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"A Great Debut Album"

This spring no one knew a thing about Toggi and still no one does except that he had that song, Heart in Line, played over and over on the radio this summer. To my knowledge, Toggi has almost never played live and for the last year and a half he has been working on this album, Puppy. Toggi is one of these guys with a guitar, a nice voice and the talent to write good pop songs. When you put a band behind him he starts sounding interesting. Puppy is a good pop album that will probably be one of this year’s biggest christmas presents. Sometimes Toggi’s singing reminds me of Coldplay’s Chris Martin without saying that Toggi’s music is anything like that. But the atmosphere is similar. The tunes are easygoing and sometimes cheerful although the lyrics are often a bit sadder.
Overall Puppy is a great debut album and I’m looking forward to getting the chance to see him play live for the first time because he will be at this year’s Airwaves festival.

Ágúst Bogason - Reykjavik mag, october 2006 - Reykjavik Mag


Puppy (2006) - released in september 2006, Toggi's debut album was a major success with critics and the Icelandic market. Four singles from the album became hits in every radio station in Iceland, both hard rock and soft pop FM's. One of Toggi's songs (Sexy Beast) was in the running for "Most popular song of the year" at the Icelandic music awards and the album itself was nominated for best cover artwork.



Toggi emerged on the Icelandic music scene in the summer of 2006 with a catchy and melodic pop song called Heart in Line, wich became an instant success on Icelandic radio. Up until that moment nobody had ever heard of Toggi and no one, not even his friends, knew that he was recording songs. Indeed, very few people even realised he could sing and write songs, before the release of that first single. Even after it's release, very little was known about Toggi since he kept to himself and refused to give interviews or make any kind of public apperance, including live performances.

In september 2006, Toggi released his debut album, entitled Puppy. The album showed off Toggi's abilities to create catchy pop songs and clever lyrics. As suggested by some critics, the album bears a resemblance to the work of Rufus Wainwright, Travis, Jeff Buckley, Keane and of course Toggi's favourite band: The smiths. However the resemblance, the album is cleary all Toggi, as it is obvious in the lyrics and Toggi's performance that his heart and his soul (along with his voice of course) are the glue that keep all the musical elements together.

After the release of Puppy, Toggi decided that his reclusive state was no longer acceptable and decided to make himself visible to the press and public. A band was formed and live performances ensued. Gigs like: Iceland Airwaves, Hafstraumar (Icelandic rock festival), Glitnir's annual ball, X977 christmas concert, the FM957 awards etc.

Toggi is currently writing and recording new material, for his next album.