Todd Mae

Todd Mae


Leo Kottke parachuting, while overdosed on Tylenol. A mish-mash of sorts, wholly unoriginal music that knit picks at it's predecessors it attempts to rip off.


“Todd Mae is the most gifted, critically acclaimed independent artist of our time. Todd has molded his own fashion of music, utilizing raw elements of
his predecessors.”

The previous statement is completely false and no one has ever mentioned such things about Todd and his music. In fact, Todd has attempted to rip off his favorite musicians and cram them onto the
enclosed disc. There are high hopes that “Until the End” might slide into the singer-songwriter category and even higher hopes that he might fall onto the bottom of the Dave Matthews wanna-bes list. In a recent interview, Todd explained that his music is a one-armed, hopped up version of Leo Kottke on morphine. Todd has hammered out his live performance in the empty coffee house venues around the world, hoping to live up to the comparision. Three people were strong armed in helping Todd complete “Until the End.” Ben Blank (Warren Haynes, Lucinda Williams, Terry
Bozzio) helped in the engineering. John Cuniberti (Tracy Chapman, Joe Satriani, Dead Kennedys, Train) polished the notes with his ear and some expensive looking knobs. Mark Arminski sketched, colored and graphicitized the album art.
In conjunction with the release of “Until the End,” 200 limited edition, Arminski signed and numbered prints are being offered to help feed the homeless in the Austin, Texas community. The proceeds are used to buy burritos for the homeless, aka “Music for Munchies” program...cigs and booze are available to those who ask. National endorsements have flooded Todd. Alumapro has requested 450
copies for distribution to their dealer network.


Todd Mae
Self titled EP released 2003

Todd Mae
Until the End released 2007

Set List

Typical Set List:

Until My Baby Comes Back
Get Your Freak On
These Needs
Lillie Mae
Five Minutes
12 Step
Teach Me To Salsa
Wicked Way of Love

Typical set would last 1.5 hours