Todd Lorenz

Todd Lorenz


I play acoustic music that's a mish mash of blues, folk, rock and country. I made the finals of the AZ Blues Showdown in 2000, I've jammed with Guy Davis, shared a stage with John Statz & opened for Fruteland Jackson. I just finished a project during which I posted new song every week for a year.


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Todd Lorenz is an accomplished singer/songwriter who was the only solo act to make the finals of the Arizona Blues Showdown in 2000. He has jammed with Guy Davis, shared a stage with John Statz and opened for Fruteland Jackson. He plays acoustic Americana music made up of a mish mash of blues, folk, rock and a bit of country. He was born in Orange, CA and has spent most of his early life in southern California, including graduating from Musician’s Institute in 1989. He then relocated to San Diego, CA where he fronted a few bands and began playing solo acoustic music with a small degree of success.

In December of 1998, he relocated to Phoenix, AZ and continued playing solo, making an impact on the local coffeehouse scene. In April of 2006, he moved again, buying a home near Monroe, a small town in south central WI.

Todd's most recent project is called Twenty Aught Eight, during which he posted a new song to his web site and his myspace page every week for a year between 1/14/08 and 1/05/09. All songs can be downloaded for free from Todd's site and they will also be available for purchase on CDs. Each collection will document a quarter of a year and will have 13 songs.

Prior to Twenty Aught Eight, he released 5 CDs independently, starting with Even My Shoes got the Blues in 1999. Reflections followed in 2001 and Here I Stand debuted in 2004. In 2007, Todd released two albums simultaneously.

My Blues consists of 20 selections from his first three albums that were rerecorded in order to better serve as an introduction to his earlier work. These songs were chosen based on consistent audience reaction and also include some of Todd’s favorites.

Live. Love. Learn. Sing. was made up of 14 new songs that are all deeply personal with diverse subject matter than includes life, death, love, suicide, persistence, self awareness, and fate. The lyrics find a way to provoke thought in the listener, often managing to do so with a dose of humor. The music successfully blends elements of blues, folk, rock, bluegrass, and country, forming what might best be called Americana.

2007 also sees Todd’s return to what he does best - playing live music, where it continues to be his goal to move people on an emotional level, drawing on his deep, resonant voice, tasteful guitar work, and a storyteller’s knack for interacting with and entertaining his audience.

“Show me something, touch my soul. Bring a tear to my eye. Make it real; I wanna feel like I’m really alive.”
- Feel Alive, Todd Lorenz


Big Bad Man

Written By: Todd Lorenz

You come at me and I'll take you down
use my bare hands to put you six feet in the ground
I'll take your woman and make her mine
I'll love her more in one night than you could in your whole life
cause I'm a man
I'm a big bad man
I'm like rolling thunder
I'm a big bad man

I break the law whenever I please
I do what I want and I take what I need
my pocket's full of money, got a girl on my arm
a guitar on my back and my six gun in my car
cause I'm a man
I'm a big bad man
I'm like rolling thunder
I'm a big bad man

Live my life like it could end any time
I'm just 22 and I don't mind dyin'
I'm like a force of nature, like a hurricane
everywhere I go they remember my name
cause I'm a man
I'm a big bad man
I'm like rolling thunder
I'm a big bad man

That Quiet Country Living

Written By: Todd Lorenz


My Heaven

Written By: Todd Lorenz

My Heaven

My heaven is a state of mind, a place where I can go
It’s not some reward for a life lived well
It’s something I can give myself
My heaven is something I make, my own little paradise
It’s not reserved the best of us
It’s all about what I need

My heaven can be found inside, a place I’ve learned to go
It’s not somewhere I’ll go when I die
It’s something I find myself
My heaven’s where I need to be, a place where I feel alive
It’s not about being born again
It’s all about living my life

It’s where I am when I find peace
It’s who I am when I’m true
It’s what I do when I follow my heart
It’s why I can’t back down

My heaven is my saving grace, a place I need to know
It’s not some chapter in an ancient book
It’s something I already have
My heaven is comfort and love, my challenge, my purpose, my strength
It’s not for sale and it can’t be bought
It’s all about serving my soul

Never Got Along

Written By: Todd Lorenz

Headin' down the road, my gutiar on my back
left it all behind me when I walked
left my woman, left my children, said it was for work
but I just couldn't take it any more
I found a steady gig playing in a roadhouse band
my wife and children are miles away
send them money every week but I'm not going back
I just had to find another way

Maybe it's not their fault, maybe it's not mine
maybe it just wasn't meant to be
maybe I'm too weak, maybe she's too strong
maybe we just never got along

It's my own failing and I don't know why
I just couldn't stay another day
so I packed a bag and I headed for the door
I don't think I'll be back any more


15 years gone by and I'm living on the road
I still see my family in my mind
I still send them money but that's all they see of me
that's all I really have to give


I Could Be Wrong

Written By: Todd Lorenz

So, let me get this straight.
You want me to believe that this country was founded on the ideals of a few brave men? Well, those who preached "all men are created equal" were wealthy men, and they owned slaves.
And The Constitution was written not in an effort to preserve democracy, but to centralize into the hands of a more powerful government.
Now, don't get me wrong - I love my country and the ideals we're taught to believe and hold dear. I'm just tired of the elite preserving their own power by selling dreams and lies to those they view as beneath them.
But hey, that's just my opinion and I could be wrong.

That's what I think, but I could be wrong
that's what I thought when I wrote this song
I say what I believe and I say it strong
that's what I think, but I could be wrong

So, let me get this straight.
You want me to believe that Oswald acted alone? And Sirhan Sirhan? What about James Earl Ray or John Hinckley Jr? John Wilkes Booth or Mark David Chapman?
It looks like we have a lot of lone nut assassins running around our history, usually killing off the most popular and protected men in our country. You'd think we would have learned to protect these folks from those that would do them harm.
After all, it's not like there's some secret society plotting world domination while they bring the towers down. It's not like we have a bunch of illuminated stone cutters participating in bizarre rituals at some grove, planning how the world will progress.
Besides, we have elections. High government officials aren't selected by those who have true power. We The People have the power. Unless maybe we're asleep.
But that's just my opinion; I could be wrong.

Repeat chorus

So, let me get this straight.
You want me to believe that some polygamist cult down in Texas warranted continual national news coverage at a time when our nation was at war in two different countries. Where was all this coverage when it was discovered that the raid on that compound was precipitated by a fake phone call from some woman with an axe to grind?
And what about those folks down in Waco a few years ago? You want me to believe that they started a war with Janet Reno and the ATF and the FBI? Whatever happened to the idea of religious freedom in this country?
What, it's ok for a science fiction writer to develop a multi level pyramid scam and dupe countless people out of countless sums of money, and it's ok for televangelists to beg for money while they bang hookers before Jesus calls them home, but we can't have folks live off the grid and keep to themselves because they represent some kind of threat?
Well, ya know, I think that's all pretty messed up. But I could be wrong.

Repeat chorus and add the following:

That's what I think, but I could be wrong
we're losing the fight, but it's not quite done
it's always darkest just before the dawn
that's what I think but I could be wrong


Twenty Aught Eight - Volumes 1 - 4, released over the course of 2008 & early 2009. Involved posting a new song on my web site every week for a year.

My Blues - 2007
Live. Love. Learn. Sing. - 2007
Here I Stand - 2004
Reflections - 2001
Even My Shoes got the Blues - 1999

Set List

I prefer to play original material. I can play sets in just about any length, up to three hours.