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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | AFTRA

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Pop Lo-fi




"CKXU 88.3MHz - Lethbridge Top 30"

1. DS Lori "DS Lori" (Spirit Rock)
2. We Are Wolves "Wrong" (Fantôme Records)
---> 3. Toddler "Girls on my Mind" (Self-Released )
4. Flatbed "Death Risin'" (Spirit Rock)
5. Parkland "Monument" (Offseason)
6. Preoccupations "Preoccupations" (Flemish Eye)
7. Royal Canoe "Something Got Lost Between Here And The Orbit" (Nevado)
8. Corinthian "Eurozone Ghost" (Deep Sea Mining Syndicate)
9. Sex With Strangers "Discourse" (Northern Light)
10. The Bombadils "New Shoes" (Borealis)
11. Charlotte Day Wilson "CDW " (Self-Released)
12. BADBADNOTGOOD "IV" (Arts & Crafts)
13. Old Cabin "Saturn Return" (Label Fantastic)
14. Macula Dog "Why Do You Look Like Your Dog" (Wharf Cat)
15. Valiska "Healer" (Bow Bottom Records)
16. Aurochs "Another Helpful Medicine" (All-Set!)
17. The Forbidden Dimension "Every Twisted Tree Watches As You Pass" (Sounds Escaping)
18. Zachary Lucky "Everywhere A Man Can Be" (Wroxton Recordings)
19. Blackie And The Rodeo Kings "Kings and Kings" (File Under: Music (FU:M))
20. Chariots of the Gods "Ages Unsung" (Self-Released)
21. Wishkicker "Wider Vision" (Self-Released)
22. B. D. Harrington "The Diver's Curse" (Microcultures)
23. Juxtaposers "2" (Self-Released)
24. Dana Jean Phoenix "Le Mirage" Self-Released Chart Appearances this week
25. Charlotte Cardin "Big Boy" (Cult Nation)
26. Royal Red Brigade "On Crimson Shores" (HKR)
27. Anion "Fractions of Failure" (Self-Released)
28. School Damage "Battered Lives" (Self-Released)
29. Jessica Stuart Few "The Passage" (Self-Released)
30.Duotang "New Occupation" (Stomp) - Earshot: the National Campus and Community Radio Report


"A minimalist pop ballad of a love affair that may be doomed before it even starts. The low-key (and lo-fi) approach adds to the air of innocent melancholia."
--Mark Anthony Brennan November 2, 2016 - Ride the Tempo


Here are the most popular songs and videos on Ride the Tempo this week!

1. Anna Weibe, "Satisfied"
2. Astha, "Ride" Ft. Manny Rite (Prod: The Author)
3. Christine Leakey, "Je Danse Dans La Discotheque" avec Toulouse Lautrec
4. Bird Feet, "Moon"
5. Usse, "Cancelled Crop"
6. The Empire Associates, "House of the Rising Sun"
7. Des Ébauches, "Les Moments Morts"
8. Room Control, "Past the Breakers"
---> 9. Toddler, "Julie"
10. Mathis Xavier, "Night Out" - Ride the Tempo


Girls on My Mind (2016)

Recorded in a mini-van this past May while suffering from a bad case of heartbreak. It was recorded with two Ebay purchased keyboards, a pawn-shop purchased electric guitar and an assortment of found objects as percussion.

Mommies Little Boy (2015)

Recorded with a Casio Casiotone 202, a bucket, a water-bottle, a silver tray, keys, a fork, a glass, rice and Swartz' Steak Spice. 



Toddler was born with the release of "Mommies Little Boy,” (2015). "Mommies Little Boy," was recorded exclusively with a Casiotone 202 from 1981 (the world's second Casio keyboard) and drums were created by thumping a bucket, hitting a metal tray and shaking a jar of spice. The vocals use parallel octaves and rich harmonies with lyrics that are painstakingly honest. Mixed by Caila Thompson-Hannant of Mozart’s Sister.

In May of 2016 Toddler’s second album, ”Girls on My Mind," was recorded. "Girls on My Mind," uses the same Casio keyboard and makeshift percussion as "Mommies Little Boy,” but with the addition of a second keyboard (Yamaha PortaSound PS-3 from 1981) and a cheap electric guitar bought at a pawnshop. The album was recorded in a mini-van and mixed and produced by Toddler.

Throughout the summer of 2016 Toddler toured Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia then released ”Girls on My Mind,” in September.

Sounds like a Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, Tune-Yards, Pet Shop Boys, Beach House

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