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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | SELF

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Tokenview: Music to fill the Arcade Fire-shaped hole in all of us"

22 05 2009

Tokenview: Quite dapper looking pirates

I think I’m one among many who after getting into Arcade Fire in a big way, got over them in a similar fashion. Somehow I get the feeling Tokenview might just have what it takes to step in and fill the void.If you want to hear what I’m talking about, ‘What Can I Do’ is the free single of the week on iTunes.

I draw the comparison because Tokenview’s ‘What Can I Do’ features the same soaring vocals that saw Arcade Fire’s ‘Wake Up’ used as the pre-concert song for most of U2’s Vertigo tour. The forever-building drums and triumphant piano even give the song a bit of a ‘City of Blinding Lights’ kind of feel.

The tight production betrays their infancy as a band. It’s almost wrong how clean it sounds. Their saving grace, I suppose, is the occasional ocker-twinge of Brett Clemenson’s voice. It’s still hard, though to imagine Tokenview’s music emenating from a Sydney pub. It really does cry out for the bigger venues Australia has to offer. Having already played with the Foo Fighters, Birds of Tokyo and Dappled Cities Fly, they’d do well to support bands like Okkervil River, Silverchair or Death Cab for Cutie and would surely be a much better support for U2 than Kanye West.

Time will tell whether Tokenview’s debut album ‘Patience At Sea’ (to be released in August 2009) can match the songwriting of Aracde Fire classics like ‘Windowsill’, ‘Keep the Car Running’ and ‘(Antichrist Television Blues)’. They definitely don’t deliver on the bohemian folksy sound or offer the same lucious orchestration…but hey, this is an Australian band we’re talking about here.

I haven’t seen Tokenview live yet…and while they have a decent reputation, they’ll have to put in a bloody good effort to top Aracade Fire. Granted Arcade Fire have at least 30 more members than Tokenview, but you don’t need an entourage on stage to put on a good show (I’ll take Muse over the Polyphonic Spree any day). -

"Tokenview: What Cn I Do"

This amazing rock track is sure to become a hit. From Tokenview’s upcoming album ‘Patience At Sea’, ‘What Can I Do’ sounds like a band like Eskimo Joe at it’s best, and then mixes a terrific piano sound and a bridge consisting of vocals by Wally De Backer (aka Goyte, and from The Basics). If this single doesn’t make you want to go out and buy Tokenview’s debut album then you are obviously tone deaf. This is an amazing song that hopefully is just the beginning for a band that deserves all the success in the world. -

"[ME] / Tokenview / Le Kingste / New Manic Spree"

(extract taken from review of whole night)

Second Sydney band on tonight, melodic pop-rockers Tokenview are the sole non-prog-inflected act on the entire bill. Performing a sequence of strong, close-harmony laden numbers and sporadically switching into three-guitar attack mode, the five- piece sparkle on single What Can I Do and Beautiful Disguise. The Beatles and Dappled Cities echoes resonate throughout, yet the talented combo showcase an impressive assortment of self-authored hooks – expect them to rock your boat soon. -


'Self-titled' EP - 2003
'Good Company' EP - 2005
'Tiny Buildings' single - 2007
'Patience at Sea' album - due for release Nov 2009



Duality. Two singers. Two songwriters. Two drummers (at times). Two brothers. Two stylistic sides to the one musical coin.

Tokenview's adventurous, diverse forthcoming album ‘Patience at Sea’ features collaborations with some of Australia's musical elite, including Wally De Backer (aka Gotye), Midnight Oil legend Rob Hirst and emerging Melbourne songstress Megan Washington.

The band has a formidable live reputation that has seen them invited to support Foo Fighters, Birds of Tokyo, Dappled Cities, The Mess Hall and countless others.

Whether being beaten at pool by a drunken one-armed man, lighting a stage with an old television, or trying to sleep sitting up on tour for the upteenth time, the one constant is that Tokenview will deliver a consistently strong and entertaining, harmony-fuelled rock show every single time.

Bereft of fickle fashion or passing trends in pop culture, the focuses of this young band are solely on the art of song and performance.