Inverness, Scotland, GBR

Rock fused with punk and metal elements to create a unique hard hitting sound. Toecutter are an unforgettable blend of soaring choruses and powerful breakdowns with songs that will stay with you long after you've regained your hearing!


Toecutter formed in may 2008 and have been on a long hard road since then. A fairly productive first 18 months (with numerous recordings, gigs in Glasgow, Perth, Ayr, Edinburgh, Inverness and beyond and a third placing in the GBOB Scottish final) lead into a more uncertain second year, resulting in the unfortunate sacking of a manager, line-up changes and the band disbanding a short time later.

In early 2011, the original three members reformed Toecutter to continue from when the band was at it's peak prior to the split. Originally a punk rock band, wearing their Ramones and Misfits influences on their sleeves, the years of playing together has firmly melded all influences and styles of the three members together. Punk rock riffs give way to metal blast beats, leading into stadium sized rock choruses through melodic acoustic interludes.

Toecutter play loud and take no prisoners.

In the media player you can hear early recordings "Just Don't Ask", "Martyr Me" (recorded after just three months of playing together), the later "Razoreater" and "We Are Ghosts" (From the Lo-Fi demo) and more recently "Infinity Complex" (recorded at Strathsound Autumn '09).

Toecutter will be hitting the studio later this year to work on an E.P. of new material.


Various demos, most recently a four track EP "Toecutter" recorded at Lo-Fi Studios in Glasgow. Self distributed.

Set List

Dead Air
This Disease
Chaos Engine
Infinity Complex