Todd Burge

Todd Burge

 Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA

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Todd belongs in
the company of Peter Stampfel, Todd Snider and Paul Thorn with Roger Miller
winking from beyond. Look upon his works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

Larry Groce – Host of NPR’s Mountain Stage

got a great talent as a writer and unique view of the world; he's invented his
own art form. His songs just get better and better.”

Tim O’Brien  (Singer-Songwriter, Grammy winner)

by-turns smart, serious and funny tunes and his confident stage presence are a
master class in the art of the solo singer-songwriter craft."

Douglas Imbrogno - The Charleston

Employing wry humor, dexterous guitar work and drawing on a rich variety of
life experiences, Todd Burge has emerged as one of West Virginia's most
prolific singer/songwriters. Burge, has played everything from Alternative Rock
to Contemporary Folk, performing concerts at festivals and in venues as diverse
as CBGB’s, The Country Music Hall of Fame,  The Kennedy Center, and of course, literally
hundreds of clubs including the obscure, to the world famous Caffe Lena, Club
Passim and Music City Roots.  He is a
repeat guest on NPR's Mountain Stage and has been called the “dean of WV
songwriters, the best we have”, by its host, Larry Groce. In 2014, Burge wrote
13 songs for a musical adaptation of Love’s Labour’s Lost by William
Shakespeare. The show received great reviews as it was performed at Muskingum
Park in Marietta Ohio, produced by Marietta College/The Colony Theatre and
directed by Geoff Coward.   Burge, who may be best known for his method of
writing songs from the perspective of odd characters, bugs and animals (listen
to Building Characters produced by Don Dixon) has recently released an album of
very personal songs entitled Imitation Life. The recording was produced by long
term collaborator, Tim O’Brien. O’Brien is an inductee of the WV Music Hall of
Fame and Grammy winner. The album includes a song called Change (For Clean
Water) which features Kathy Mattea on backing vocals.  Todd Burge resides in Parkersburg WV with his
wife Lisa and their children, Will and Sophia.

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My Roots

Written By: Todd Burge

My Roots
by Todd Burge ©2005 Bunj Jam-BMI
Featuring Tim O'Brien on Mandolin

Let me tell you about my family

And let me sing about it's tree

How I've climbed up on the branches

How some have broken under me

But as my bottom hits the ground

I'll tell you what I always find

My roots have covered my backside
My roots have covered my backside

You know my mother had a mom

And my Dad he had a dad

And if you listen to their stories

You hear the good
You'll hear the sad

From the Seneca Rock

To the beginning of all time

My roots have covered my backside
My roots have covered my backside

So I’ve got to dig deep

To find out what is true

I need to know my yesterdays

So I can figure out what's new

Before the Blackwater River

Cut it's first jagged line

My roots have covered my backside
My roots have covered my backside

So, it's not a dirty story

But we've gotta dig deep

It started with a single seed

That one that started you and me

It's sewn in every foreign land

And grows through every grain sand

My roots have covered my

Roots have covered my

roots have covered my backside

Tim O'Brien-Mandolin
Ammed Soloman-Drums
Steve Hill-Bass

Todd Burge-Guitar and Vocals

The Good Dog

Written By: Todd Burge

The Good Dog
by Todd Burge ©2005 Bunj Jam-BMI

My friend's pup

Just threw up

In the kitchen

By the Door

That bad boy

Sure ain't good

With his #2

Falling on my floor

Who knew that you,

Who knew you were the good dog?

'Cause when I whistle

You do come

At a steady pace

No matter where from

And when you sit there

So Politely

And hang your tongue

While I strum

I think, who knew that you

Who knew that you'd become the good dog?

The bone I found


Was not in

Your lost and found

This took me 6 years

To get a clue

But for you it felt like 42

Who knew that you,

Who knew that you were the good dog?

Hip About Time

Written By: Todd Burge

Hip About Time
by Todd Burge ©2005 Bunj Jam-BMI

Tomorrow came in smellin' just like today

Tastin' the same as yesterday

I flicked my Timex

Then dropped kicked my Swiss

But the day would tick me off

The same old way

So cry baby cry, but don't ask who booed who

Get your ass up & stop hitting snooze

Now I'm so hip about time

He's not sleepin' in…..

I'm so hip about time

No no he's not sleepin…….

I'm so hip about time

I was in a fog and Big Ben was sleepin' in

Don't say Frere Jacques, Dormay voo

Ain't been kicking your ass too

So rock-a-bye baby on your rocky top

And if you forget that tune your misery will stop

So cry baby cry, but don't ask who booed who

Get your ass up & stop hitting snooze

I'm so hip about time

Sone ay lay mahteena

I'm so hip about time

Ding dang dong

I'm so hip about time


Hip About Time (2006)
New Year (2003)
Dreams Upstairs (2000)

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