Todd Carter Koeppen
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Todd Carter Koeppen

Tacoma, Washington, United States

Tacoma, Washington, United States
Band Christian Rock


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""When he started playing there was an energy, an electricity, that entered our sanctuary...""

“Todd’s presence in my church was an incredible blessing to all who were at worship that morning and his concert that evening. When he started playing there was an energy, an electricity, that entered our sanctuary. Truly, the glory of the Lord shone brightly, and those who attended surely felt the presence of the Lord. Todd is an incredibly gifted, songwriter, worship-leader, storyteller, and performer and his heart for the Lord is evident for all to see.”
- Anthony Rosenberger, Pastor, Crawfordville United Methodist Church, Crawfordville, FL

""Todd's combination of heart, music and presence creates a welcoming invitation into God's transforming presence. ""

"We are excited whenever Todd participates in our events! He models true passion for Jesus and great compassion for people. Todd's combination of heart, music and presence creates a welcoming invitation into God's transforming presence. It's great having someone like Todd to share the journey of faith!” - Dr. John Kiemele, Director of Adult Spiritual Formation, Harbor Covenant Church, Gig Harbor, WA

"KAOS 89.3 FM in Olympia, WA"

I went up to see him last was an AWESOME concert, and I'd almost say that he's better live than he is on the CD - Peter Federighi

"The Pop Dungeon"

This is described as Christian Pop, but it sounds like Bob Dylan invited Kenny G over to jam...Beautiful Acoustic Work - Trashman 2000 (aka William Triton Spears)

""This one's a keeper!""

Todd Carter Koeppen's "Feeding The Monster" CD is colorful piece of Pop-Folk-Rock. Catchy hook filled songs done with impassioned vocals and jingling rainbow-colored guitars. The one factor that really caught my ear while listening to Koeppen was his impressive handle on his vocal style. He sings with such passion and feeling. The artist is able to hit all the high notes and hold them without showing any intent of weakening.
Good vocals supported by equally outstanding instrumentation makes for exceptional music. Koeppen is a multi-talented artisan that proudly shows his wares from beginning to end during this fine platter of ear candy. He sings, plays the guitar and piano, and writes some terrific songs filled with witty lyrics. All of the pure pop sensibilities and finely crafted lyrics makes for an entirely enjoyable listen. This music has personality.
Your monster won't need to be feed after one listen of this wonderful music. You can walk away with a full belly and totally satisfied. This one is a keeper.
- Keith Hannaleck

""simply one of the best-produced indie projects I've heard in the last year""

NO LADDER: This is Todd Carter Koeppen's third album as a music minister, and as he puts it, it was recorded on faith. There was no budget, no solid arrangements, and only half the songs were written at the time. Nevertheless, he felt compelled to put out a project whose proceeds go to purchasing land and funding the construction of a large-scale Protestant church in the predominantly Buddhist country of Thailand (visit Koeppen's website for the latest details). He's somehow come up with a relatively brief, nine-song album of wonderfully made worship music. It combines folk and acoustic pop with world music elements, much in the same way that Caedmon's Call is expected to with their 2004 release, Third World Symphony. Fans of Shane & Shane, Andrew Peterson, James Taylor, and Vineyard worship albums will find plenty to enjoy here. The songs are simple, but also varied and extremely catchy. The musicians are strong all around, and this is simply one of the best-produced indie projects I've heard in the last year—amazingly clear and crisp. It would seem that God has indeed blessed this album and the mission for which it was created.


""Add this to the list of the year's best LP's""

Todd Carter Koeppen ( has a voice that is perfect for singing pleasant '70s-styled love songs. Soft and heartwarming, Koeppen has that Golden Age of AM Radio appeal. But girls aren't on Koeppen's mind. When he thanks God on the record's sleeve notes, he really means it; it's not just there to put a smile on mom and dad's face.
One of the best qualities of Contemporary Christian music is the freedom it has to bounce from one style to the other. While nobody is preventing artists from any genre to switch leagues and experiment, only in today's Christian scene will that attitude be not only commercially accepted but encouraged as well. Koeppen certainly takes advantage of that, absorbing acoustic folk, world music, country, Gospel, and blues. Koeppen will certainly give you your money's worth if sonic depth is what you're seeking.
The record opens slowly with the unplugged beauty of "Right in Your Way," which has a strong early '70s vibe. "I come alive/When I feel your presence," Koeppen sings, his light, fragile vocals as comforting as Todd Rundgren's on "Hello, It's Me."
While non-Christians may feel that there's nothing of interest for them here, Koeppen is not your typical Christian artist; "Catch Me" isn't simply a series of tunes praising God's glory.
Koeppen is a storyteller, sharing moving real-life experiences, either of his own ("The Halo Halo Song," a bouncy trip to the Philippines) or that of others ("Sinj Went Runnin,'" a tale of an orphaned Cambodian boy who escaped his Buddhist guardians to become a Christian).
Add this to the list of the year's finest LPs.
- Whisperin & Hollerin

"Koeppen...[writes] songs with the vivid imagery and third-person narrative of a powerhouse novelist.""

Fans of Christian music, take note: We have an artist that not only breaks away from genre cliches but is just as accessible and uplifting as praise and worship radio has to offer.
Washington State-based singer/songwriter Todd Carter Koeppen takes a refreshingly different approach to Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), writing songs with the vivid imagery and third-person narrative of a powerhouse novelist. In "Sinj Went Runnin,'" Koeppen writes about a child in Cambodia whose parents had died and he was left with Buddhist monks. Dressing him up in a monk's garb and cutting off all his hair, they placed him next to the Buddha and tried teaching him their ways. However, it all felt wrong -- and he split. Koeppen's lyrics are both poetic and thrillingly dramatic: "Across the miles he feared no fall/ He fled the temple robes and all/ A blur of orange chasing the call."
That's not the kind of songwriting one often hears from Christian artists; sad to say there isn't much quality control with the most of the product representing spiritual rock. Judging from his vocal style and musical eclecticism, Koeppen's biggest influences are probably secular yet he has found a way to take those artistic inspirations and utilize them in a Christian context.
Koeppen's slower numbers are his best, especially the lovely title track and the lush, dreamy "Where Were You." On "Forever," Koeppen lets his voice soar, and one can imagine white doves bursting from chapel doors.
Despite the mellowness of the music, this is no easy-listening record. Koeppen isn't afraid of entering darker territory, from the mother who drowned her child in "Where Were You" to the abused Christian students of "Back to Jerusalem." Nope, this isn't "You Light Up My Life." And thank God for that.
- INK 19

""Like a good novel, you can't stop flipping the pages.""

A veteran of the Christian music scene (he’s released a couple of records already), singer/songwriter Todd Carter Koeppen is affiliated to that genre mainly through his spiritual faith and lyrics. Musically speaking, Koeppen doesn’t conform to the standards of Christian radio; instead, he brings in elements from the outside, delivering his themes of religious freedom and renewal in the context of world music, blues, and folk. In other words, Koeppen is closer to the Adult Contemporary staples of the ‘70s than Steven Curtis Chapman.
Being half-Filipino myself, “The Halo Halo Song” is a particularly enjoyable pop song named after the Philippine delicacy. (You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted halo halo. After reading this review, you are ordered to visit your nearest Filipino store and order a glass.) Propelled by summer-sunshine jangling guitars and upbeat harmonica, Koeppen throws an infectious party with “The Halo Halo Song” that breaks the stereotype of Christianity being solemn.
When Koeppen does handle serious matters, he does so without a heavy hand. “Sinj Went Runnin’” details the experiences of an orphaned Cambodian boy who dared rebel against his Buddhist guardians to become a Christian. However, he literally ran away. Although Koeppen is basically teaching us how we take our right to believe whatever we want for granted, he doesn’t preach; he lets the story roll on to its happy ending.
Koeppen sees Christianity from a worldwide perspective, from his own American viewpoint to stories from the aforementioned Philippines, Cambodia, and India. Like a good novel, you can’t stop flipping the pages.

""Koeppen offers a more eclectic vision for Christian music...""

Singer/songwriter Todd Carter Koeppen offers a more eclectic vision for Christian music than his contemporaries. Blessed with a pleasing, laidback '70s MOR voice, Koeppen flirts with country, blues, world music, and acoustic folk—whatever sound the song is calling for. For example, "The Halo Halo Song," named after a fruit-filled Philippine dessert, is given a jangly beat that captures its tropical inspirations. However, the album doesn't just taste good; it's good for you, too. - michael s. - 75 or Less


LPs: Catch Me '06 - tracks receiving radio play: Right in Your Way, Catch Me. Releasing "Great I Am" to radio in January '07.

No Ladder '03 - tracks receiving radio play: How Can I Praise You, Perfect, Psalm 130

Jonah Ate the Whale '02 -- tracks receiving radio play: The Door, Turning, Sunshine, Unwind

Feeding the Monster '99-- tracks receiving radio play: Late Late Last Eve, Get it, Who Could Ask for More



Todd Carter Koeppen’s eclectic world-pop-rock stylings bridge both genre and generation gaps as he interweaves story and song in an effort to present a living picture of the Kingdom of God in action today. Todd’s unique missional-worship style is born out of a long-time commitment to both worldwide missions and worship music.

Todd leads worship weekly at DeLong Community Church in Tacoma, Washington. He has performed and led worship extensively in the U.S., as well as in Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Todd’s ministry has been featured on UNI’s worldwide syndicated “Outlook” program, the nationally syndicated “Crosstones” radio show, and JCTV’s internationally broadcast “Exit 16” program. His music is played on more than 150 radio stations worldwide.