Toez Pacino
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Toez Pacino

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | INDIE

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Hip Hop


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Too Loaded Records Presents - Toez-Pacino



Toez was born in New Orleans to Pamela McEwen, a high school dropout, and Robert L. Johnson, a furniture designer on Feb. 14, 1976. They were a poor family living in the Uptown area called the 12th ward around the St. Thomas and Iberville housing development. Within 8 months after birth Toez began living with his nanny the late Mr. Roy M. and Winifred Green. Toez Pacino Biological Mother was dealing with family problems as well as her own heavy drug usage, so Toez Mother decided that she would ask his nanny Winifred Green to raise him. Winifred was excited about the whole deal to accept the responsibility of raising him. Dying of lead poisoning, the doctors told Ms. Green that he wouldn't make it. A strong believer in God Ms. Winnie knew different. She managed to keep Toez clean and away from dirt at all times. Mr. Roy M. Green was a cotton picker from Fairedy, Louisiana, who moved to New Orleans and worked at the River Front until retiring in 1988. Mr. Green had high expectations for Toez to become something larger than life.

The Grace of God spared His life and Toez was back to new again. The doctors called Toez the "Miracle Kid”, the blood transfusion was a success. Toez remembered when he was six years old, Winnie taught him times tables and made him read books to be ahead, and to eagerly know more information about History of Down-Falls and Triumph. By age 11, Toez was involved in drama, and acting class at Lawrence D. Crocker Elementary School. Toez played the role of Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. and that was the most thrilling time in his life. Toez fifth grade teacher Walterine Walters used to tell Toez that he could do and be anything that he wanted to, if you put your mind to it. Toez Biological Father was sentenced to 21 years in prison for 1st Degree Murder. Toez and his father always had a relationship but it seemed his world had come to an end. After that Toez started seeing a psychologist for the wicked nightmares he began to have. When Toez was 13 yrs old, he attended L.B. Landry Junior/ Senior High School.

At the age of 16 yrs old Toez dropped out of school, He then started to use drugs, drinking heavy liquor, and smoking at least 3 packs of cigarettes a day; He didn't know which way to turn. Toez signed a record deal with Untouchable Records, which he later found was a big mistake. Toez signed another recording contract with Champagne Records and that proved to be an even bigger mistake. Stressed over record deals, Toez continued to use more drugs and his situation got worse. Toez was down to about 120 lbs; he was slowly killing himself. Toez best friend who also rapped with him was sentenced to 12 yrs in prison for armed robbery. Toez then stepped away from his gift, and then the drugs took over. One night Toez had a dream and in the dream he saw people that he hadn't seen in years. Toez Aunt Evelyn was talking to him, she said, stop beating yourself up and get up and make it happen, I know you can!" Then Toez thought about his 3 daughters and how much they needed their father, and when Jaquan His son came He said, "Something Gotta Give! Be a man Byron!" So about three months later he recorded a song with a rap colleague, Lil Jinks’, on his album "It's All Over." The song was titled “This is the life," which drew a lot of attention. Later that year Toez signed a recording contract with Too Loaded Records whose C.E.O. is Michael Willis. He admits that they have their ups and downs but they are still here making hits. The label is planning to release the Toez-Pacino debut CD in the summer of 2009. Toez-Pacino Thanks His Father in Heaven for getting Him through all the obstacles that the devil has put in His path. Toez-Pacino now walks by faith and not by sight and thanks the Lord Almighty.