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"Japanese Review"

A collaborator of surf-rock poster boy Jack Johnson and writer and, yes, surfer Todd Hannigan finally steps out with an aptly named debut album. Compared to the barebones simplicity of Johnson’s songs, Hannigan’s musical vocabulary is far richer. He offsets his grainy baritone with dreamy, psychedelic arrangements that dissolve from folk-rock into strings and guitar fuzz on elegiac songs such as “Blvd,” setting himself up in the mode of auteurs like Elliott Smith and Nick Drake. Lacking Johnson’s good looks, it’s questionable how much legs Hannigan will have in the marketplace. But from a musical point of view he’s the most interesting wave surf-rock has yet to throw up. - Metropolis

"Todd Hannigan"

Todd Hannigan
Well worn, practised and buffed like a beloved surf board with years of service in the waves, Todd Hannigan presents his first album with unmistakable ease and confidence. Volume 1 is a beautiful collection of coastal inspired melodies, adorned with lyrics as sweet as an evening summer breeze. Renowned for his work in surf films and the distinctive sounds which accompany the genre such as his soundtrack ‘Thicker’ which he both wrote and performed for Jack Johnson‘s 'Thicker Than Water’, the extent of his knowledge and expertise is evident through the masterful combination of soft, rythmic beats and almost romantic choice of song words. Like breaking waves on the beach, each track is fairly short, but has an element of suspense. The music takes its time to unfurl and truley become noticeable. With an easy pace, different sounds wash over listening ears slowly and methodically, while Todd's wonderfully deep and soothing voice lulls listeners gently into personal experiences behind his heartfelt songs.
Track one ‘Rise’ is the standout. Relaxing and innocent, the effect the music has on the soul is amazing. Even without lyrics, the music itself speaks out, reaching for the very deepths of the human imagination. Truly moving. In the other 11 tracks, you will find a new adventure and new musical journey to follow. Volume 1 is distinctively different to other music, in that it is void of the commercialism which characterises much of today's music. There's no sex, anger or attempts at creating an award winning number from some mindless individual after fame, instead there's honesty, passion and talent. It fantastic to know that there are still artists out there, whose only committment, is to the beauty of music alone.
- Media Search

"Pick of the Week"

Pick of the week

Todd Hannigan There are a lot of surfer-songwriters around today, many of them extremely popular, especially in this region. But Todd Hannigan brings a level of musical sophistication to the genre unseen from many other artists. Often compared to Nick Drake and Elliott Smith, Hannigan's acoustic sound has a wafting elegance that seems to come naturally from the Ventura native, and a rhythmic sense inherited from his travels to Australia, Indonesia, Ecuador and Africa. He made his name nationally with his work on Jack Johnson's Thicker Than Water soundtrack, but on his own debut album, Volume 1, Hannigan displays fully the talent that has made him a fast rising name in the surf-folk world. Hannigan rides into Zoey's Café on July 5.

- VC Reporter


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Highly recommended, music that touches you emotionally in many ways.

Reviewer: Mike Tindall
Came across TH through watching Thicker than Water dvd by Jack Johson et al. Couldnt find his CD in UK, CD Baby sorted me out! Volume 1 is an excellent debut, hints of many artists already listed in other reviews, but in a style and delivery that sets him apart from most contemporary artists. Very impressive.

It's just a matter of time...

Reviewer: O'Donnell
Todd Hannigan is a true artist. Every song is a picture painted by beautiful melody and instrumentation and a voice steeped with quiet emotion.

Wonderful music, calming sensation, gifted and talented artist

Reviewer: Daniel Richman
Todd's cd "Volume 1" is an unbelievable album. Orchestrated with wonderful musicians, soothing lyrics, and beautiful melodies. I would recommend this album to anyone who likes anything about the beauty and serenity of the coast. GOOD JOB TODD!!!

- CD Baby

"Real Surf"

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The release of Hannigan’s long awaited debut release, “Volume 1”, has breathed fresh air into contemporary music. Hannigan’s soulful tone creates a sense of subtle elegance which compels listeners to be drawn in by sounds so pure they form the very definition music.

Fans will find a sense of familiarity in track 3 (titled ‘Thicker’) which also appeared on Jack Johnson’s surf film “Thicker Than Water”. Collaborating with renowned violinist/composer Fernie Apodaca, Hannigan combines his trade mark strumming and vocals with the gentle strokes of Apodaca’s violin to create a truly unique sound.

Tracks such as ‘Ireland’ and ‘3 O’clock’ showcase Hannigan’s musical maturity. With a voice reminiscent of Nick Drake and the late Elliot Smith and similarities to both Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens, Hannigan’s slow, sultry vocals quiver to the sounds inspired by a life spent on one of America’s most picturesque coastlines.

For 15 years now singer/songwriter/producer Todd Hannigan has written, performed music and recorded music. From humble beginnings surfing in Ventura, California, with friends the Malloys (acclaimed surf film-makers/professional surfers) to recording demos of Jack Johnson’s early work to releasing his debut full length album, the road for Hannigan has been a steady ascent.

With more than a decade’s worth of experience making music, Hannigan has successfully carved out his own brand of music. In an age where artists are continually over (or under) simplifying their own music it is refreshing to hear music confident in showing its true colours. When asked to describe his music, Hannigan replies simply “mellow, calming, sincere and thought provoking”.

Having visited the shores of Australia several times before Hannigan hopes to tour this year to promote ‘Volume 1’. “I am planning on a four-piece band. I really hope to make it back to Australia. I have many great memories there”.

by Michael Briggs -


Todd Hannigan - Brotheryn Records
Volume 1 - released 2005
Volume 2: Courtside for the Apocalypse
- release set for November 2008

"Love" has been played on KCRW, Morning becomes Eclectic.
"Thicker" was featured on NPR All Songs Considered

Thicker Than Water
September Sessions
Surfrider Foundation Sampler

Producer for:
Jack Johnson
Tristan Prettyman
Crosby Loggins
Colbie Caillat
Kenny Loggins
Escalera (Bob Burnquist & Danny Way's band)
Rey Fresco



Todd Hannigan’s influence as a writer, performer and producer in award winning surf films has helped drive the modern surf sound as we know it.

Recognised internationally for his work on the soundtrack to Jack Johnson’s “Thicker than Water” where he wrote and performed the title track (“Thicker”), Todd Hannigan’s debut album, Volume 1, offers an intimate view into the musician’s reality.

It’s driven by an elegant acoustic guitar, and backed by intricate orchestral arrangements that border on psychedelic. Hannigan’s simple, downbeat vocal style and direct lyrics draw comparisons to Nick Drake and Elliott Smith, though his own stamp is firmly pressed.

“Todd Hannigan’s first album is a very original work of its own and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who strays from the bright lights of the pop music mess.” - Dan Malloy, Professional Surfer/Cinematograph

Todd has played live with and recorded many musicians, ranging from Jack Johnson and the Malloy brothers to Tristan Prettyman, Crosby Loggins, Minnie Driver, Joshua Grange, Ted Lennon, Aerto Morea (Miles Davis Percussionist), Fernie Apodaca and Xocoyotzin Moraza among others.

“Todd Hannigan: The man behind the ‘Love EP - if I can make another recording that sounds as good this one, I’ll be really lucky…. In the mean time, Todd took matters into his own hands and started making music of his own, he started performing live recently and it was some of the best live music I’d heard in a long time.” – Tristan Prettyman

Even though he is a well respected surfer, Todd admits that surfing has had more of an influence on his mental state than his music, saying that surfing is a “way to re boot the main frame”. Surfing nonetheless has played a large part in Todd’s career so far. Todd’s music has been included on the soundtracks for movies such as The Moonshine Conspiracy’s four surf films:

Thicker than Water (400K soundtracks sold)
September Sessions (100K soundtracks sold)
A Brokedown Melody, and more recently.
Flow, The Al Merrick Documentary (featuring original score from Incubus and Timmy Curran)
Sliding Liberia
Live: a music and surfing experience
Waveriders (winner Jameson International Film Festvial)

Volume 1 has recently been licensed in Japan through Surfrock and is being released in Australia through a new surf-culture record label One:ThirtySeven.