Todd Simpson and Mojo Child

Todd Simpson and Mojo Child


Todd Simpson and Mojo Child is a high energy blues act led by teenage guitar sensation Todd Simpson. Todd has had to overcome major health obstacles and severe dylexia to amaze crowds with his guitar and vocals. Their music is raw and powerful leaving no doubt that it is, what blues should be, real.


Todd is a teenage guitar virtuoso, who has overcome huge obstacles in his personal life. Todd was born with DiGeorge Syndrome, requiring multiple open heart surgeries and countless hospital stays, due to related problems. Todd had spent over 750 days in the hospital by his third birthday.
Despite his trials Todd has amazed and inspired everyone,from the Doctors that treated him, to strangers that hear his story. Todd's activities were limited because of his health, yet he found his gifts and purpose in music. At the age of eight Todd walked into a room while his Dad Wes and a friend were playing guitars. Seeing a harmonica on a table, Todd picked it up and began playing it flawlessly. When asked how he knew how to play like that he responded "I just feel it". Two days later,, Wes took Todd to City Stages, Birmingham,s music festival, to see bluesman Willie King. Hoping to expose Todd to the blues and maybe get an autograph, Todd was asked by Willie to "hit a lick", after that Willie told him that he was playing with him that day. Todd played a 50 minute set that day and continued to play harp and sing with local and well known bluesmen.
At age seventeen Todd again amazed family and friends when after watching a Jimi Hendrix DVD, he decided to pick up guitar. Picking up one of his Dad's many guitars, he took to it as he had the harmonica. Wes put together a band, and with Todd fronting they played their first show one month later. Todd's soulful voice and heartfelt guitar work is packed with raw emotion. Not being able to read music or write his lyrics for himself is seen as a handicap by many, but for Todd it's a blessing. Todd has recently filmed the movie "Lifted" set for release in 2010. People that see Todd play know that what their seeing is real and in the moment. No two Mojo Child shows are the same.
Mojo Child is the high energy trio that backs Todd.
Consisting of Wes Simpson,Todd's father, on rythm guitar, Cory Mitchell on bass and David Burk on drums, they truly put the verb in "jam band" by being to improvise at the drop of a hat and sense Todd's emotions. Deeply rooted in the Blues, Mojo Child plays an ecclectic mixture of traditional blues, original songs, and interpretations of songs from all genres. Todd"s story, photos and other info can be found at Youtube and his Official Website He is also on Myspacemusic.


Todd Simpson and Mojo Child "LIve at THe Back Door Music Hall"

Set List

Typical sets vary from event depending on time and circumstances. The band is capable of playing 3 one and a half hour sets.

The sets are made up of a mixture of originals and adaptations of classics.
Adaptations include songs from Blues Greats, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Free, Wilson Pickett, Knarls Barkley, Wild Cherry, The Stories, The Stones, Buckcherry and many more.