"Todd O'Neill"

"Todd O'Neill"

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A Rockin' Country band that covers Artist own writings as well as many other genre's from Otis Redding to Journey. Currently a cast member and touring for the Conway Twitty Musical, "It's Only Make Believe"... Todd is a featured vocalist on the tour.


Down in Louisiana, when they're cooking up something in the kitchen, they tend to throw a little bit of everything in the pot. Applying that same homegrown creative philosophy to his life and to his music, singer/songwriter Todd O'Neill has concocted his own recipe for some seriously soulful, heartfelt and rockin' country music. With a critically acclaimed debut album already under his belt and fresh off the road from his year-long stint as a featured cast member in the hit production, Conway Twitty: The Man, The Myth, The Legend … The Musical, O'Neill is re-energized, refocused and more than ready to take his music to the next level.

"I look at everything in my career as a stepping stone and the Conway Twitty show was my biggest stepping stone yet," O'Neill says. "Learning all those guitar and vocal harmony parts, you really come to respect the guys playing behind the artists. I was also honored to sing Sam Moore's part on he and Conway's duet, 'Rainy Night in Georgia.'"

Perfected in countless honky tonks and dancehalls in the region around his hometown of Hammond, just north of New Orleans, O'Neill's all-inclusive country music vision embraces everything from tear-in-your-beer ballads to flat-out country rock anthems, wrapped up in a tall, good-looking package and delivered in a pure-country voice. Growing up in a musical melting pot, O'Neill was surrounded by a dizzying array of musical styles.

"My mom listened to country, my brother listened to rock 'n' roll, my sister liked pop music and my dad, oldies," O'Neill says with a laugh. "Everybody listened to something different. So when I was little, I really didn't have a favorite genre."

While he was absorbing all of his musical influences – from the eclectic sounds around his house to the rhythms of the Big Easy to the south – O'Neill was busy being a typical kid, concentrating on everything but music. But, while his singing may have been restricted to the shower and "the typical karaoke stuff kids do," O'Neill invariably found other ways to express his creative soul. A self-avowed "ham," he was known among friends to break out in a particularly inspired dance when the spirit(s) moved him. Hitting the dance floor one night at a hometown club, his "Napoleon Dynamite" moves caught the attention of guitarist Scott Feske, who was onstage with his band, Big Cat Daddy.

"Scott asked me where I'd ever learned to dance like that, and all my friends said, 'You ought to hear him sing!'" O'Neill recalls. "This was just a little club in Hammond on a Friday night. I got up and sang Travis Tritt's 'Here's a Quarter,' and I blew them away. That was the first time I was onstage, and I loved it. It was like an addiction."

For O'Neill, that initial performance was the beginning of some important friendships, and, though he didn't quite know it at the time, the beginning a great career in country music. Feske invited the young singer back, and O'Neill eventually joined the group on the road. Armed with the 110-proof power of their new singer's one-of-a-kind country voice and heartthrob appeal, Big Cat Daddy quickly morphed into Todd O'Neill and Big Cat Daddy, before the singer finally earned top billing as a solo artist.

Ask any of the country music lovers who hit the dance floor every time Todd O'Neill and Big Cat Daddy crank things up on a Saturday night. In the tradition of his role models – Merle Haggard, Keith Whitley and especially Otis Redding – O'Neill is totally committed to any song he's singing.

As he built his regional reputation at home, O'Neill was making regular trips to Nashville, actually moving to Music City for a year back in 2003 to get a feel for the business and to work on his songwriting. It was an invaluable experience that sent the fledgling artist back home and back to the drawing board.

"Nashville really showed me how unprepared I was," O'Neill says. "At the time, I didn't realize my guns weren't loaded, but I spent a lot of time networking and finding out what the deal was."

He was promoting his debut album in Nashville when he was introduced to singer/songwriter Gary Nichols, a major label veteran who inspired the O'Neill to take his music in an inspired new direction.

"Gary took me to Muscle Shoals and I recorded at Fame Studios," O'Neill says. "Muscle Shoals has so much amazing history with artists like Otis Redding, Little Richard, Clarence Carter, the Allman Bros., the Stones and Waylon Jennings,"

With Nichols contributing songs and co-producing (along with Rick James' "Super Freak" producer Tom Swift), O'Neill dug down deep, unearthing a depth and soulfulness that came as a surprise to everyone, including the singer himself.

"It just amazed me," O'Neill says. "On my first album, we were doing '90s-based country but now it's more like rock 'n' roll country soul. It is definitely more in-your-face, and I think it's going to make people laugh and cry and dance. I am super excited about this new mus


***New Single - Somthin' With Some Attitude"
I Need You
Can I Come Over Tonight
Cajun Queen
Drinkin' A Cold One
American Roads
Hank Williams, Jack Daniels & Memories of You
Runaway Angel
Old Man Got A Little Smarter
Man She Wanted You To Be
Jumpin' In the Deep End
Real Life

Set List

Sings most of the songs off his current album as well as covers artists From George Strait, Otis Redding, Journey, Jason Aldean, Billy Currington, Hank Williams, Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Luke Bryan, Lee Brice, David Allen Coe, Lynyrd Skynryd, Nickelback...and just about any new artist top 40 country....as well as old country. He generally can sing most requested songs.