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"(Engineer/mixer) for Tom Petty, Don Henley, Creed & more."

“Todd’s music is real, not fake or polished, I call it Farm Rock and I like it….a lot! - Jim Devito

"(Songwriter/musician) Tommy Tutone, Ozzy Osbourne, Guns & Roses & more."

A no Bullshit record! Straight ahead meat and potatoes Rock with folk flavours! - Terry Nails

"Manager: 21 years with Lynyrd Skynyrd"

The way records use to be made…. A solid album from the first track to the last! - Micheal Lewis

"Moncton Times & Transcript"

“…what really makes Geldart’s music work so well is his own unique spin on the craft. He’s no slouch in the songwriting department.” - Greg Perry

"The New Brunswick Telegraph Journal"

Todd Geldart… He goes for the Big Anthems, heart felt - heartland lyrics broken up by ripping guitar solos he is getting better in all the right areas…a full album’s worth of well-written songs.” - Bob Mersereau

"Todd's Music"

“He has taken his love of traditional guitar rock and roll and created a style which appeals to ordinary people on the street with an honest, hard-working message.” - The County Chronical

"Music Critic"

“…singer songwriter returns to make good on the potential of his debut. There’s more focus on the spirit of his hook-heavy blue collar rock. This album should move Geldart straight into the hearts and minds of the average folk he so dauntlessly celebrates in song.” - Greg Perry

"MTV Licensing Deal"

May 24th 2007
Singer/songwriter/performer Todd Geldart signs licensing deal with U.S mega company MTV for all the songs on his latest album “Jerico Road”
Attack Media Group’s President Mark Berry, who along with Geldart is in a joint deal with DEP/Universal music is not surprised by the fast signing, or the fact all the songs were requested.“ It is a great album, full of hard hitting singles”. The new album “Jerico Road” is to be in stores June 5th across Canada with the U.S market to follow later this year.
- Attack Media Group


Jerico Road LP 2007
Running Wide open LP 2002
How Does It Feel LP 1998



Todd Geldart was born and raised in Albert County N.B Canada and has laid the foundation very early as to what he and his music are all about. His music has a connection; it speaks to and for the hard working middle class, the underdogs, the ones who just can’t seem to make life go, those who are at constant odds with authority, and the hypocritical people who make up our governments. From his early work with songs like How Does It Feel and Better than That he has shown the honest, barebones simplicity of Rock. His more recent works take a stand of opinions, truths, and just plain human nature. Songs like Double Parked and Blue Collar Man leave you in total awe and when the song is over you just think “Damn, He’s got that straight.” Even his big Anthem type songs like Jerico Road, Hollywood Ending and Power between the Lines have an interleaved message within the big backbeat and thick rhythm guitars.

Todd worked on a farm growing up and at 14 he bought his first guitar from Sears and Roebuck. He worked all that summer to purchase his first guitar mostly because of his parents dislike for rock ‘n’ roll and motorcycles so these two things were to become his passions of youth and rebellion and still are today. But what once started out as a form of payback or teenage rebellion has turned into a craft of which many artist’s find it difficult to achieve...... simplicity, earthiness the ability to write songs that are very identifiable on a personal level and yet artistically satisfying and he does it time and time again.

Todd has had songs on a number of compilations albums, performed numerous live radio and television shows and showcased at major music events. His songs have received airplay on a local and national level as well as being a featured songwriter at different events. MTV has licenced all the songs from his last release "Jerico Road" and the video for the lead single has been broadcast in many parts of the world. Todd has played hundreds and hundreds of live shows, and shared stadium stages with bands such as Nazareth and many others.

Geldart is the last of a dying breed, an entertainer who was born to entertain not a prefab, let’s do what’s in, cookie cutter type of artist. He is a songwriter not just with something to say but with things we need to hear, things we need and do identify with. He is a T-shirt, blue Jeans; I don’t care what style is in kind of guy. We are in a world where most things now seem to be so make believe and cheap, just fluff, things to entertain us for the moment and that’s all. Here is the real deal, no gimmicks, no pretend, no artificial hype. Whether you listen to his albums or see him live his honesty and convictions hit you like a hammer!!!!!