Todd Anthony Joos and the Revelators
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Todd Anthony Joos and the Revelators

Band Christian Classic Rock


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Real honest message
author: Linda
People, you really need to get this album!! The thing I like best about Todd Anthony Joos is that his music is real and he's not afraid to tell it like it is. Just listen to the title cut "Sundays at Church" and you will hear something that most of us that have gone through when it comes to our relationships with other Christians. The Chorus says it all, "and all the tears I cry are drops of pain flowing into a river of doubt. But still they push and persecute me. We're all Gods children, made from the Fathers hands. I wish you'd see I'm just a child of the Lamb." Then in the song "Faith" the second verse starts out with, "Sometimes the church is cold lonely place full of evil. And it's only through God's devine grace that we can keep climbing up these hills. So rise to your feet raise your hands to the Lord put real meaning behind the words that you say. And reach out to your sisters and brothers. Hold them up with the words that you pray." So again, you really need to get this because it not only rocks, but the message is simply outstanding!!

- CD Baby

This Rocks!
author: Dennis
I am always on the lookout for better choices I can make when it comes to music and entertainment. The internet has been a big help in this process. There are a lot of Christian artist out there that I would not know about if it wasn't for the web. Really that's a shame, but that's a topic for a much longer post. So I found this guy Todd Anthony Joos on Myspace. I sent him a note and told him how much I enjoyed his music. I didn't figure he would even respond. Most of the time the artist that are on myspace never do. I think many of those sites are run by fans or record co.'s. So to my surprise he wrote me back and he was really cool. I've bought music through Cdbaby before but he told me his page wasn't up yet so I bought the album through his Snowcap store. Let me just say this guy has a sound just like the description claims here on cdbaby. This album is one of the best releases I have purchased in a long, long time. The music is real and full of power. Plus the best thing I like is that the songs are about issues I can relate to as a new struggling Christian. When I played the first song Sundays at Church, I thought to myself, man is that right on or what! As I went through the rest of the songs I found myself saying time and time again, yeah that's the truth! So if you're like me and you really are looking for something that sounds real and honest, buy this! My only question is, when is he going to tour? I'll be the first in line for a ticket!
- CD Baby

Sundays at Church is hard-hitting, relevant music that goes straight to the heart of today's committed Christian. The musical range of the album is broad, with shades of everything from grunge to gospel included on the 10 cuts. The range of the messages is solid theology here, too. The title cut expresses anger and frustration at the pettiness and worldly distraction of the modern church while Wash Me in the Blood of Jesus, perhaps the breakout hit of the album, pleads the cry of every broken and contrite sinner to Christ. It's the song you'll find yourself humming in the shower and singing in the car for years to come. - iTunes fan review


Current CD is "Sundays at Church" Released in 2008 on Cellar Records.

For additional info we invite you to check out the following sites:

As a producer Todd has engineered and produced hundreds, if not thousands of recordings. In addition to working with a huge list of indie artist Todd has also worked with major artist and industry pro's like Dizzy Reed (Guns N Roses), Gates Nichols and Jimmy Dormire (Atlantic Records Confederate Railroad), The Animals (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members), Bob Ludwig (mastering engineer, Rush, Nirvana, Eric Clapton, etc.), Nick Blagona (mastering engineer, recording engineer/producer Foo Fighters, The Police, Rainbow, Ian Gillan, etc.), Leo Jackson (nashville session musician and producer. Band Member of Country Music Hall of Fame artist Jim Reeves and the Blue Boys), Dale Sellers (Nashville session musician Elvis Presley, Kenny Rogers), Dennis Ritchie (Nashville engineer/producer Patty Loveless, Hank Williams Jr., etc.), Wayne Hodge (Nashville producer, David Allen Coe, Little Jimmy Dickens, etc.), David Frazier (former Atlantic Records artist with the band Outspoken).

Now Todd is back as a performing artist! He steps up to the plate and smacks the home run ball with this new release that has been described as Good solid Christian Midwestern Rock and Roll with a strong message. A return to Great Rock artist like Jon Mellenacamp, Billy Joel, and early Elton John".

"I'm not concerned with professional Christians and Church politics. We are not playing “Church”! We are praising the Lord! In my mind all music is a gift from God. I think God loves it when his people make a joyful noise. So I will now, and until the end of my life sing out with all my heart in order to prepare ye the way of the Lord!"



Well, here we go....Some of you will be surprised by what I have to say, and some will not. One thing for sure is that if you know me or have known me, you for sure know that I am willing to whole heartedly let you know what's on my mind and how I feel about it. I have gone through many changes over the last 3 to 4 years. These changes have been a long time coming and they cover areas of my life like, physical, emotional, and spiritual. It all started by deciding to get my physical self under control. I lost more than 120 pounds over 3 years ago and still feel fantastic! During all of the physical changes I began to feel a pull by God to get my life right with him. This was not something that I was unfamiliar with even though I had fallen away from God. I grew up in a family where my father was (and still is) a preacher. My dad was (and is) much more than just your typical dry, hum drum, stale sermon giver. No, my father is an on fire servant of God. He currently is a pastor at a church here in my home town and he also is (has been for 40years) the director of a youth based ministry as well. In addition to this he also makes regular mission trips to the country of Haiti where he has seen just about everything imaginable and has even been taken hostage as a political prisoner. He shows no signs of slowing down or letting up. Through all of this, my Mother has stood right by his side and she is a source of my entire family's strength. As I was going through this process of "getting it together", I began to feel a desire to go and hear my Father preach. Now this was difficult for me on a few levels. Level one, being a producer and a studio owner has meant that I have worked just about every Sunday for the last 20 years. Level two, I have traditionally hated Church! Why the hatred of Church you ask? Well it's simple. Because my Father and Mother have been in ministry all of these years, I have seen them experience a great deal of judgment and persecution. For the most part, this ugly junk hasn't come from the non-Christian community, No…it has come straight from the folks that have proclaimed to be Christians! My experience has been that when people come to know Jesus, they seem to take on this persona that through Christ they can be self righteous, arrogant, and judgmental. It's a crazy concept if you really look at what Christ was and is all about. Jesus Christ showed compassion to all people. He was not judgmental. In fact if you really look at him, you will learn about a guy that pretty much surrounded himself with all the down and out people of society. In fact Jesus was considered a Rabbi, and as a Rabbi he was persecuted, and he was a Rabbi (spiritual leader) without a Church. He took his ministry to the streets and to the places where no other spiritual leader dare go. So back to me and level two…Because of this disgust I was harboring towards organized Christianity, I pretty much stayed out of the Church. However like I said I was really starting to feel a pull to go hear my Father preach. So to make a long story a little shorter, I started to periodically go to church. As I did this I began to find myself being moved to tears every time I would hear my Father's messages. One of the other things that came from this was that my Wife and Children were really becoming interested in attending Church too. It was having a profound positive affect on my relationship with my family and it was changing me for the better as well. So then a few years ago I felt led to become the Praise and Worship music leader at my Dad's church. I did this and I now get up in front of a good sized congregation along with two of my band members Eric Poe and Albert Hurst, and my daughter Lindsay every Sunday and play guitar, sing, and pour my heart out like I never have in all of my life. It has really been meaningful, and exciting. So I found myself with a desire to write, record, and release music that reflects what I am feeling. So in November of 2007 I started production on my latest album "Sundays at Church" I decided to do everything on the project, meaning I played all the instruments and did all the production end of it as well. The album was recorded and mixed at my studio Cellar Records in IL. And I had Nick Blagona(Chicago, Rainbow, The BeeGees, The Police, Cat Stevens, Nazareth, Rainbow, April Wine, Kim Mitchell, Deep Purple, Roger Glover, Ian Gillan, Bruce Hornsby, George Jones, Foo Fighters, Greenday, Starewell, Alexisonfire etc., etc..) Master the album at his studio in Dundas Ontario Canada. It was a large undertaking but the making of this record turned out to be one of the biggest blessings on so many levels. The songs are pretty much about my life and my relationship with God, Church, and other Christians. After the production of the new album wrapped up I decided that I needed to put a live band together in order to bring this music and the message to the people. God has blessed me once again with a great line