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The best kept secret in music


"4 STARS!"

4 STARS! Todd Bowie’s style is eerily reminiscent of two music legends - George Harrison and John Lennon. At the same time, Bowie’s music has a contemporary flavor that is tempered by his own life experiences leaving a mesmerizing and lingering impression - Music-Tech Net

""A velvet-lined roller-coaster complete with all the requisite screams and giggles""

Like musical chameleons Todd Rundgren and David Bowie, Todd Bowie roams freely around pop-rock’s historical alleyways assembling incandescent songs that are both glib and serene, tough yet wiry.
As guitar and keyboard tech to Beck and the Flaming Lips, Todd’s technical knowledge and multi-instrumentalist talents stir a wicked wit alongside epic gestures, pummeling lush pumped-up harmonies onto irresistible hooks and catchy head-rattling choruses. His snide yet kindly encyclopedic abilities produce a candy-coated smorgasbord of bubblegum power pop and sourball symphonic rock that magically melts upbeat grooves into crashing cynicism. Todd’s wise guys waltzes and sympathetic reality checks arrive with plenty of buffed muscle and smarmy con artist hustle to make “LSP,” go down like a velvet-lined roller-coaster complete with all the requisite screams and giggles. - Maximum Ink

"Todd Bowie 2004 Top 10 Best New Artist"

After years as a touring guitar tech for The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Beck and The Flaming Lips, Bowie decided to start making music of his own. So he relocated to Chicago from New Hampshire and, with the help of co-producer Chris Buttleman, he recorded a self-titled debut that layers snappy snares, simple piano chords, swelling strings, wailing guitar and multiple vocal harmonies. The result is an album that echoes the driving force of Faith No More, Weezer's playful harmonies, the piano chops of Ben Folds Five and singing that channels the late, great Elliot Smith. That's a pretty tall order for a one-man band, but Bowie has enlisted bassist John Taylor and drummer Doug Corella (of the Verve Pipe) to help out with live shows. Looks like he'll finally get a little stage time of his own. Listen to "Could Be." - Heather Shouse
- Chicago Tribune / Metromix

"Lucky Space People 4 STARS!"

While his name may initially draw comparisons to another famous rock artist, the similarities end there as multi-instrumentalist / singer / songwriter Todd Bowie’s music is uniquely his own.

Bowie, a distant relative of early American adventurer Jim Bowie, is certainly no stranger to the music world. After spending years though as a touring guitar and keyboard technician for the likes of Beck, The Flaming Lips, The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, the musician felt the time was right to finally work on his own material.

And it’s a good thing too, because the bright and beautiful compositions that fill his debut album Lucky Space People are every bit as engaging as his former employers’ own material.

The songs that spill from the New Hampshire native-turned-Lake Geneva, WI resident’s album are infectious slices of eclectic pop rock that lightly hint at other creative pop composers, such as the late Elliott Smith, Andy Partridge, Lennon & McCartney and even another one-time Lake Geneva resident Adrian Belew.
- The Week

"Beautiful album"

Such a beautiful album... great songs, great melodies and great sound... - Radio Spain

"One of the most enjoyable..."

“One of the most unique and enjoyable albums to come around in quite some time.” - ConcertLivewire

"Grade: Solid "A""

Major find! Todd Bowie writes totally lovely and monumentally satisfying songs. Almost every moment on "Lucky Space People" finds a rich harvest of exceptional material. Fans of Jon Brion, Michael Penn, Jason Falkner, Adrian Belew, XTC, Elliot Smith this is manna, this answer to prayer, this is, well, `a must`. Strains of "Ziggy"-era Bowie or "Sgt. Pepper" Beatles glide and float in and out this highly textured music. All of it infused with indelible melodies, warm harmonies and the production values that picky pop fans will appreciate. Grade: Solid "A" - Not Lame Recording

"Good music is still being made"

[Todd] Bowie has managed to garner many highs…The rhythmic hint of XTC in "Rise" and the Lennon-esque "Kingdom by the Sea" shine further light on Bowie's wonderful melodic voice…It has been said that Bowie has an extensive library of songs that he has collected over the years, if they are all as good as these, this man has himself one hell of a career lying ahead of him. But for now Bowie has left a notable first impression on the music world and a refreshing sense that good music is still being made. - Louisville Music News

"Brilliant debut!"

Brilliant, hook-filled debut. A top-notch display of well-orchestrated, ethereal, atmospheric, thinking-man’s pop. - Kool Kat Music

"A Total Stunner!"

Multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Todd Bowie delivers a debut album that is a total stunner. This is smart, well-produced music that will remind listeners of XTC, Jason Falkner and Ross Rice. To say that Bowie has spent a large amount of time listening to The Beatles and Jellyfish would probably be very accurate. Hearing the rich melodies and inspired musicianship displayed here gives one faith that no matter how much mediocrity we are forced to hear from terrestrial radio, guys like Todd Bowie will always be there for us to appreciate. -


Lucky Space People (full-length album)
Holiday Fun (CD single)


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Major find! Todd Bowie writes totally lovely and monumentally satisfying songs. Almost every moment on “Lucky Space People” finds a rich harvest of exceptional material. All of it infused with indelible melodies, warm harmonies and the production values that picky pop fans will appreciate. Grade: Solid “A" – Not Lame Recording

Multi-instrumentalist / singer / songwriter Todd Bowie has just released his debut album entitled "Lucky Space People," a highly textured collection of eclectic pop that is sure to win over the most discerning musical tastes.

While Bowie's influences are many (Flaming Lips, Elliott Smith and Revolver-era Beatles among others), his unique approach and honest delivery distills the very essence of these many styles singularly into his own. From the bouncy pop of “Holiday Fun” to the driving anthemic chorus of “Eiffel” to the angst-ridden vocals that brings closure to the track “Justify,” the results are electrifying. Adding a broader spectrum of sonic color to his palette, this New Hampshire-native has also infused a bit of spicy boss nova (“Victoria”) and even a gliding waltz rhythm (“Karmaphobe”) into this well-rounded, yet decidedly off-center brand of indie rock. Toss in the more introspective numbers (“Could Be” and “Rise”) and what you have is one of the most unique and enjoyable albums to come around in quite some time.

"Lucky Space People" was co-produced by Bowie and longtime music associate Chris Buttleman, along with Mike Hoffmann (EIEIO / Willy Porter) who also provided the lion’s share of bass parts for the album. No stranger to the studio, Bowie has also recently lent his creative production skills to SundayRunners, Huns & Dr. Beeker and Martha Berner’s full-length albums, while at the same time helping all of these talented up-and-coming artists in developing their own sounds.

With years of assisting other artists - such as Beck, Flaming Lips and Joe Walsh - both on and off the stage, it’s no wonder some of their magic has rubbed off. Witnessing a Todd Bowie live show is an experience in itself. With Doug Corella (formerly of The Verve Pipe) on drums, Todd fills out the rest of the duties on both vocals and guitars (the latter with a jaw-dropping '70s arena rock aplomb). While this may, at first glance, appear to be a simple rock duo, it’s instead an amazingly innovative and explosive live trio. Embracing modern technology, Todd has recorded backing tracks (bass, keys, etc.) and utilizes his 40GB iPod as his third bandmember; thus creating a fuller live sound without having to share a cut of the door.

Todd Bowie is currently touring with drummer Doug Corella (and his iPod) in support of the release of "Lucky Space People."