Toke Squealy

Toke Squealy


Toke Squealy is an authentic New York rock band, their original music, lyrics, collaboration and stage presence is what makes Toke Squealy more of an experience than anything else. Their music actually takes you somewhere if even for just a moment.


TOKE SQUEALY is a REAL rock band based in New York City. The band’s founding members are Mike Mostel and Alan Cohen. Together they write the songs and do most of the production work. Mostel and Cohen both grew up on Long Island but didn’t start working together until they met by coincidence years later on the Manhattan music scene. The band is rounded out by bassist Roberto Ruiz who is a sought after local session player. Rob Draghi is Toke’s drummer and is also prominent on the New York club and studio scene.

All members of the band are committed to keeping REAL Rock N Roll alive and making Toke Squealy a worldwide success.

Mike is the front man for TOKE SQUEALY and is a raw rock n’ roll talent. Once you see him live, you can see that music and entertaining are in his blood. He has been playing in New York for ten years and is a seasoned front man. His powerful voice and quick wit produces a show that is entertaining for all.

Alan is a multi-instrumentalist who is also a successful freelance musician on the New York music scene, however his primary focus is writing and performing with Toke Squealy. He does a good deal of writing for the band, combining serious topics with a dry, lyrical wit, woven within colorful musical settings. He is one of NYC’s most unique and talented guitar players, mixing classic rock riffs with other exotic scales and modes.

Roberto Ruiz is a freelance bass player on the scene in NYC for over ten years. Roberto has played and recorded with dozens of bands and also recorded music for television and radio commercials. Combining a background in classic rock, jazz and Latin music, Roberto’s influences are eclectic yet it’s this very background that contributes to his stylistic diversity. Once he met up with Mike and Al through long time partner, drummer Rob Draghi, the band was complete and last two albums are the fruits of this new partnership.


Rock N Roll Floorshow
live @the Elbow room nyc 8/11/2001
UnpluggedAndalive NYC 10/17/01
Lost in A crowd
Night Air (ep)
***** Livin' on the Fringe(available now!!!!)****

Set List

Typically, there is no typical set list.
We can play all night long.
When on stage, we perform mostly our original music.
If the mood hits, we jam and can play just about any cover putting our own unique twist on it.(otherwise it's no fun)