Todd Stadtman

Todd Stadtman


Combining a background in punk and alternative music with an affinity for classic pop song craft, Todd Stadtman delivers an exciting style of modern pop steeped in the fresh and unexpected.


Combining a background in punk and alternative music with an affinity for classic pop song craft, Todd Stadtman has dedicated himself to mining for the fresh and unexpected within the limits of the three minute pop single. The results are a body of songs called "graceful and classically structured" by the All Music Guide and a reputation that has lead Spain's aB Magazine to call him a "Genius of timeless pop".

Coming out of the San Francisco post punk scene, Stadtman fronted both the art-punk trio B Team and The Naked Into, a moody pop outfit that also featured American Music Club’s Lisa Davis and Engine 88 drummer David Hawkins. In 1999 he joined with professional arranger David Rubinstein (Chantal Kreviazuk, Sophie B. Hawkins) to form Zikzak. That duo’s Bitter Records debut, "See You There", received critical praise - called "Great pop music: lush, weird, pretty and sad" by Splendid E-Zine and "One of the best pure pop albums I've heard in a long time" by the reviewer for webzine 181.4 DFN.

After leaving Zikzak, Stadtman enlisted the production assistance of Dan Wool, the San Francisco soundtrack artist known for his work with director Alex Cox on such films as "Sid and Nancy", "Straight to Hell", and, recently, the cult Japanese TV series, "Mike Yokohama". The result of their collaboration is Stadtman’s Prix Fixe Records solo CD “Only I Can Save You”, an exciting collection of sharp, electro-influenced pop that is currently earning critical praise and increasing airplay on college and alternative stations throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Jezebel Jones

Written By: Todd Stadtman

Jezebel Jones you're no damn good
You terrorize the neighborhood
That's why I love you
And if you have your way you'll be
A black mark on my history
That's why I love you

Jezebel Jones
I'll lay the blame on you
Jezebel Jones
Because if not you who

Jezebel Jones you've spoiled the fun
For all my lovers yet to come
That's why I love you
And you would laugh if you could see
The mess that I'll turn out to be
That's why I love you

And if you didn't exist
I would have to invent you
Because if not you who
Jezebel Jones

Jezebel Jones now that I'm grown
Your name's become my heart's touchstone
That's why I love you
And if that's less a gift than curse
To not have had you would be worse
That's why I love you

©2004, Mighty Jack Music, BMI

A Popular Girl

Written By: Todd Stadtman

Well I set my watch by the clock downtown
I thought I couldn't miss with all the suits around
It turns out I was misinformed again
Still it's not the end of the world
To be such a popular girl

So I say, hey
Give me a break why don't you
'Cause you could give anyone the blues
And I say, hey
Give me a fair shake won't you
'Cause you could have anyone you choose

Well, he made such a show with his tie undone
That it's no mystery why you hate everyone
It's no small mercy either, I confess
Still it shouldn't cost me the world
To be with such a popular girl

©2002, Mighty Jack Music, BMI


Written By: Todd Stadtman

These things that I do to steel me
When you're gone, I must reveal
That even when you're here
They hold some lingering appeal
So pure and real

Perhaps by this my heart's call
Will rise above the caterwaul
These voices saying that this is more
Than I deserve to feel
But I know how I feel

We'll always be together
Obsession? Well, I never
Cut so deep, but just can't sever you

So spare me the nonsense about
The light in and the devil out
Forgive me, it's just a personal bugaboo of mine
It's fine on your own time

But these days come with more small defeats
Than the years things that enthrall me
You wouldn't even know that I had
Treasures left to steal
Until the skin is pealed

I'll always be untethered
Possession, well forget it
I cut so deep
But just can't sever you

©2002 Mighty Jack Music, BMI


With Zikzak:
"See You There" Full Length CD, Bitter Records 2000
"Anna Li / I Lose the Tiny Man" 7", Bitter Records, 2001
"Anxotica" Full Length CD, self released, 2003
"Only I Can Save You", Full Length CD, Prix Fixe Records, 2005

Set List

Solo sets are typically 35 - 45 minutes long, consisting of mostly original songs drawn from a working repretoire of about 35 - 40 originals, with one or two covers thrown in for flavor.

Covers I've done in the past have ranged from standards to old 70's punk rock tunes.