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A week at Tiki Town (5 song EP)
Produced by: Scott Mathews

Safe (Single)
Produced by: Todd B. Purnick


Feeling a bit camera shy


Todd has been in and out of the entertainment business since the late eighties working as a singer/songwriter, and even spent a few years as a circus performer singing for crowds across the country at strip mall parking lots and “mud shows” in the heartland to sold-out arenas like “The Palace” in Detroit, Michigan. Now in his forty’s, Todd is working the business again with his timeless brand of songwriting, commanding voice, and stage presence.

“My style has changed a lot since I first started writing, but what I write about has remained pretty consistent throughout the years,” says Todd. “I like to tell stories about the human experience: some my own, some I wish for, and some are interpretations of what others might have experienced.”

A few years ago Todd was able to record with California based Producer, Scott Mathews. “Scott has worked with everyone from Mick Jagger to Barbra Streisand and he really taught me a lot about songwriting and the recording process, but most importantly, I learned that music is a business and needs to be approached as such. There is a lot of talent out there, but unless you work your business plan, the odds of success are slim. I think where a lot of artists get sidetracked is by the definition of success.”

On working with Scott Mathews Todd said, “There were a couple of good songs that came out of that session, but the recordings were never finished and therefore, never officially released. I think that the material lacked a rawness that I feel defines what my sound is all about. Don’t get me wrong, when you work with a guy like Scott, everything sounds great. It just wasn’t the right representation of me.”

Todd has just finished writing new songs for a record that he plans on releasing this year. “I really think this is going to be a great record with different genres and different levels of production. One thing that I have realized throughout the years, is that if a song sounds good with just a guitar, then leave it alone. Typically, in a studio environment, if you have a piano or a cool sample you tend to put it on. With this record I want it to be about the song, so if an instrument helps tell the story, we’ll record it; if not, it stays off.” The effects of a simplistic approach can be heard from a new song entitled “Safe” that Todd started writing a year ago and finished after hurricane Katrina. “I made a simple recording with a couple microphones and then put it on the web to get some input from other musicians and music lovers. The response has been great…much better than I expected from such a basic recording, but it is a reminder that the production should always come second to the song.” As far as the Scott Mathews recordings go, Todd said that he hasn’t decided yet, but he will either finish the project and release it as a 5 song EP later this year or rerecord a few of the songs and put them on the new record.

What people are saying

Holy mac! You sound great! Obviously you have been working, honing your skills and getting your game together during this long period of being out of touch with each other...very nice surprise, my friend. This is truly fine. Your voice sounds strong and passionate without a hint of over-singing (today's latest craze) and your guitar playing is superb. You have your own style and it's better than ever. I know you are doing it for all the right reasons - I only hope more people can hear you. You have the gift.
Quote from Producer Scott Mathews (

Love the acoustics. It's just so personal... the guitar, the talented male vocalist, and me. Ooohh, I get chills from your words. We may be small, but your talent is not. Just so thought provoking and hits right to the soul of tragedy. Just a powerful song.
Review of “Safe” by: Garageband member

This is very nice -- I hate to say it, but I don't even know what to say. I loved the lyrics -- they were truthful. The music was simple -- leaving room for the important stuff.
Review of “Miriam” by: Garageband member

Your voice is beautiful its so clear and crisp lyrics are so true and unique. Great writing acoustic just tops it over this song belongs on the radio and in everyone’s home.
Review of “Safe” by: Garageband member


Award: “Safe” wins Americana Track of the Week
Todd B. Purnick's song, "Safe" will be featured as's Americana Track of the Week starting Monday, the 14th of November, 2005. Only 52 Americana songs receive this award each year.

Award: “Safe” wins Americana Track of the Day
Todd B. Purnick's song, "Safe" will be featured as's Americana Track of the Day on Friday, the 14th of October, 2005.

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