Todd Mankin

Todd Mankin


The Todd Mankin band is a high energy five piece band based in Fort Worth, Texas. Their music has derived from years of intake on Texas roots country music as well as southern rock and soulful blues.


At a very early age Todd Mankin could be found belting out his parents favorites like Waylon Jennings, Bob Wills, The Oak Ridge Boys, Buddy Holly and Willie Nelson. The son of an auto mechanics teacher and a stay at home mom, Todd still understood the power of music at an early age. He grew up in choir at school and singing at the Church of Christ that he attended. Many categorize Mankin as one of those artists that are simply natural born performers, but it is not wise limit him by category.

Todd Mankin was born in Lubbock, Texas and after his adolescent years and during High School he worked odd jobs in local auto shops and figured that he would follow his father’s footsteps and become some sort of mechanic. One day while working in the local Chevrolet dealership a friend of Todd’s father came in to have his pick up truck worked on. Todd knowing that the guy was a local musician seized this opportunity and traded some labor and parts for a 1972 Takamine guitar. He always had a love and deep passion for music, but never really saw himself writing, playing an instrument, or especially performing live in front of an audience. After High School Todd began listening to some of the Texas Music greats like Jerry Jeff Walker, Joe Ely, Robert Earl Keen, and was a huge Jack Ingram fan. In 2000, Todd moved to the Fort Worth area where he befriended a small running crowd of rabid "Texas Music" fans. After spending a year in the Fort Worth area Todd transferred to Houston, TX with the job that he was working at the time. It seemed though that anywhere he went that this "Texas Music" thing had really caught on and people everywhere were talking about it. Finally one day in late 2001, Mankin decided to pull out that old guitar that he had traded work for and learn a few chords from a Mel Bay book that a friend had loaned him. He picked up guitar fairly quickly and within about three months was playing at local open mic jams. After spending a little over a year in Houston, he packed up and headed back to Fort Worth, where he was a regular at all of the live Texas Music venues. Mankin befriended The Mike Mancy Band and before he knew it was on the road acting as a road manager and selling merchandise. This gave Mankin the opportunity to be in front of the “who’s who” in the Texas/Red Dirt scene and he found himself lost in the music, the life, and the ways of the road. Mankins younger brother, Jeff, also worked with bands such as Mike Mancy, Cooder Graw, Charlie Shafter and a few others before being tragically killed in a boating accident in June of 2005; and this is where Todd got his inspiration. His younger brother had many times pushed on him to start his own band. Jeff saw Todd’s passion for the music and the business and believed that he could do it, not just do it, but put his heart in it and soul into it and pour it out onto the people that would listen. Todd soon formed what was to be called Todd Mankin & El Guapo. The name stemmed from a nickname that Todd was given by the guys in the band Cooder Graw. It has since evolved to just plainly the Todd Mankin Band and they are electrifying audiences all over Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

From Bruce Springsteen to Johnny Cash, to Tom Petty and Kris Kristofferson, Mankin’s emerging style blends diverse elements of blues, country, and soulful rock into cohesive, vocal driven performances. His abilities earned the immediate respect of “up and coming” peers and other cohorts of the revitalizing Texas and Red Dirt circuits.

In 2009, both fans and industry took good notice of the Todd Mankin Band after they released ”June Time,” which was recorded and mixed in Dallas, TX. This is just the beginning, as the debut cement’s Mankin’s following with the single “The Sail”. The touring schedule is filling up and 2009 looks to be promising for the TMB as they plan to release yet another album titled "Broken" in late '09 or very early 2010!

The Todd Mankin Band now performs at top festivals and venues across Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma sharing bills with renowned acts like Bruce Robison, Cooder Graw, Kevin Fowler, Roger Creager, Tommy Alverson, The Bellamy Brothers, Reckless Kelly, Cory Morrow and others.

The Todd Mankin Band includes Matt Bashore (drums), Chris Kofnovec (bass), Chris Stuart (lead guitar, vocals) and Danny Najvar (pedal steel, mandolin, dobro, lead guitar); The TMB is poised for what is on the horizon to come.

The music is undeniably inside of these guys Mankin, but they are the type of artist that don’t have to point it out to you, their belief in the music is strong enough that it just powers through transparently and the passion, burning sincerity, and love of the music is evident when it overtakes you as a listener.

Stay tuned as the Todd Mankin Band journeys on sharing their "Music from Texas"....

Kevin "Rock" Williams - former DJ - 95.9 The Ranch/Cooder Graw


Every Day

Written By: Todd Mankin 2007 BMI

Down on his luck and nothing to lose
She’s wearing shades to cover the bruise
He left on her face a few days ago
Why did she stay, lord only knows

Its that small town feeling that keeps her by his side
Everything’s gone to hell round here but her friends say give him time
He’s acting like his daddy, man she feels it in every way
And this small town gets smaller everyday

He’s been twistin’ wrenches since the feed lot shut down
He was an All American, but Lord look at him now
She’s been by his side since they were just kids
They talked bout leaving but they never did

It’s a small town feeling that keeps them inside the city limit signs
Everythings gone to hell round here but her folks say give him time
He’s turned into his daddy, man she feels it in every way
And this small town gets smaller everyday

They got older, had a couple kids and the beatings finally stopped
She’s just glad there's food on the table, but happy they never got
Guess they’ll stay right where they’re at til their resting up on the hill
The boys talk about leaving this town, they probably never will

It’s that small town feeling that holds them to the city limit signs
Everything’s gone to hell round here but thats gonna change with time
They’ve turned into their daddy and act like him in every way
And this small town gets smaller every day
Yeah this small town gets smaller every day…

June Time

Written By: Todd Mankin BMI 2007

June Time
Todd Mankin
BMI 2006

An empty pack of cigarettes on the seat of my pick up truck, the smell of smoke and a May rain in the air
Its been a year now since you left this place and my mama still ask’s why youre not here
I tell her youre coming back and that I’m ready, I’m just waiting for June time to come around

But youre not coming back
Youre not even in this town
And I wander if anyone has the sense to see
Youre probably happy with those new friends you found
While I’m waiting for June time to come around

Been listening to the radio for half the mornin now, just trying to get straight enough inside to go to work
They’d had enough when I showed up late again, they say son theres so much to be livin for
But I wont listen, I don’t want to help myself, I’m Just waiting for June time to come around

But youre not coming back
Youre not even in this town
And I wander if anyone else has the sense to see
Youre probably happy with those new friends you found
While I’m waiting for June time to come around

So whats gonna happen when next month gets here
I still be sitting in this dirty pick up truck
I’ll be broken down with deep empty pockets
And a deeper empty feeling in my chest
But one day I’ll finish you and what I’ve done to myself
No more waiting for June Time to come around

Cause youre not coming back
Youre nowhere near this town
I know everyone has enough sense to see
That youre happy with those new friends you found
No more waiting for June time to come around

I Was Built for You

Written By: Pagliari/Mankin

I was built to work on old cars in the backyard with my dad
Built to help around the house whenever mom would ask
To appreciate that busted truck when I was in my teens
Built to work several jobs and know what hard work means
Of all these things that matter most to me

I was built to fight for freedom and all that I believe in
I was built to thank the good Lord for giving me this life
I was built to be a best friend, a father, and a husband
I was built to find a love so true, I was built for you

I was built to know when you're down and to help you get back up
Built to work it out with you whenever times get tough
Built to be a strong man, know how and when to fight
Built to stand beside you and what you believe is right
Of all these things that matter most to me
(repeat chorus)

You don't have to show it,I know what you're thinking
Whenever I'm with you it's plain to see
That I was built for you and you for me

(repeat chorus)


On Feb 10, 2009 The Todd Mankin band released their freshman effort, debut CD titled "June Time".

The band has also been featured on 95.9 The Ranch in Fort Worth, TX, where they appeared on two of the station's artist spotlight shows and Chuck Taylor's Ranch Roadhouse live show from Billy Bobs.

Also, most recently they have been spotlighted on the TMTR Internet radio stations Texas Music Show, which is syndicated on 72 different AM/FM stations across the United States.

Set List

The typical headlining set runs just over 2 hrs in length with about a 70/30% split of original songs and cover songs.

Original Songs include:

Come Back
Eye In the Sun
Easy to do
Roof Over My Head
Every Day
Write a Letter
Blue Collar Lament
Marble Walls
Run to Me
June Time
While I'm Here
Hotel Of Broken Dreams
Sitting Around
I'm Me Again

Cover Songs include:
Time to Get A Gun - Fred Eaglesmith
The Ride - David Allen Coe
Beat Up Ford - Jack Ingram
Come Pick Me Up – Ryan Adams
Copperhead Road - Steve Earle
Three Days Straight – Ray Wylie Hubbard
Georgia on a Fast Train – Billy Joe Shaver
Rebel Soul - Scott Copeland
Stuff That Works – Guy Clark
The Battery - Lost Trailers
The Front Porch Song - Robert Earl Keen
Atlantic City - Bruce Springsteen
Soul Shine - Gov'mt Mule