Todd May & Co.

Todd May & Co.


brand new soulful americana music that feels like a place you always wanted to be. home. The very best of the stooges, uncle tupelo and the replacementsinfluencing the very best of our generation's somgwriters. Todd May makes music that is relevant, and as necessary to the music lover as oxygen.


There are times in our lives when we know what we are doing is right. we know that when the good lord made us, it was for this very reason. because everything clicks and the square pegs fits in the proper holes. The sun shines brighter during these moments and the fresh cut grass is more aromatic. The heart swells with life, and we become content. knowing that it's not all for naught. Todd May was built to write and sing songs, for all of us. Listen once and you will immediately feel connected to the voice, and wonder how you ever got along without his music in your life. Todd instills the classics in his craft. His influences range from the Stooges and Husker Du to the Replcements, to Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, the soulful voice of Al Green and the smokin rhythm of David Hood and the Muscle Shoals Band. He is as relevant as Iron and Wine, and just as intimate and heartbreaking. Todd May is is true american treasure.


Todd May released two records (Shifty's Tavern 1997, "@33 & 1/3" 2000) in the 1990s with the band he fronted, the Lilybandits on Shelterhouse. In 2009 he released an EP with the Band The Calamities on Peloton Records. Todd May also contributed to a compilation CD for Peloton records ("City Sampler") as a solo artist. Currently Todd May is recording for an early 2010 release with May & Co. Tood's music may be found on midwestern college radio, last FM, Itunes, ouTube,, and

Set List

Typical et list is all original material, including "Wood[ile," "Hard to Love You," "Slink," "Egee," Mingo Junction," and "Carolina."