Toiletface is Dj/Producer Conor OH! His music is about elevating the spirits and destroying the dancefloor! Live shows generally entail some well known songs, given an electro twist and hip hop accapellas alongside mind blowing visuals created to enhance his studio creations.


The name and idea for Toiletface came about over time. It was initially a nickname given for heavy partying and naturally fell into place as a moniker when Conor OH! began playing dj sets at parties of his own electro creations. Over the last four years, since he produced that very first track "prank call", the music has ebbed and flowed into its own unique brand and continues to become more elaborate and textured. To describe Toiletface as "just another dj" would be to suggest that every dj out there is producing quality electro house on a daily basis with the ambition of playing it live at their shows. In regards of playing live, Toiletface has been banging them out at clubs around Dublin for about three years. Dj sets and live shows have been played in such clubs as Spirit (the acadamy), Wax, Thomas House, Temple Bar Music Centre and over a year long residency with "Space Camp" in Rogue and most recently a month long residency in Ba Mizu, Howth with his own night "Sub Urban". Always learning new ways to entertain, Toiletface is sticking around for another while yet...

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or youtube us with the keyword "toiletface".


"Bierfest" (online single) on sale at 7digital records. "File.edit.copy.paste" (download single) on sale at 7digital and radio airplay of "bierfest" on dublin based dance station "Rhythm Fm".

Set List

A typical set would be a Dj set of Toiletface productions, including toiletface remixes of acts like "the knife", "justice" and "daft punk". Live performances, ideally would be about 90 minutes long. Visuals are created and updated to suit each particular set lists tracks too.