Todd Carter Koeppen

Todd Carter Koeppen

 Tacoma, Washington, USA

“Todd’s presence in my church was an incredible blessing...When he started playing there was an energy, an electricity, that entered our sanctuary. Truly, the glory of the Lord shone brightly, and those who attended felt the presence of the Lord…” Tony Rosenberger, Pastor, Crawfordville UMC, FL


Todd Carter Koeppen’s eclectic world-pop-rock stylings bridge both genre and generation gaps as he interweaves story and song in an effort to present a living picture of the Kingdom of God in action today. Todd’s unique missional-worship style is born out of a long-time commitment to both worldwide missions and worship music.

Todd leads worship weekly at DeLong Community Church in Tacoma, Washington. He has performed and led worship extensively in the U.S., as well as in Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Todd’s ministry has been featured on UNI’s worldwide syndicated “Outlook” program, the nationally syndicated “Crosstones” radio show, and JCTV’s internationally broadcast “Exit 16” program. His music is played on more than 150 radio stations worldwide.


LPs: Catch Me '06 - tracks receiving radio play: Right in Your Way, Catch Me. Releasing "Great I Am" to radio in January '07.

No Ladder '03 - tracks receiving radio play: How Can I Praise You, Perfect, Psalm 130

Jonah Ate the Whale '02 -- tracks receiving radio play: The Door, Turning, Sunshine, Unwind

Feeding the Monster '99-- tracks receiving radio play: Late Late Last Eve, Get it, Who Could Ask for More

Set List

TCK has a large, all-original set list that can be altered to fit your needs. Sets can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours, and he can stretch the night as long as you need it to be stretched.