Todd Werner

Todd Werner



Todd Werner is a singer/songwriter from central Wisconsin.

With his guitar and dynamic voice, Todd has offered solo performances for both adults and children in a variety of venues. For example, Todd has performed for a variety of conferences, coffeehouses, schools, and fundraisers through out the Midwest. If you like the style and sound of John Denver and James Taylor, you’ll feel right at home listening to Todd.

Even though Todd loves to share the songs he has written over the years about the things he cares about, he is comfortable in choosing a tune from other songwriters and musical styles that span many generations. Todd loves to demonstrate his versatility and interest in all music by including many styles of music in his performances, such as folk, bluegrass, classic rock. Whether it is a rendition of from a James Taylor tune, or maybe Fats Woller or Mississippi John Hurt. Todd says, “I choose songs that have a positive and uplifting quality …or if it is a sad song I want it to have some redeeming quality. There is enough negativity and darkness in the world, I don’t want to add to it…” One Listener States, “ Todd’s music and his performances are bound to make you feel better…his performances are an adventure into thinking beyond our boundaries, and his songs and voice have the ability to touch and heal your heart…”


The Story of You

Written By: Todd Werner

The Story of You

What would you say
If I told you now
You’re never all alone
Though the clouds may appear
The light still shines on through

What would you do
If I told you now
The angels sing and dance
To the song you write
The melody of your life


The story of you
Is the miracle come true
Feel the earth rise to meet you
Feel the wind in your sail
Come and dance with the angels
‘Cause your soul cannot fail

Where would you be
If you could fly
On the gentle wings of love
Yes I’d know I’d find you
Exactly where you are

What would we do
If we knew for sure
The love inside would stay
And we could live again
To love another day

This Round Little World

Written By: Todd Werner

This Round Little World

Won’t you laugh and cry
You did when you were younger
You knew the magic was inside your heart
You use to dance under the stars at night
Come on darlin’ can’t you see the light

See the light through your back door
See the light through mine
How can a man really take sides
Living on a round little world
Each of us live
Right here on this round little world

It seems that everywhere
There’s people talking at me
Telling me what I need to believe
They tell me that hell paved with good intentions
So what do they intend to do

There’s a man over there, he’s talkin’ about something
He’s tellin’ me I need to testify
He’ll stay all day just to stand and fight
To tell me who’s wrong, yes and, who is right.

It's All About Love

Written By: Todd Werner

Better days are here beside me
There’s no need to run and hide
I’ve been lookin’ everywhere around me
Then I look inside and what do I see?

Now never mind that I’ve been here before
Yes, I’ve played every part you see
Yes now I’m back and we’re here together
Come on and find just what we really need

All we need is Love sweet Love Here today
‘Cause I know that Love sweet Love is here today
That’s what I’m talkin’ bout (
That’s Why)
Yes it’s all about…Love


They’ve all been talkin’ since the world began
Muhatma, Budda, Jesus too
Tellin’ us we don’t have to worry
‘Cause we’ve always had just what we need

They’ll be a day
Yes, when I’m dead and gone
You know I’ll be there, finally home
Then I’ll write a song and tell you about it
‘Bout the simple things
It’s simply what you need


Todd has written and recorded 3 adult CD's and three CD's for children.

Each adult CD is different and varied as is Todd's musical influences and interests

His first adult CD called, "Places in my Heart" has a soft and gentle folk style with light instrumentation. His second release "Sacred Space" was a departure for Todd, since it is all instrumental. In this adult offering it manages to weave in a variety of flutes and guitars to bring the listener in a quiet and sacred space. His next adult CD is called "This Round little World". This CD exemplifies the style that Todd plays in his adult performances. The contemporary folk style shows off Todd's vocal talents.
In the summer of 2006, Todd plans to spend some time in Nashville to record his next adult CD which again will be an eclectic collection of Todd's favorite songs that has has written.

His children CD's are focused on "music with a message" They speak of conflict resolution, positive character traits, self esteem, etc. Fun and upbeat songs that children and adults can love and appreciate.

Set List

Depending on the event and venue, Todd prefers to play his original material from all his adult CD's, and if the audience is able, he loves to tell the story behind some of the songs to bring a more personal experience to the song. Todd also loves any opportunity to involve the audience in singing along on some of his songs.

He does mix some of other peoples songs too. However, they can range from songs from the 1940's to a different version of some contemporary songs. Todd always brings his own unique style and passion to each song that he offers.