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"Notabale Press Quotes"

“(A) Talented Musician with a lot of energy and an established won’t be disappointed.”
"...a star frontman and solid material."
-Music Connection [National Premier Industry Magazine] 11/8/04
"The whole package.. as good as any guys i hear."
-Steve Dahl. The Steve Dahl Show WCKG 105.9 Chicago 6-10-05
“ His sound has touches of sincerity and nerve that flash, sizzle, and eventually glow with an unmistakable warmth that is a singular quality used in judging the worth of a singer-songwriter”
-GO! Magazine 2/3/05
“Todd is at times hauntingly comparable to other young male guitar slinging singer/songwriters of the day, such as John Mayer or Ryan Cabrera. But no matter how many similarities Todd conjures, his unique, fresh style will surely make him a household name.”
-Singer Magazine, June ‘05

“Todd Carey is one lucky guy. He plays the guitar like a madman, has a great voice and can captivate an audience all by himself, thanks to his on-the-fly electronic wizardry. No wonder he’s been compared to John Mayer and Keller Williams.”
-Ithaca Journal 4/25/05
"Although he'll likely be compared to radio-friendly male songwriters like Gavin DeGraw, Howie Day and Jason Mraz, Carey appears ready to make his name stand out on its own."

"With confessional anthems laid amongst pop sensibilities, Revolving World surely revolves gracefully"
-Glide Magazine, Shane Handler, 12/17/04
“This kid is funky. At 24, he shows the influence of a lot of quality stage time.”
-Minor 7th Magazine ( June ‘05
“…Carey conjures up images of a well-rounded world that fits nicely in the palm of his undeniably adept hands.”
“Carey sings with a remarkably relaxed style reminiscent of John Mayer and Ben Kweller”
-Allison Augustn, Pioneer Press, 3/3/05
"Playful-precision is the best words to describe Todd Carey's virtuosic guitar playing. He makes it look easy, and he looks good doing it...onstage with this kind of irreverent energy is the kind of experience that lasts long after the show is over. Like a good movie, you talk about it on the way home, and the next morning at work... This connection between fans allowed him to play a two-month residency at The Mint [premier Los Angeles club], playing every week for a consistent draw.
-Forrest Reda, Editorial, Jambase.Com 11/30/03
"...Proves that rock has a future"
-The Daily Trojan, University of Southern California 6/24/02
" …notes falling into the ears of the captivated audience like drops of water from a leaky faucet in Heaven.”
-Peter Allen, Editorial, Jambase.Com 2/24/03
"Todd played with such a cathartic intensity that by the midsection climax, he had ripped off two of his thick bottom strings with one fell swoop and strum. Yet broken strings have never been enough to stop Todd Carey from rocking on forward. On the spot, his musical chops enabled him to get through the song with new chord voicings with the remaining strings.
Never losing a beat with just four strings left attached, Todd wowed the audience by seamlessly going into a jam and then a cover of the crowd-pleasing 'Another Brick in the Wall'. Forming the apex of the set, Todd manipulated the pitch of his instrument only by winding the tuning knobs on the head of his guitar. This ingenious way of not only making it through the song but also segueing into a familiar cover was so convincing that many in the audience believed that breaking strings was a pre-planned part of the set."
-Sam Chates Editorial, Jambase.Com 10/20/02 - Various Publishings

"Press Reviews"

Isuue No 33. June 2005

It's effortless to listen to Todd Carey's solo debut, Revolving World. With a sound belonging in the melodic singer/songwriter realm, Todd sets himself apart by adding various dashes of jam-rock, improvisation, and a little poppy-flare or reggae vibes. His songwriting skills are well beyond his 24 years, possibly due to the fact he spent six fo them performing with his band, Telepathy, before moving to Chicago and going solo. Vocally, Todd is at times hauntingly comparable to other young guitar slinging singer-songwriters John Mayer or Ryan Cabrera. His laid-back, island vibe brings up thoughts of Jack Johnson. But no matter how many similarities Todd Conjures, his unique, fresh style will surely make him a household name. All in all, "Revolving World" is a great summertime pick: relaxing enough to enjoy at the pool or beach, and uplifting enough on a cool, rainy day. And working with engineer Paul Du Grey (Tracy Chapman, Mike Gordon, Leo Keottke, Los Lobos) and producer Jim Tulio (Los Lonely Boys, the Band, Staple Singers) on "Sing Me Home", conffirms even more firmly to hear more from Todd Carey in the future. -KS
- Singer Magazine. June 2005

"Todd Carey: standing out on guitar and voice"


Todd Carey is one lucky guy. He plays the guitar like a madman, has a great voice and can captivate an audience all by himself, thanks to his on-the-fly electronic wizardry. No wonder he's been compared to John Mayer and Keller Williams.
Carey, who makes his Ithaca debut at Castaways Monday night, recently released a new album, "Revolving World," on Kufala Records. It's chock-full of catchy songs that amply display his instrumental prowess. Even though he's backed by other musicians on the CD, he's made it his mission to create a similar sound on stage, all by himself, with help of various electronic pedals and other effects.

To learn more about Carey, visit
- Ithaca Journal

""Revolving World" Album Review"

Todd Carey
Revolving World
Shane Handler
Friday, December 17, 2004

It was only a short time ago that Todd Carey was stage leader and front-man of west coast jam rockers, Telepathy. Recently, a music transposition occurred for this Chicago native allowing him to mature as the sensitive singer-songwriter type. His debut album Revolving World is molded upon his strongest elements of showmanship, production and songwriting, while bridging the cap between singer/songwriter and rocker.

Carey keeps admirable company on this coming out party, working with producer/engineer Paul Du Gre (Mike Gordon/Leo Kottke, Tracy Chapman, Los Lobos) and writer/producer Jim Tulio (Los Lonely Boys, Mavis Staples, The Band). Together, they help to create a spectrum of rich effects to accompany his ambitious musical textures.

With confessional anthems laid amongst pop sensibilities, Revolving World surely revolves gracefully. From the reggae flavored folk of “Honest,” with its Jack Johnson kick back vibe, to the more extravagant rocker “Everytime,” it’s evident Carey is covering all his influences. “Simple” moves over a funky acoustic shuffle, while tickling a G Love hip hop blues flavor. And just when Carey’s vocals hit a crooning clang in the drippy ballad “Photograph,” guest vocalist Elyse Branch makes you forget any miss-steps with her soulful flourish on “You Won’t See Me Down.” Sure, Carey's overly emotional vocals can be a bit much to take, but you can’t nudge his guitar playing, that stretches from bleeding leads to sharp scratch riffing melodies.

With his foundation solidified in Telepathy, and with the help of some keen production work, Revolving World is a catchy debut. Although he'll likely be compared to radio-friendly male songwriters like Gavin DeGraw, Howie Day and Jason Mraz, Carey appears ready to make his name stand out on its own.

For more information on Todd Carey, please visit - Glide Magazine

"Singer-songwriter Carey putting ‘musicality’ first"

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
By Sean Moeller

Twenty-four-year-old Todd Carey is asked if he’s spending the day rehearsing.

“It’s funny that you should call it that — because it’s just me — but believe it or not, I am,” he said with a laugh.
The Chicagoan, an October returnee from Los Angeles where he’d studied jazz at college football powerhouse USC, had just purchased a new sampler onto which he was recording backing vocals to some of his songs and room-testing them for a run of dates with Windy City brethren Punsapaya. Like Virginia-born sensation Keller Williams, Carey uses digital looping to create his full sound, a layering of beats and rhythms that give the impression of something larger. At the touch of a foot, he’s surrounded.

and I’m like, ‘Wow, it’s just me.’
“But I’m trying to make it so that the show isn’t about that. It’s all about the musicality first. I don’t want to need (the sampler). It’s basically trying to recreate that recording experience. I think different songs lend themselves to different things. It’s cool to add stuff, but the songs should work on their own. They should just speak and breathe on their own.“
There are nights when he’s willing to turn the samplers off and be the classic troubadour, with only a guitar in hand.
“I’d like my songs to be good enough to do that. Some nights, when it’s going well and I’m feeling it, I do drop it all and I try to keep myself in check,” he said. “If they’re good enough, they should hold up.“
During his time at Southern California, Carey was busy playing jam-band tunes a la Phish in a college band called Telepathy. Somewhere along the way, he started doing solo shows.
“I needed the outlet,” he said.
Since then, he’s jammed with John Mayer and Ben Kweller, not to mention being chosen as the support for Jamie Cullum, Morphine and Jurassic 5, to name just a few. His sound has touches of sincerity and nerve that flash, sizzle and eventually glow with an unmistakable warmth that is a singular quality used in judging the worth of a singer-songwriter.
A great deal can be learned about his music and how it beholds, just from hearing Carey speak of the nice things about moving back to the Chicago burbs, despite the heavy winters. His reasons for loving the city and its seemingly endless nights — as well as the feelings they bring — are similar to the sentiments he places in his music and the reasons he does what he does.
“Everything shuts down in L.A. around two. Nothing shuts down in Chicago,” he said. “And I think that’s why I like it. People just love to rage and party. I love that energy.“
Sean Moeller can be contacted at (563) 383-2288 or
- Quad City Times/Go! Magazine

"Album Review"


"With a reggae feel, Todd Carey has blended sweet acoustic rock into a fun, thoughtful album."

3.5 Stars

"This Kid is Funky"

This kid is funky. At 24, he shows the influence of a lot of quality stage time. His writing is eclectic-blues, reggae, pure pop, you name it. He doesn't have a commanding voice -- he sings as part of the ensemble, not over it. Some may want a stronger vocal performance, or maybe a more vocal mix. Or maybe we're just used to studio-hyped vocals. Check it out. You be the judge. "Daydream" opens the CD with a funky groove that bristles with live energy behind a crack band in this syncopated uptempo shuffle. Then, in "Sing Me Home," he moves from delicate acoustic guitar to simmering stew, recalling a young Willie Porter. You feel this also in the inventive "Fireworks," with its Zappa-esque horn section. It really is good. The standout track is "Photograph," which features a guitar performance of Les Paul-style jazz played on a throaty Strat. It's a Hendrix-inspired ballad with a lovely melody. Just beautiful. "Crazy Fools" is layered pop over a Joe Jackson-style build-up of interlocking riffs. Other notable songs include the reggae "Honest," and "Simple," with its vocal hints of Canadian Greg Hoskins. He closes with a belt-it-out big band blues number that showcases still more guitar chops. The song features Elyse Branch on vocals. She tears it up and seems to kick Carey's vocal up a notch or two as well. What can I say, he's... eclectic. And he's funky. © Steve Klingaman -


Todd is represented on label, Kufala Recordings which is distributed nationally ( Find Todd's records at Tower Records Nationwide, select market retail outlets, I-Tunes Music Store,,, Barnes &, Microsoft Music Store,,, and Napster Online.

Todd Carey – “Revolving World” – Kufala Recordings 2005 (w/ Grammy Award Winning Producer Jim Tulio). Newest release composed of direct, honest, confessional anthems laid amongst art pop sensibilities.

Todd Carey- “Live from a place that won’t let me use their name” (10/24/03) A limited edition solo live performance

Todd Carey (Solo Debut)- Elevate- Kufala Recordings (2003) A year in the making, this record features Todd on every instrument.

Telepathy- “Live in Los Angeles, 4/28/03 House Of Blues” Kufala Recordings (2003) This concert album features Telepathy ripping into a healthy chunk of their repertoire. Joining the band is The Telepathic Brass, a three-piece horn section.

Telepathy- “30 Seconds of Silence EP” Kufala Recordings (2002) 6 new studio cuts plus live bonus tracks from Telepathy's winter tour 2003.

Telepathy- “ The Better After” –Kufala Recordings (2002) The debut studio album Telepathy. It is over 70 minutes in length, and showcases the band's knack for catchy melodies, improvisation, and several extended instrumental compositions



“(A) Talented Musician with a lot of energy and an established won’t be disappointed.”

"...a star frontman and solid material."

Chicago-based singer/songwriter Todd Carey is chomping at the bit! His year thus far has been a balancing act of touring, writing, and polishing his band.

Todd's lends an array of styles and influences into his blend of guitar-driven contemporary singer-songwriter-roots-rock, which often rides the fringes of categorized genre. His unwavering ambition and drive to push creative boundaries as a songwriter and performer, leads to the type of eclecticism and freshness that keeps people on their toes with ears perked. Whether performing solo armed with his looping mastery, or backed by his 4-piece band, Carey’s performances are undeniably cathartic, infectious, and foster a palpable connection with the audience. “I’ve always gravitated towards the writers and performers who seem to possess that transcendental quality. The ones who literally reached off the stage or through your stereo speakers with their own two hands and shook you. Playing live and writing songs are just the tools I employ to hopefully achieve that goal of making a physical connection with my audience.”

Wearing his heart on his sleeve (and often the floor), Todd delivers a rollercoaster of moods; ranging from heartache to hope, bitter contempt to empowering love, desperation to desire, and an overall celebration of the depths and polarities of human emotion. Following in suit of his solo shows, at least once an evening Todd takes the stage alone to summon his inner looping spirits; sampling rhythms, sonic textures, and vocal harmonies on-the-fly; building full song structures with quirky nuances. “To me, live performance is a completely emotional experience. Hopefully, I'm not sounding cliché when I say it's what I live for. I can go to places on stage that I can't in life. It's a little bit of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome actually, were this whole other side of me opens up that you wouldn't otherwise see.”

In the end, Carey succeeds with flying colors, receiving glowing reviews from critics nationwide, including from the Chicago Sun-Times, Justine Magazine, Amplifier Magazine. Todd Carey is on MTV's very short list of "some of the best from SXSW'08 Southwest By Southwest Music Festival]." MTV said" with his acoustic sound and passionate lyrics, a few of his tracks are destined for permanent rotation on my ‘breakup’ mixtape."

His personal milestones were opening on side stages for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Black Crowes, Trey Anastasio, and Phil Lesh. In 2006, Todd shared the same stage concert billing with Jackson Browne, Jason Mraz, Marc Broussard, G. Love & Special Sauce, Virginia Coalition, and 3 weeks co-headlining with L.A. singer/songwriter, Bushwalla.

In 1999, Todd's performing career began in L.A. with his art-rock band, Telepathy, who quickly exploded into the highest rungs of the southern California club circuit. In 2003 Todd began touring solo, and after relocating to Chicago in 2004 and a milestone year in 2005, he now boasts a new band, a new album on the way, and is charged for what lays ahead.

Carey’s latest project, “Watching Waiting” released in 2007 on High Wire / Fontana, features the hard work between Carey, producer/songwriter/former A&R exec Marshall Altman (Marc Broussard, Matt Nathanson, Kate Voegele) and mixer Brian Malouf (Natasha Bedingfield, Ziggy Marley). .) “I spent a lot of time trying to give these tracks a unique flavor…tones that I identify with on a personal level,” Carey explains.

As of January 2008, Carey had sold over 3,500 albums online and the numbers continue to grow. Much is expected of this hard-working indie artist who toured in Summer 2008 with Brendan James and Jason Reeves and tri-headline with Keaton Simons and Curtis Peoples in the Fall. Along with Chicago festivals, three performances at Summerfest in Milwaukee, and a new album expected in 2009, Carey seems unstoppable. “I’m really grateful to that music teacher who told me to quit music,” Carey laughs. “I couldn’t think of doing anything else. It helped shape who I am, and I want to share it with the world!”

For more information on Todd Carey please visit and
Todd has shared the stage and/or billing as support with:
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Trey Anastasio
Phil Lesh & Friends
The Black Crowes
Jason Mraz
Marc Broussard
Maroon 5
John Butler Trio
Jamie Cullum
Virginia Coaltion
Members of Morphine
G.Love and the Special Sauce,
The Samples
Jurassic 5
Ryan Montbleau
Tim Easton

Todd has performed over 300 shows in national markets since 2000. A