a Tear - Single by Impetus
20. 1996 If integral, essential, unnecessary - Snap Judgment
21. 1996 Negative Approval - Pull
22. 1997 Modify - Haruspex
23. 1997 Most Vaulable Poet - John David Stinson
24. 1997 The Muse - Eric Topper
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87. 2008 Broz INC - Brozink
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89. 2008 We've got the Spirit - First United Methodist music Department



I have gone through many changes over the last 24 months. These changes have been a long time coming and they cover areas of my life like, physical, emotional, and spiritual. It all started by deciding to get my physical self under control. I have lost over 120 pounds and feel fantastic! During all of the physical changes I began to feel a pull by God to get my life right with him. This was not something that I was unfamiliar with. I grew up in a family where my father was (and still is) a preacher. My dad was (and is) much more than just your typical dry, hum drum, stale sermon giver. No, my father is an on fire 66 year old servant of God. He currently is a pastor at a church here in my home town and he also is still (has been for 40years) the director of a youth based ministry as well. In addition to this he also makes regular mission trips to the country of Haiti where he has seen just about everything imaginable and has also even been taken hostage as a political prisoner. He shows no signs of slowing down or letting up. Through all of this, my Mother has stood right by his side and she is a source of my entire family's strength.
As I was going through this process of "getting it together", I began to feel a desire to go and hear my Father do his thing at his church. Now, this was difficult for me on a few levels. Level one, being a producer and a studio owner has meant that I have worked just about every Sunday for the last 20 years. Level two, I have traditionally hated Church! Why the hatred of Church you ask?? Well it's simple. Because my Father has been in ministry all of these years, I have experienced a great deal of judgment and persecution directed towards my family. For the most part, this ugly junk hasn't come from the non-Christian community, No…it has come straight from the folks that have proclaimed to be Christians! My experience has been that when people come to know Jesus, they seem to take on this persona that through Christ they can be self righteous, arrogant, and judgmental. It's a crazy concept if you really look at what Christ was and is all about. Jesus Christ showed compassion to all people. He was not judgmental. In fact if you really look at him, you will learn about a guy that pretty much surrounded himself with all the down and out people of society. In fact Jesus was considered a Rabbi, and as a Rabbi he was persecuted, and he was a Rabbi (spiritual leader) without a Church. He took his ministry to the streets and to the places where no other spiritual leader dare go.
So back to me and level two…Because of this disgust I was harboring towards organized Christianity, I pretty much stayed out of the Church. However like I said I was really starting to feel a pull to go see my Father do his thing. So to make a long story a little shorter, I started to periodically go to church. As I did this I began to find myself being moved to tears every time I would hear my Dad's messages. One of the other things that came from this was that my Wife and Kid's were really becoming interested in attending Church too. It was having a profound positive affect on my relationship with my family and it was changing me for the better as well.
So about a year ago I felt led to become the Praise and Worship music leader at my Dad's church. I did this and I now get up in front of a good sized congregation every Sunday and play guitar, sing, and pour my heart out like I never have in all of my life. It has really been meaningful, and exciting.
So now I find myself with a desire to write music that reflects what I am feeling. So I have begun the process of recording an albums worth of new material. I'm not sure where it all will lead but I am doing it full on with as much vigor and excitement as I can muster. I have decided to do everything on this project, meaning I am playing all the instruments and doing all the production end of it as well. It's a fairly large undertaking and I plan on not really having any time restrictions. So I'm on a journey and where it ends up, I'm not really sure but I think they say "it's all about the journey and not the destination".
The songs are pretty much about my life. After all, you have to write about things you know that come from the heart!

In my mind all music is a gift from God and I think God is into all kinds of music, heavy and mellow. Now, and until the end of my life I will sing out with all my heart in order to prepare ye the way of the Lord!
Ok, there's so much more, but that's enough for now…
Peace my friends,
Todd Anthony Joos